Today the last day of the second month of the calendar year 2023 I
happily completed a series on National Days.

Halfway through the month I wanted to plain quit the series since
it took up valuable time I could’ve devoted elsewhere.

On second thought I chose to stick it out and complete the task on
hand, the second half of a selective day-to-day literary project.

Rarely throughout life did I ever consider myself a quitter at any
point. I dabbled in many crafts and gave each an honest effort prior
to admission ‘I didn’t like doing them’.

To date I continue to crochet, sew a bit here and there, create videos
for social media, tend to a few houseplants and blog or write poems.

Over the past few months, I’d noticed some strange happenings with
regards to my notetaking and cursive handwriting.
Words and letters legible to me when I wrote them appeared illegible
the following day.
I resorted to usage of a highlighter in hopes to make sense of the chaos.
Some of the time the neon-colored marker strategy worked; other times
it failed me.

At first, I dismissed the possibility of anything medically wrong and
chalked the distorted writing to me hurrying while writing, similar to
my busy mind filled constantly with intrusive thoughts.

Finally, after weeks of postponement I braved the courage and ran a
Google search figuring there would never be an answer for symptoms
I considered somewhat hideous.

Surprise, I was wrong and staring back in bold letters was the name of a
neurological condition Dysgraphia characterized by writing disabilities.

Of the symptoms of this learning disorder often first discovered in children
when first attempting to write specific to me were the following which now
need to be addressed:

1.  altered cursive writing and printing
2. ending letters of words missing
3. omission of words in sentences
4. difficulty remaining within the lines
5. differential in size of the letters
6. a firm hold on pen or pencil
7. difficulty writing in a straight line

And so my beautiful cursive handwriting which for years I was completed on
has become gibberish on paper a.k.a. mumbo-jumbo.

There is so much more information on Dysgraphia and I chose not to bore my

Beginning today I shall be taking an indefinite hiatus from Blogosphere to
continue pursuing my last goal in life.

Ageism – Questions

What are manufacturers thinking of when their product requires
immense strength to open?

Thankful for inexpensive jar grippers found in dollar stores
and often free at health fairs.

Why are expiration dates on food items difficult to find and the
print due to size hard to read?

Over the weekend it took me approximately five minutes to find
the date on a packet of cookies and I had to resort to usage of a
magnifying glass.

Today honest attempts to remain positive in a negative world
which apparently cares less about the senior population is quite
an achievement.

Heart-to-heart self-talk:  “Yes, I can!”

Mystery Caller

This morn one of my cell phones showed 3 incoming calls from the same number
at same time.
2:53 a.m.
Who calls at this hour?
This definitely must’ve been a wrong number.
Area code states ‘not a toll-free number’ a.k.a. legitimate one.
Um, mystery continues; detective grannie needs to do more research.
I’m aware of the ‘one ring scam’ and the ‘callback’ which earns the
initial caller cash.
Thus, I never reply to unrecognized numbers nor texts.
I’m thankful I turn off, silence the phones at a reasonable hour.
‘Do not disturb ole grannie.’
Noon hour and still perplexed I decided to call myself to check
the voicemail storage box.
I listened to the recording I’d made ages ago and thought, ‘OMG,
small wonder anyone who called would call back a few more
times consecutively.
In an attempt to be humorous, I’d stated, “You have reached the number
of Grandma Moses, please leave a message.”
If you are unaware this famous lady at the advanced age of 78 took
her painting more seriously and began a successful career in Art.
She’s an inspiration to follow of the adage ‘never too old, never give up.’

Arctic Blast

Yesterday at 2:35 p.m. the county of the state I reside in issued a ‘Severe Weather Alert’.
Aware of the impending Arctic Blast I started to prepare days ahead for a weekend indoors.
I don’t remember when or if temperatures were ever this low and news did state the
numbers likely would be record-breaking.
Outdoors the sound was that of a passing freight train as the wind howled into the
late hours of Friday night.
Around midnight I finally fell asleep wondering to myself what I’d awaken to come
Saturday morning.
Three and 1/2 hours later I awoke to find the power still on and the water still trickling
from the kitchen faucet.
I thanked the Lord for utilities often taken for granted in life.
This is far from my first weather-related rodeo. I’ve experienced severe weather in
different forms and endured the aftermaths.
Blizzards, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms are storms most popular in my area.
The temperature outdoors – 8 (minus eight) degrees. My cell phone weather app states
a slight drop to – 9 (minus nine) degrees for Saturday’s sunrise (6:52 a.m.).
By 10 a.m. the temperature will be single digit (4 degrees) continuing to rise
throughout the day ending in single digits (16 degrees) at sunset.
The indoor temperature of my apartment varies from room to room.
Curious to find the temperature differential I brought my 2.2-inch mini hygrometer
inro the room where I access my laptop.
Within minutes it registered a difference of 10 (ten) degrees.
And here I sit facing my creepie-peepie wearing one of my hand crocheted beanies
typing weather-related info.

