News Article of Concern Read Earlier This Morn

Prior to breakfast a news article from a reputable source peaked my interest.

I was shocked!!

This article was the first one I’d read on the topic of the Covid-19 vaccines

failure to produce antibodies to those taking immunosuppressive medications.

Following are a few notes ‘not verbatim’ rather hits or miss jots of information.

To me they are a major concern since I’ve been under treatment for two

of the top 10 out of 100 on the list – one for near a decade.

I’d no prior information on the topic read; however, I did note studies have

been in progress for average time period of three months.

Written was how “Millions of Americans might not have adequate response

to the vaccine.”


A few actual case histories were discussed in length.

Imagine a person taking the two-dose Pfizer’s vaccine plus one dose J & J and

results of their lab blood work showed ‘no detectable’ antibodies.

The reports were from major sources and top hospitals so undoubtedly this read

wasn’t one of fake news nature.

The last few months I stopped allowing my good morning mood soon turn into a

bad one after accessing and trying to make sense of all the negative news

found on social media..

Perhaps I’d miss prior info. I’ll never know.

A statement of interest was how now
since the above discovery the major

agencies are advising people against checking for antibodies while a

minimal amount of people ‘so fearful’ entered into unchartered territory and

opted to get an extra supplement.

In my locale masks are no longer required in most places and as hideous as it

sounds it appears we’re operating on an ‘honor’ system.

New Year’s Resolution 2021

As each year begins people everywhere make countless well-intentioned


Some are the same old ones and others brand new.

A member of the women’s club to which I belong had a new suggestion – one

ne’er seen, heard of nor thought about before.

She came up with a brand-new idea – ‘What to NEVER’ do again.

Creation of an “ANTI-BUCKET LIST’.

Thus rather than create a list of resolutions (most which doubtful most continue

for a lengthy period of time) let’s create a list of not-to-dos.

We ladies thought our friend’s idea (although different) was both interesting and


Now tis time to think of Top 10s.

Hoping my list will create lots of chuckles.

I can’t wait for we ladies to share our thoughts.

Laughing out loud as I type this – already idea good for the soul.

What a Week – Wait Not Over Yet!

Stopped in noon hour to take a peek – suggestions / prompt challenges submission

next week.

Two days of dismay working with technological issues was one heck of an

emotional strain.

Three years of work right down the drain and likely situation unfixable since

robuts don’t talk.

I think it took its’ toll on me.


While heading for an early morning lab visit suddenly I found myself stuck behind

a Sunday driver.

You know the ones who drive 25 miles or less per hour.

Solid yellow lines – do not even attempt to pass driver ahead.

Lovely was my first thought. Stay calm.

Yepp, I became so relaxed to the point of driving right past my turnoff.

Panic stricken now – surrounded by mostly forest – where am I?

Time to turn around and revisit the road you took – a good tactic liken to retracing

one’s steps.

Arrived at the lab approximate 7:30 a.m.

Mask on headed for the building’s door only before I could enter twas necessary

I answer several health-related questions followed by temperature taken

with an infrared thermometer.

Once I passed through the doors I was met with another gal, Ipad in hand,

who took down personal information.

The waiting room was far from full and the seats had laminated notices with

regard to social distancing.

Thankful the wait was short – a few more questions – blood drawn – on my way.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so scared and alone as I did this morn- no way to start a day.

Pandemic – enough – please go away!!

Frustration 101

The past few days have been draining on me.

It began when my account on a popular video app was placed in parental controls.

What does that mean?

I have lost many privileges and any videos I make are private mode.

Lovely, all my videos (solo or duets) have been 100% respectable.

The problem: It appears when I signed on I accidentally scrolled the date of birth

and failed to double-check before submission of my profile info.

This is where the situation becomes hilarious!

My age is listed as (1) which of course is impossible; however, by all accounts

I’m now a popular genius with 3K fans.

And so with a little assistance from my daughter – a complaint on a different

app where creators’ group interacts they all know my true age (73).

No, I never feigned my age to anyone – the filters are cheap plastic surgery.

Followers thought I was in my 50s – a compliment when I did an age reveal

video earlier this year.

Thus far the problem on the overseas’ app is not fixed.

And I’m not the only one experiencing this type of problem. Phew!

What to do?

For now, I created another account with the old name when I first joined.

No longer will I be known as the grandma to my famous granddaughter.

It’s not a big deal (either / or) whatever transpires in the future.

So yesterday I spent with the world of technology – creating new passwords

for several social media accounts thanks to stored passwords now undone.

Next came a full delete and restart to my cellphone – talk about a pain in the


Finally finished with all this Tech inconvenience today I find over here I’ve

more to learn / changeover.

At this point (Thursday) I wish to run away only there’s nowhere to go since

the Canadian border is closed and that’s where I’d truly like to vacation.

So now I’ll go on my merry way and tackle some meaningless chore.

To those of you who still have a partner (spouse or companion) remember

to appreciate and love them for who they are.

Life is promised to no individual and one never knows how quickly their

life can change in a moment of time.

Take care – smile – be happy!!

Affirmations – Gotta Love Them!

Beautiful thoughts flee
Whene’er faced negative news
Combativeness mode
Mindset react choose daily
Positive thoughts picture sketch

The above Tanka poem reflects a newsfeed post shared by a friend (published
The writer who penned the message from which I shall re-type excerpts
 remained ‘anonymous’. Albeit many share his/her sentiments.

