Fibbing Friday ~ February 25th

questions asked ~ fibs for answers

In the world of international finance, what do the abbreviations
USD and GBP stand for?
Answer: universal savings data ~ global balance payouts 

What exactly is cryptocurrency?
a variable of printed cash

What is the difference between stocks and bonds?
Answer: financial risks and returns

What is meant by a ‘bull’ market?
Answer: reservation for Zodiac ‘Taurus’ buyers

What is meant by a ‘bear’ market?
space prerequisite uncouth traders

What is a stock split?
Answer:  investors’ temporary gain

What exactly is crowdfunding?
Answer:  gathering of professional money-makers

What is a pension?
Answer: rare private sector plan

What is a 401(k)?
Answer:  secret to success

What is day trading?
  a day’s speculation

Fibbing Friday: May 22nd 2020

1. How big was the one who got away?
Ans: Unknown – centipede with all its’ segmented legs sped away before I could bring
out my ruler.

2. What comes after a storm?
Ans: Beautiful weather, a catastrophic mess to clean up and can’t forget those
bouquets of flowers – an expression to convey ‘sorry’ following argument(s).

3. Why do fish swim?
Ans: To avoid walking on the ocean floor/if camouflaged easy way to catch prey

4. What colour is grass?
Ans: Dark green if maintained well and shade of brown if exposed to high temps
and lack of water

5. What’s over the hill?
Ans: A huge surprise (positive or negative) for certain

6. What is the color of money?
Ans: Varies country-to-country and can’t forget words / markings people
pen on bills with their permanent markers 

7. What do goats, pigs and roosters have in common?
Ans: Annoying habits 

8. Who lives in the woods?
Ans: Bambi

9. What does an ill wind bring?
Ans: Bad vibes/news for some – others benefit from and a computer freeze for me. 

10. What is a windfall?
Ans: A lottery win over $600 which requires a trip to Lottery headquarters /
can’t cash at supermarkets nor convenience stores

Fibbing Friday: May 22nd 2020

Fibbing Friday: April 3rd 2020

This weeks questions:

01. What is the Pythagorean Theorem?
Ans: Reminder why I chose Business Course in High School and Accounting
courses in college

02. What is the Higgs boson better known as?
Ans: The host to universe’s dark matter

03. Technically an acronym, what does COVID-19 actually stand for?
Ans: An invisible enemy that led to a serious worldwide medical crisis

04. What is the Theory of Relativity?
Ans: Special versus General makes for an excellent Advanced Science course project.

05. What is Newton’s Third Law?
Ans: The one following his ‘first’ and ‘second’ laws of motion

06. What is the difference between mass and weight?
Ans: A heart-healthy diet and numbers registered on the scale

07. What is the formula for density?
Ans: Percentage ratio of fabric fibers compacted together

08. What is the process by which a solid transforms directly into a gas called?
Ans: Vegetarian diet containing lots of cruciferous vegetables

09. What makes biology unique compared to other sciences?
Ans: High school classmates following teacher’s instructions dissect a frog. 

10. According to one particular idiom, what do April showers bring?
Ans: An overabundance of weeds – total opposite of a gardener’s floral dream

Fibbing Friday: April 3rd 2020

Fibbing Friday: February 28th

30 minutes – race against clock – before Friday becomes Saturday on my calendar – GO!!

Wonderful I type go and the keyboard refuses to type. WONDERFUL – doubtful meet 

this deadline.

  1. Where will you find a windlass?
    Ans: in the weight room at the gym
  2.  What’s the difference between a paddle and an oar?
    Ans: the circumference of the pole
  3.  How do you bore water?
    Ans: carefully
  4.  If 007 has a licence to kill, what do the previous 6 have licences for?
    Ans: (in no particular order) – thought patterns documentation – intentional
    deviations – graphing charts – tactics – immunity – seal of approval to chicken
  5. Why do we have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?
    Ans: Food storage in prep of long wait until Fat Tuesday a.k.a. Mardi Gras
  6.  Why do we say something is ‘dog-eared’ if it’s shabby or tatty?
    Ans: Sounds more pleasing to the ear and much better visual than
    description ‘moth-eaten’
  7.  What color are peacock eggs?
    Ans: Various – depends on the painter
  8.  What is the difference between the Big Dipper and The Plough?
    Ans: The location – US/Canada versus UK/Ireland 
  9.  How do you make Sloe Gin?
    Ans: Ask the bartender to shake well all ingredients for a fizz effect
  10.  Who were The Goons?
    Ans: Relatives of mine – actual considered alien due to RH Negative blood

Fibbing Friday: February 28th

First Fibbing Friday of 2020

First Fibbing Friday of 2020 – an actual ‘First’ for me

Ten questions:

1. It’s obvious what baked beans and baked potatoes are. But what is a
baked Alaska? 
Ans: A yummie dessert – avoid unless wish to add to one’s spare tire.

2. What is a TLA?
Ans: Talkative Lackadaisical Adult

3. What was boombangabang?
Ans: New Year’s Eve fireworks from the pier

4 . How would you describe a cornice?
Ans: An architectural projection – ice dam count?

5. Who will be on the back of the new £ 20 note when it comes into circulation
in February?
Ans: I shall have to wait and see since this is unknown territory for me. Me thinks I should
Google it. 

6. Where will you be able to buy sky hooks?
Ans: Shop at your local sporting goods store – that fails try hardware store.

7. If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what’s four?
Ans: A recipe for a debate or conflict 

8. Why are squares on a checkers board alternately black and white?
Ans: To allow each player to use his / her color scheme – my board was black and red.

9. What happens to all the holes cut out of ring doughnuts?
Ans: Sold in cute boxes with handles ‘Munchkins’ – small children (even some adults) devour them.

10. Why did the rabbit go up the hole, round the tree, (right to left) and back down
the hole?
Ans: His compact GPS tracker’s battery registered below 20 percent.

First Fibbing Friday of 2020