Fibbing Friday ~ Jan. 27th

This week:  ‘Music Maestro’
Alternatives for ’10’ musical terms

Allegro – metronome mark
Pianissimo – mezzo forte (louder but softer)
Lento – prestissimo (extremely fast)
Coda – classical Sonata
Forte – play Largo (slow)
Pizzicato – violinist’s double stop
Contralto – male’s musical pitch
Dolce – fast tempo
Intermezzo – musical intermission
Largo – tranquil BPM direction

Fibbing Friday ~ 20th January

Questions and Answers (Fibs)

Q. What is boisterous?
A. Tranquil sloth

Q. What is a womaniser?
A. Femme fatale

Q. What is a faux paux?
A. No-fault divorce

Q. Define plumber.
A. Licensed renegade

Q. What is a sous chef?
A. Slow cooker

Q. What is antisocial?
A. Neighborhood troublemaker

Q. Why did they call the wind Maria?
A. Pronoun choice

Q. Where would you find a kettle drum?
A. Kitchen stovetop

Q. What is a kango drill?
A. Military exercise

Q. What makes bread rise?
A. Baker’s magic

Fibbing Friday ~ 13th January

Q. Why were people given middle names?
A. In case they can’t remember their given name

Q. Why do we cover our mouths when we yawn?
A. To hold back emission of stinky breath

Q. Why do you say ‘Bless You’ when somebody sneezes?
A. Prevent reception of sucker punch due to inappropriate words

Q. Why do we wear a wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand?
A.  Inaccurate placement count left to right then right to left 😂

Q. What was the original use of wind chimes?
A. Another country’s fodder for financial wealth

Q. What were the original purpose of bridesmaids?
A. To be available as substitution for the runaway bride

Q. What is the significance of the first butterfly of the year you see being white?
A. Reason to grab a fly swatter before it eats holes in unstored winter clothes

Q. What does it mean if your right ear itches?
A. Time to fasten those long locks in place

Q. Why is Good Friday a good day to cut your hair?
A. Reduction price offers at local salons

Q. What should you give a friend who gives you a knife as a gift?
A. Special facial treat ~ creme pie topped with Tabasco sauce

Fibbing Friday ~ Jan 6th

Q. Aurora Borealis is also known as
A. A group of energetic dancers

Q. Who was Farouk Balsara
A. A talented comedian

Q. Chasing Cars is by which group
A. Catch Me if You Can

Q. What is Detritus
A. A cobblestone street in the city

Q. Eggplant is also known as
A. An elongated distorted pepper

Q. Who is Filbert Fox
A. A long lost relative of oleomargarine

Q. Gentoo is a what
A. An extra, extra-large Band-Aid

Q, Rutabaga is also called what
A. Fashionable dancing street celery

Q. What is IPlayer
A. A wide receiver in football

Q. Jambo is a greeting in which language
A. Pig Latin

Fibbing Friday ~ February 25th

questions asked ~ fibs for answers

In the world of international finance, what do the abbreviations
USD and GBP stand for?
Answer: universal savings data ~ global balance payouts 

What exactly is cryptocurrency?
a variable of printed cash

What is the difference between stocks and bonds?
Answer: financial risks and returns

What is meant by a ‘bull’ market?
Answer: reservation for Zodiac ‘Taurus’ buyers

What is meant by a ‘bear’ market?
space prerequisite uncouth traders

What is a stock split?
Answer:  investors’ temporary gain

What exactly is crowdfunding?
Answer:  gathering of professional money-makers

What is a pension?
Answer: rare private sector plan

What is a 401(k)?
Answer:  secret to success

What is day trading?
  a day’s speculation

Fibbing Friday: May 22nd 2020

1. How big was the one who got away?
Ans: Unknown – centipede with all its’ segmented legs sped away before I could bring
out my ruler.

2. What comes after a storm?
Ans: Beautiful weather, a catastrophic mess to clean up and can’t forget those
bouquets of flowers – an expression to convey ‘sorry’ following argument(s).

