Homophones ~ Gray and Grey

Words that sound alike and spelled different create confusion.

Imperative to solve the mystery of ‘gray vs. grey’ usage in the
world of color I finally did a quick Google search.

It appears each of the two have the same meaning only are
spelled differently – what a dilemma.

‘Gray’ is quite common in the United States and ‘grey’ signifies
the color in other English-speaking countries.

Puzzle solved and now I know why the squirrel in my Fairyland
App garden is proceeded by the adjective ‘grey’.

Many of the ladies who play this game are from the United Kingdom.

What is your preferred spelling of this word used mostly as an
adjective and sometimes used as a noun or verb in your country?

Word: Lucky

People usually associate the word ‘lucky’ with good fortune.

Hmm – quite opposite scenarios . . .

A mornin’ read ’bout 400 people who ‘allege’ they became ill,
experiencing gastrointestinal issues, not long after consuming
a bowl of cold breakfast cereal. The brand’s name contained
aforementioned adjective.

Some ‘alleged’ their poop turned green (OMG) and unknown
to me there’s actually a website ‘Iwaspoisoned’.

My thoughts turned back in time to a hilarious incident.
I had no experience with fish nor did I own an aquarium.

Returning after school from a field trip my child greeted me
holding a plastic bag filled with clear water and ‘one’ orange
colored goldfish.

She named it ‘Lucky’ and fortunately Mom had a spare round
bowl, its’ new home within a home.

Time to give ‘Lucky’ a room-by-room tour.

And then the ‘unexpected’ happened . . .

The bowl slipped out of her hands and in horror Mom
and brother watched the petite goldfish meet with the
kitchen floor.

Followed was a touch of humor – sounds of giggles as
kids watched the tiny creature dance the belly-flop in a
puddle of water.

What to do?? Question of that day!!

A quick transfer to another bowl with regular tap water.

Neither being dropped in mid-air nor normal H2o for
fish was ‘luck’.

Learning lessons . . .

First the shock landing and second unfiltered water sadly
shortened the lifespan of one goldfish.

Out of the mouths of kids: “Lucky wasn’t so ‘lucky’ after all.”

3 a.m. Thoughts

Three D’s (dealbreakers)
Deceit death divorce

Three M’s (roles in life held)
Miss Mrs. Mother

Three T’s (feelings experienced)
Traumatized threatened tediousness

Why do 3 a.m. thoughts have to be about above?

To escape blasphemous uninvited PTSD transient
train of thoughts I quickly transported myself
For fun I did a few rounds of ‘homonym’ quizzes.
Each one I scored 5 out of 5 which put me in the
‘smart’ category.

It appears testing one’s grammatical skills (even
during early a.m. hours) proves beneficial.

Tired brain and back to sleep for a few more hours.

Comments Welcome

Laugh or cry . . .

Source sheer frustration

Search picture suitable post

‘Toad in hole’ laugh, laugh

Non-exist recipe pics

Egg cooked middle toast words search

Has this ever happened to you? 

Why can’t I find exact pic when I plug in correct words?

Toad in a hole (actual recipe search) resulted in non-stop laughter.

A Most Ungrateful Woman

The suggestion to limit time spent on social media

on my self-care journey has worked wonders for me.

Minimalization a.k.a. de-clutter – a 30-day challenge.

Although I did delete apps I didn’t wish to trash my

personal work.

On Facebook I deactivated two specific pages. One

showed transferred blogging posts and the other

years of items crafted.

My budgeted allowance is 30 minutes each morn.

I begin by tending to my Fairyland in memory of

garden app (12 years, 3 months old) then scan the

notifications from my hometown groups (good to

remain knowledgeable ’bout current local events).

Next and last is a quick scroll of the newsfeed with

a limit of ten post reads.

This morn I was flabbergasted. I sat closer to the

laptop’s screen in order to re-read a post written

IMO by a most ungrateful woman. I suppose she

was looking for sympathy from other women.

I rarely comment on posts like these in groups.

Avoid drama!

The content of the post – several paragraphs

with regard to her husband’s increased

workload (40 to 60 hours) due to the Pandemic.

This woman, a widow after 43 years of marriage

within two years found a man who doesn’t smoke

nor drink and actually WORKS.

