Aggravation: Acrostic Poem

A ccess denied senior housing
G ains losses honest frustration
G low wanes hope diminishes
R itual continues night in, night out
A ggro intensifies lack quality sleep
V exation position day in, day out
A ltered persona kindness to nastiness
T reated unjustly umpteen times
I nappropriate mannerisms unresolved
O bsessive compulsive surreptitious adult
N asty inconsiderate nocturnal vampire heart hates.

Newfound Love ~ Zumba

Z ealous senior citizens
U nite bi-weekly participate
M ulti-levels innovative
B eginners thru intermediates
A erobic combo dance movements

C lassic Latin American music 
L overs exercise innovative
A ctive energetic workout upbeat
S alsa, samba, mambo, hip-hop mix
S elf-confidence, self-love bonus gain.

© 2018 June Quintin

Puya – Plant

Protocarnivoarous trapper animals
Unique characteristic entanglement
Yields nutrients decomposition detainees
Approximate 199 species within Genus

Period years or decades producer
Long leaves spiked flower solo
Aqua sapphire tower appropriate description
Native Andes Mountains South America
Terrestrials grow preference ground ne'er trees

© 2018 June Quintin


Outspoken Road Less Travelled

Minute percent population world
Share 'n speak opinions negative 
Disbelievers nonsensical refrain object
Current trends thoughts legalize Cannabis
Daily conversations overheard 
Disbelieve how few take a stand
Non-smoker's plight now become bit scary
Health issues occurrence possible concern
Solution be debate both sides
Pros also cons taken into consideration
Fairness world express population reside.

2018 June Quintin