3. Why do fish swim?
Ans: To avoid walking on the ocean floor/if camouflaged easy way to catch prey

4. What colour is grass?
Ans: Dark green if maintained well and shade of brown if exposed to high temps
and lack of water

5. What’s over the hill?
Ans: A huge surprise (positive or negative) for certain

6. What is the color of money?
Ans: Varies country-to-country and can’t forget words / markings people
pen on bills with their permanent markers 

7. What do goats, pigs and roosters have in common?
Ans: Annoying habits 

8. Who lives in the woods?
Ans: Bambi

9. What does an ill wind bring?
Ans: Bad vibes/news for some – others benefit from and a computer freeze for me. 

10. What is a windfall?
Ans: A lottery win over $600 which requires a trip to Lottery headquarters /
can’t cash at supermarkets nor convenience stores

Fibbing Friday: May 22nd 2020

Fibbing Friday: April 3rd 2020

This weeks questions:

01. What is the Pythagorean Theorem?
Ans: Reminder why I chose Business Course in High School and Accounting
courses in college

02. What is the Higgs boson better known as?
Ans: The host to universe’s dark matter

03. Technically an acronym, what does COVID-19 actually stand for?
Ans: An invisible enemy that led to a serious worldwide medical crisis

04. What is the Theory of Relativity?
Ans: Special versus General makes for an excellent Advanced Science course project.

05. What is Newton’s Third Law?
Ans: The one following his ‘first’ and ‘second’ laws of motion

06. What is the difference between mass and weight?
Ans: A heart-healthy diet and numbers registered on the scale

07. What is the formula for density?
Ans: Percentage ratio of fabric fibers compacted together

08. What is the process by which a solid transforms directly into a gas called?
Ans: Vegetarian diet containing lots of cruciferous vegetables

09. What makes biology unique compared to other sciences?
Ans: High school classmates following teacher’s instructions dissect a frog. 

10. According to one particular idiom, what do April showers bring?
Ans: An overabundance of weeds – total opposite of a gardener’s floral dream

Fibbing Friday: April 3rd 2020

Fibbing Friday: February 28th

30 minutes – race against clock – before Friday becomes Saturday on my calendar – GO!!

Wonderful I type go and the keyboard refuses to type. WONDERFUL – doubtful meet 

this deadline.

  1. Where will you find a windlass?
    Ans: in the weight room at the gym
  2.  What’s the difference between a paddle and an oar?
    Ans: the circumference of the pole
  3.  How do you bore water?
    Ans: carefully
  4.  If 007 has a licence to kill, what do the previous 6 have licences for?
    Ans: (in no particular order) – thought patterns documentation – intentional
    deviations – graphing charts – tactics – immunity – seal of approval to chicken
  5. Why do we have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?
    Ans: Food storage in prep of long wait until Fat Tuesday a.k.a. Mardi Gras
  6.  Why do we say something is ‘dog-eared’ if it’s shabby or tatty?
    Ans: Sounds more pleasing to the ear and much better visual than
    description ‘moth-eaten’
  7.  What color are peacock eggs?
    Ans: Various – depends on the painter
  8.  What is the difference between the Big Dipper and The Plough?
    Ans: The location – US/Canada versus UK/Ireland 
  9.  How do you make Sloe Gin?
    Ans: Ask the bartender to shake well all ingredients for a fizz effect
  10.  Who were The Goons?
    Ans: Relatives of mine – actual considered alien due to RH Negative blood

Fibbing Friday: February 28th

First Fibbing Friday of 2020

First Fibbing Friday of 2020 – an actual ‘First’ for me

Ten questions:

1. It’s obvious what baked beans and baked potatoes are. But what is a
baked Alaska? 
Ans: A yummie dessert – avoid unless wish to add to one’s spare tire.

2. What is a TLA?
Ans: Talkative Lackadaisical Adult

3. What was boombangabang?
Ans: New Year’s Eve fireworks from the pier

4 . How would you describe a cornice?
Ans: An architectural projection – ice dam count?

5. Who will be on the back of the new £ 20 note when it comes into circulation
in February?
Ans: I shall have to wait and see since this is unknown territory for me. Me thinks I should
Google it. 

6. Where will you be able to buy sky hooks?
Ans: Shop at your local sporting goods store – that fails try hardware store.

7. If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what’s four?
Ans: A recipe for a debate or conflict 

8. Why are squares on a checkers board alternately black and white?
Ans: To allow each player to use his / her color scheme – my board was black and red.

9. What happens to all the holes cut out of ring doughnuts?
Ans: Sold in cute boxes with handles ‘Munchkins’ – small children (even some adults) devour them.

10. Why did the rabbit go up the hole, round the tree, (right to left) and back down
the hole?
Ans: His compact GPS tracker’s battery registered below 20 percent.

First Fibbing Friday of 2020