She was considering leaving him since quality

time shared was now a bare minimum of three

hours each evening (supper and watching TV).

Ladies made comments only they were totally

opposite of what she appeared to be in search


The post had been up for an hour when the

administrator suddenly shut it down.

I wonder if this woman would like to endure

the alternative, ‘living alone’.

A Man and his Dog

It’s amazing the info you remember when awake

at 3:00 a.m.

I need to purchase a new recording device as short-

term memory is ‘short’ these days.

The hands of the clock, tick-tock – tick tock, most

definitely move at the pace of a snail.

This week I shared answers to a few exercises from

my self-love journal.

One day I wrote ’bout a tragedy, a stillbirth, followed

by a miracle (birth of my ‘Rainbow baby’ two years

later on same date, near exact time).

A short share ’bout forgiveness and indiscretions.

Within days of returning home after the stillbirth,

a strange occurrence began during dinner hour.

The telephone would ring followed by a hangup

when I answered the call.

Approximately an hour later the person whom I

loved most in the world would leave (new regimen)

for a nightly walk with the Beagle on leash.

To spend some time alone after a loss can be

therapeutic for the paternal parent – known fact.

It didn’t take long to catch onto this new pattern.

The phone call was a signal and three hours

later man and dog returned home.

Although far from funny at the time, neither

of them lost an ounce.

There were lots of harsh words spoken and

the decision to remain married rather than to

divorce agreed upon by both.

People at vulnerable times often seek solace

elsewhere. Sad, but true.

If you’ve lived thru such an experience, you’ll

understand healing from a tragedy doesn’t

occur in the arms of another.

Indiscretions only exacerbate the situation

marital partners should work on together.

Sunday Poser #62

Today’s question:

Have you ever been hurt by your expectations?’

In my youth I lived two houses over from a Catholic


Early in a brand new school year I went with friends

to sign up for CCD class (Catechism).

To register a parent had to fill out the required form.

My Mother simply told me I couldn’t attend without

sharing a reason then placed the paperwork in the


Determined to learn about religion each Sunday I

attended Mass.

At first it was scary since I had no idea what to expect.

I watched other parishioners and since not an official

member knew better than proceed to the Altar for


When I turned eighteen, I registered for adult religious


It wasn’t until my father passed away that I learned the

reason Church was off limits.

I had a half-brother. This was my dad’s second marriage.

Back in the 50s and 60s people rarely spoke about marital


Above is one of numerous incidents throughout life that

created extreme distrust in humans.


Emotional Storm Passed

Unknown to me until recently a child who experienced

parental neglect is referred to as an abused child.
Revelation about myself!
Those three special words,‘I LOVE YOU’, unspoken

by my parents.

Reflecting back lack of affection was the norm.

Often a dysfunctional childhood has adult repercussions.

Although I vowed not to follow in either of my parents’
footsteps, it appears (can relate to now) perhaps I
experienced a lack of judgment in choice of partners.

It’s way too late to change history. Intrusive thoughts

be gone. Adios!!

Today I’ll chit-chat ’bout my ‘Rainbow baby‘, a term I

came across in my reading travels this past week.

By definition a ‘Rainbow baby‘ is a baby born

subsequent to the loss of a previous child.

My second pregnancy ended approximately six

weeks prior to the expected delivery date when

suddenly no longer could I feel any movement

within my quite large belly.

A trip to the OBGYN followed by tests at the

hospital was the beginning of a nightmare.

Two weeks following the test results I delivered

a perfectly formed blond hair, blue-eyed son

who had succumbed to effects from the

incompability of blood types between mother

and fetus (address this topic in a future post).

Unfortunate was mannerisms from the paternal

parent following the loss. Normally at top of a

spouse’s support list, the man I loved chose to

near desert me via his actions and lack of
It wasn’t easy; however, through faith I survived

this ordeal.
Ah, back to the ‘Rainbow baby‘, my miracle

son born two years later on the same exact

date as his brother near to the minute.

‘A bit unbelievable – 100 percent truth’.
Perhaps I should make reference to him as

my ‘Double Rainbow baby‘.
I thanked God for my 8 lbs. 10ozs. blessing.
Soo many good memories!!
I’m extremely proud of him and all his