Music Quite Theraupetic

Facing the laptop computer screen
Pondering thought 'wanna scream'
Desire today circumvent 
Musing gaze hoodwink daily event 

Too much to learn
Too little time left
Far reached goal
Wonder plain too ole

Time change thought pattern
Chase negative elephant from room
Move over contemplation 
Gal saved Morticia's Halloween broom 

Ideas in writing read
Feelings in conversation heard
Musical lyrics tales spoken
Retiree's leisure belongingness token

Half-hour piano lesson sessions
Pass-by in mere blink of an eye
Significant quantity info learned from professional
Scheduled practice vibrations reply

Reward for hours time spent self-discipline
Move forward viable goal intention
Impossible play piano comparison Ludwig van Beethoven
Good vibes completion country music genre selections.


Gentle Utterances

No celebrity's face e'er worn
Suffered loss became forlorn
Amidst battles occasional strife
Chose thankfulness simple joys within life
Those who knew me well
Friends there when amidst hell
Adult children's recollection
Selfless mother's love shared thru time
Sacrifices absorbed brought to light
Conversational pieces void of fights
Far from ultimate perfection
Wind beneath children's wings divine
Bestowed comments ahead
Beautiful mass flower beds
Unspoken memories creativity shed
Music to ears - sheer delight
Magnifique bouquet creation highlights
Bow-wrapped tenure woman's life
Tragedy, loss, exhaustion nevertheless smiling face
Vintage gal continuance savior in grace
Forged ahead ambitiously thru longevity
Kindness, generousness and forgiveness good traits
Abundance 'remember whens' adorned tattered lace.

Eye Candy

Always new vocabulary or slang words for the baby boomers to learn and become familiar with in usage.

Social media requests from younger women, friends of friends, to send some ‘eye candy’ to their sites is stirring a fuss.

A little naïve due to age I admit I’ve no clue what these women are making reference to and where does one find this so-called candy to send to them.

I think a bit and wonder if these requests pertain to brands and varieties of chocolates or perhaps nostalgic penny candy from the 50s and 60s.

To satisfy curiosity I click on one gal’s site and what a surprise I find as scrolling down there’s pic after pic of nice looking ripped men with six-pack abs.  Gosh these guys certainly spent lots of hours at the gym and plenty of time soaking up the sun.

No interest to me and no pic to share I choose to see if this vocabulary word is connected to other nouns with descriptive adjectives other than sexy.

A definition by dictionary hyperlinks is officially in progress. I click. I read. I persevere.  Several tries later a smile adorns my face. I’m satisfied with the word meanings I found.

1. Aesthetically pleasing to the senses can be related to basically anything you can view with the human eye.

2. Although you may not have an interest in a particular person or item, you can still accept it as a piece of art in a tasteful way.

I scan a short list of items relative to today’s topic.

Nail art, decorations, contact lenses and fishing lures to name a few then ‘hello’ flashy cars which caused me to think. I remembered the Volkswagen Beetle Bug that captured my eye one afternoon in the supermarket parking lot.

Its’ exterior two-toned metallic paint captured my eye and hurriedly I removed my cell phone from my purse to snap a few pics before the owner arrived to drive this cutie out of sight.

Deciphering the code message has opened up a whole new world of ‘eye candy’ to me.











The Instrumental Blues

Blues music, long a part of American musical heritage, is found in the music of many popular songwriters. It’s found in ballads, in rock and in boogie.

There is a specific basic formula followed referred to as a standard chord progression. This formula consists of 12 measures in one chorus.

  • 4 measures of the I chord
  • 2 measures of the IV chord
  • 2 measures of the I chord
  • 1 measure of the V7 chord
  • 1 measure of the IV chord
  • 2 measures of the I chord

I’m in the process of learning the above and discovered newfound respect for those who play piano and keyboards.

My teacher introduces a new song thru explanation of all terminology new and foreign to me then plays the tune so I can hear and remember. She reviews the notes (all types), their count, the chords and then it’s my turn to try to master either left or right hand first then opposite second.

It usually takes me a period of two weeks to master a difficult song with self-discipline of 30 minutes of practice most days.

Tuesday is my scheduled lesson day and once spoiled when I could walk around the block to my lesson in town I’m faced with 80 degree heat, no air conditioning in my vehicle, a four lane swing truss bridge that is closed more than open, construction work in progress on alternate routes and search for a parking space once downtown in the city across the river.

Thinking about all I must endure for a 1/2 hour piano lesson could give someone a case of the blues and think ‘no way’ or ‘not today’.

To succeed in any goal in life I’m fully aware that excuses are not a part of the formula so I shall go forth and think positive thoughts, practice another 1/2 hour at home and then off to my weekly instrumental adventure.






Determination Is The Key

Usually being a beginner to the world of blogging, I bypass the daily prompts.

Today the suggested prompt word ‘harmonize’ sparked interest. It’s a word I’ve become used to hearing the past few months since resuming piano lessons two months ago.

Although away from the music instrumental world for a period of time, I returned with a passion fueled with desire to learn more and complete both of my Adult All-In-One Course Level 1 books.

Previously I had gone off course when I requested to learn certain artists’ tunes and of course I can’t forget those beautiful Christmas carols.

I chose without the instructor’s request to review the manual page by page starting with Page 1. This extra-curricular activity already paid off in the short term when this past week I mastered quite a difficult piece over a two-week period.

The instructor’s smile and input were a most heartwarming reward for all the effort I’d  put into self-discipline practice.

Harmony in piano is defined as playing notes together. It accompanies melody which is made up of notes played separately. I attained my goal to play both hands together in perfect harmony.

This senior citizen is quite pleased with herself and looking forward to the next challenge amidst the 30 pages shy of completion of that first level book.

In life one is never too old to learn.