I’m sick of Covid-19.
I’m sick of black vs. white.
I’m sick of Democrats vs. Republicans.
I’m sick of gay vs. straight.
I’m REALLY sick of the media.
I’m sick of those blaming the world for the sins of a few.
Etc., etc.

We’re one race – the human race. We All Matter!!

Support whatever politician you wish = your choice.
Believe in God = your choice.
Desire to believe in magical creatures that fly around and sprinkle fairy dust

(fine – awesome).

BUT why not be mature enough to deal with the fact that everyone doesn’t
have the same mindset.

We are individuals (unique) so please be a decent human being and
realize it’s okay when another chooses not to agree with you!!





Prayer – Religion – Over the Years

These days I rarely utilize my computer during evening hours.

I’ve grown tired of all the hype and fear instilled within thanks to social media.

The news app on my cell phone constantly dings with near 100 percent negative


Windows 10 updated and ‘Hello’ a new challenge with more decision-making


This morn I downloaded a pic of a beautiful crocheted granny square only

to discover hours later I’m unable to proceed as ‘I wish’.

It’s evident I’m in control of zilch at this point until I piece together yet

another puzzle.

I’ve come to the conclusion life known ‘n created now phase non-existence.

I don’t understand!! 

Little makes sense anymore.

I ponder thoughts:

Better to safeguard wholesome feelings still within ‘heart’

Settle ‘good try’ leave incomplete unfulfilled dream ‘depart’

Seek new direction versus continue move forward ‘restart’

Mirror reflections tenure life ne’er consider self be ‘quitter’

Troublesome times worldwide persona creation ’embitter’

Conclusion – pen words persevere forward personal ‘transmitter’

As a reader you may wonder how the contents of this post relate to the title.

The story began with an innocent young girl’s desire to join and participate

in Catechism class.

At registration she was handed a form which required her parents’ permission.

Returning home with much anticipation for the signature to learn Catholicism 

she found herself face-to-face with negativity void of explanation. 

Answer: ‘NO!’

Although she wasn’t allowed to attend weekly CCD class, she proceeded each 

week to dress in her Sunday best and attend Mass. 

Who knew??

One day many years later, married with children of her own, she’d be teaching 

religion from her home to young students.

That girl was ‘ME’.

Although life’s circumstances changed in recent years (not for the better), I’ll

continue to maintain my beliefs until I no longer exist here on Earth and can

rest in God’s arms. 





Personal Social Media Trail

I find it quite interesting when the first post on one’s daily newsfeed is a share counting

backwards the previous 10 years.

Who knew?

Posts this day – personal social media a decade stored to review.

Memory lane – 3 years ago – stressed and overwhelmed:

If it feels wrong – DON’T do it!

Don’t try to be a ‘people pleaser’.

And don’t be afraid to say ‘NO’.

Stay away from drama and negativity.

From time to time just stop to ‘breathe’.

Accept that you ‘can’t’ control everything.

Never speak bad about yourself. 

Love 🙂

After careful review of the above list I realized ‘yes’ I’d changed during

the past few years. 

I previously was my own worst critic – not anymore though.






Counting Dots – Connecting Dots

Approximately a week ago I counted the dots beneath my computer’s homepage


A perfectionist a recount proved ‘thirty-three’ exact correct choices from which to pick. 

Many of those pages had ‘three’ different selections – point and click.

A high percentage of articles found were ’bout pros ‘n cons –  facts ‘n opinions – 

enough reads each morn to turn a healthy person into state of emotionally sick.

A wise decision many made was to limit time on social media and use their creativity

to participate in fun ideas far from the world’s picture bleak.

One day post-pandemic perhaps the ‘real’ truth will prevail and intelligent humans

blessed with common sense will then connect the dots and color the images

within them. 

Stay safe! Keep faith!





The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello bloggers . . . 

Yesterday I answered the questions posed to me as a nominee and thanked sweet

‘Sadje’ at Keepitalive for nominating me.

I promised I’d think up 11 new questions overnight. 

Here goes:

1. Are blog stats of great importance to you?

2. Do you believe in ‘happily ever after’ in today’s world?

3. Which do you prefer a. Kindle reader –  b. old fashioned newspaper?

4. During a visit to your home what ‘one’ item would most surprise me?

5. Do you prefer to utilize daily prompts, enter in monthly challenges or
write whatever you choose?

6. Are you a video game player?

7. Do you find interaction with ‘virtual’ friends to be a positive, 
negative or mixed-feelings experience?

8. In recent years have you dabbled in new hobbies – some which may 
interfere with allotted time for writing?

9. Do you compare yourself to others or continue to be happy with who
you are? 

10. In a supermarket do you prefer to utilize the self-checkout stations?

11. Are you pro or con with regard to home schooling?

Ah, the questions I scribbled on note paper at 2:25 a.m. have now been typed for you.

I have ‘two’ slight problems though. 

1. Some of the bloggers you nominated are in the same circle as mine ‘blogging
friends’. Does the original host wish each of us to nominate different bloggers?

2. I have to learn how to create a hyperlink – imagine! I did read instructions prior
to accessing my site. Perhaps one of our friends can be of assistance here. Thank 
you in advance. 

Much Love . . . June

sunshine-blogger award

The Sunshine Blogger Award