WYSIWYG ~ Period

Today’s title – an acronym introduced by an Intro to Computer teacher,
a question the majority students answered correctly on mid-term exam.

Its’ definition: ‘what you see is what you get’.

My entire lifetime, seventy-five years thus far, I maintained a genuine
persona of kindness to most folk.

Sadly, I learned never to expect the same in return ~ be it friends or family.

One of my 2023 resolutions was not to allow anyone to disrespect me thus 
on all social platforms I’ve decided to keep that promise to myself.

Enough said . . .

Mindful ~ Yeah Me 😊

Today thou weight loss journey fresh start
Old program now revamped chose embark

Difficult decision refresher course over responsibilities
Selfish not, importance health issues concentrate free

Aware totally what around me recent weeks happening
What exactly do ’bout situation feelings sad floundering

Fully clothed mid-morning stepped on scale, signal weigh-in
Followed synced the phone app Connect with updated program

Fifteen minutes travelled winding path, a newly offered roadmap
Questions asked ‘n answered, info gained pleasurable both pitstops

Following lunch search for aerobic/anaerobic exercise regimen
Dance inclusive and geared to me, a reward for the senior citizen

My three whys get healthier penned on pretty paper new fridge post
Recipes begin free point foods then add ingredients, idea be foremost

And if you haven’t already guessed place found ton smart suggestions
Out of nowhere incentive rejoined the online Weightwatchers’ program

Crossword-a-Day ~ Beneficial

Recently I joined a group for people who’ve found themselves in
the same predicament as I.
The group consists of mostly women and ‘yes’ there are a few
men, although in the minority at present.
One of the ladies, a retired registered nurse, has shared a few
excellent articles.
I enjoyed the read about the benefits of doing a crossword
puzzle per day versus utilizing those brain games on the PCs
or cellphones.
For fun and to see if what the article stated about when we
are unable to find the correct word from the clues, it’s possible
due to the subconscious working in the background while we’re
busy throughout the day, that upon return a few hours later or
next day the answers will come rather easy to us.
I chose a medium level book and this morn with breakfast I
started my first puzzle. Sad to admit I was unable to finish it.
Now usually I’d check the answer pages and place a few words
within to finish solving it; however, this morn I placed the
book down and intend to return tomorrow to see if time away
allows me to remember.
One more area of interest in regard to this 120-day process
is my beginning with puzzle #1 determined to follow thru
solving puzzles in consecutive numerical order.
I’m not allowing myself to partake in past pick and choose
Self-discipline and organization both are on the agenda with
good reason.
Exercises to help improve one’s memory sounds 100 percent
beneficial to me.

Overcoming an Avoidance Pattern

The Sunflower (genus Helianthus) a flower found in the
backyard vegetable garden triggered a panic attack for me.

While browsing racks of women’s tops in one of the mall’s
popular clothing stores I came across a navy-blue tunic
adorned with sunflowers.

Suddenly I was overcome with fear and sudden desire to
flee the store leaving behind the shopping cart.

I pondered the sequence of events and soon made a near
unbelievable discovery.

The blouse on the clothing rack bore a strong resemblance
to the one I found hanging on my adult child’s bedroom
door (unworn with tags on) when I was cleaning out her
apartment following her departure to Heaven.

Thus began an avoidance of any and all sunflower items.

Time heals and this year I chose to participate with other
players in the seasonal summer quest on the Fairyland app
I created 12 years plus 10 months ago in memory of my
beautiful daughter a.k.a. Tuffi McGuffi.

Tooting My Own Horn Today 😊

Tis a bit out of character for me to boast about anything until I considered ‘why
not’ ~ people do it every day on social media via uploading photos and videos of
their ‘happiest’ moments.

Few people know much about me. There are personal reasons I keep my life
private. The penned poetry I post is done in a manner for the reader to think,
guess and form ‘their’ own opinion.

On a whim toward the end of April (Poetry month) I placed an entry into a
Poetry contest held at my local library.

The first surprise for me was seeing my poem linked in on various websites.
A few weeks later I received a beautiful card with the monetary gift certificate
and words of congratulations.

I consider this a turning point (an honor) within the writing -poetry community.
It fueled my desire to go forth in hopes to attain the last goal I’d set for myself.

With the assistance of an already published author I met during my tenure on
WP I now have knowledge of what it takes to get a book published.

1. It sometimes pays to take a chance; you’ll never win if you fail to try.
2. It’s okay to ask for help rather than try to DIY. Some individuals are
wonderful humans = NICE.