Computer Inbox

Overflowing inbox a morning sight
Scroll up, scroll down tad of sheer fright
Message titles, thought of you, hurry save 20% on best deals
You deserve something special, take advantage and earn
Computer generated sales tactics - words from which to learn
Say 'yes' to subscribe, you'll soon discover 
Necessity for computer mouse process scour and hover 
Today's classic surprise a 'three' clicks journey 
Wow, an endless page sole creation shopping spree
A click on the title, a click on category 
Soon found the ultimate shopper's exclusive campground
Shutting site down return to square one open notes of encouragement
Welcome a smorgasbord void of discouragement
Topics on health, fitness and group memos now before me
Sipping my usual morning cup of pekoe a plethora of analysis awaits.

UFOs – Unfinished Objects

No unidentified flying objects reside here rather several unfinished objects – crochet projects.

For fun I changed the acronym from WIPs (works in progress) one I normally use when making reference to incomplete projects to UFOs (unfinished objects) for a little muse.

Current count of unfinished crocheted afghans in different stages is 1, 2 and 3.

A quick peek and some measuring behind me, I’m faced now with the process of selection; which of the three unfinished objects captures today’s desire for creativity.

Different stitches and counts of rows comprise the determined dimensions of each of the throws.

Will I choose to work on the easiest ‘Crafty Flamingo’ six inches shy of the finishing line or tackle the intermediate wrap that lags far behind. Decisions. Decisions.

I think I shall put aside ‘The Temperature Throw’ with its colorful pattern lineup based on daily temperatures and no real pattern to follow as I continue to use up many near empty skeins of yarn.

The ‘Peppermint Wrapper’, a Yuletide throw pattern, had a suggested stripe sequence of main color white and contrast color red which resembles peppermint candies.

I chose my own color theme replacing the suggested white rows with lacy hot pink rows made up of double crochets and V-stitches alternating with bands of white V-stitches rather than red ones.

Yes, I’ve seen peppermint candies in that color combination. And now my stomach is signaling me it’s time for some lunch. Thinking process at a halt and chosen winner is  ‘Peppermint Wrapper’.

Rain in the forecast for the remainder of the day makes for a perfect afternoon to increase rows in the winning UFO.


Fresh Start Friday

For years I’d been fortunate to remain within the stats of a healthy weight range. If I gained a few pounds, I could lose them easily.

Along came birthday ’50’ and former foreigners to me ‘The Three Ms’ started following me around like frenemies.

Uninvited and unwanted menopause, medication and metabolism formed an alliance to annoy and attack 5′ 0″ me.

Each arrived at a different moment in time following my half-century mark and together these nasty deal-breakers slowly wreaked havoc in my daily life.

In spite of a healthy diet regimen I was under siege and needed to revisit and devise a new plan to combat this small army of perpetrators.

Decision not to relinquish defeat, I chose a popular diet –  one tailored to my personal needs then incorporated daily exercise for maximum benefit.

For fun I made a photo food diary and posted pics of healthy meals and food choices on Instagram for followers to see.

The downward trend was working for me and then it happened = the dreaded plateau. Somehow the task became difficult as the numbers came close yet I failed to attain that latest mini goal.

Frustrated I wanted to quit only failure is rarely an option for me. Lagging behind I thought about happy weight versus healthy weight.

I plugged in required info to three different sites and two were in sync revealing similar  calculations to lose weight at a healthy rate.

With sincere intentions today a fresh start I undertake as I strive to reach each consecutive mini goal set within its’ timeframe.

I hope in the future to see a little less of me as I continue to pursue my weight loss journey.




Eye Candy

Always new vocabulary or slang words for the baby boomers to learn and become familiar with in usage.

Social media requests from younger women, friends of friends, to send some ‘eye candy’ to their sites is stirring a fuss.

A little naïve due to age I admit I’ve no clue what these women are making reference to and where does one find this so-called candy to send to them.

I think a bit and wonder if these requests pertain to brands and varieties of chocolates or perhaps nostalgic penny candy from the 50s and 60s.

To satisfy curiosity I click on one gal’s site and what a surprise I find as scrolling down there’s pic after pic of nice looking ripped men with six-pack abs.  Gosh these guys certainly spent lots of hours at the gym and plenty of time soaking up the sun.

No interest to me and no pic to share I choose to see if this vocabulary word is connected to other nouns with descriptive adjectives other than sexy.

A definition by dictionary hyperlinks is officially in progress. I click. I read. I persevere.  Several tries later a smile adorns my face. I’m satisfied with the word meanings I found.

1. Aesthetically pleasing to the senses can be related to basically anything you can view with the human eye.

2. Although you may not have an interest in a particular person or item, you can still accept it as a piece of art in a tasteful way.

I scan a short list of items relative to today’s topic.

Nail art, decorations, contact lenses and fishing lures to name a few then ‘hello’ flashy cars which caused me to think. I remembered the Volkswagen Beetle Bug that captured my eye one afternoon in the supermarket parking lot.

Its’ exterior two-toned metallic paint captured my eye and hurriedly I removed my cell phone from my purse to snap a few pics before the owner arrived to drive this cutie out of sight.

Deciphering the code message has opened up a whole new world of ‘eye candy’ to me.











Fake Friends

Throughout life from time to time we all interact and befriend those who later turn out to be backstabbers.

Their true colors come to light when or if one betrays us. We become an innocent victim of unbelievable, questionable behavior by a person we trusted and shared friendship.

Our first instinct is to try and resolve the conflict.  In awe we begin to analyze ourselves wondering what’s behind our friend’s newfound irrational actions.

Reality is we may have done absolutely nothing wrong to set them down the path of self-destruction of our friendship.

There’s a long list of reasons why some desire to hurt others and often we have no clue since who would think a friend could be so fake. Obviously their own shortcomings are to blame.

Perhaps a few counseling sessions would be beneficial only if asked the backstabber usually would refuse and remain in denial. The 100% validity persona is shown via their words and actions.

If reasonable communication fails then it’s time to walk away from this toxic person with your ego intact. After all this friendship, whatever the duration, appears to have been based on ill intentions and lies.

It’s important to never identify oneself by others’ maltreatment of us.  Life is hard work and hard work sometimes hurts.

I think we get caught up in this vicious cycle due to childhood teachings where words such as honesty and trust played an important role in our learning process.

I’m not perfect. I’m not fake.




Mailroom Hoarder

Amazed by the incoming messages count I found this morn I wonder if my mailroom assistant is a hoarder. It’s hard to fathom how a few daily e-messages became stockpiled over a short period, many bypassed and stored to read at a later date.

Her process via selection of importance created a huge task ahead for me. Why didn’t she delete them? It’s obvious to me she foolishly thought she or I would return later and actually read this stuff.

Similar to snail mail it’s necessary to put out the undesirable in the trash in a timely manner. You discard the unwanted into the waste basket technically known as the recycle bin and watch it balloon then press empty.

Numerous free subscriptions truly are worthwhile reads. An important notification from one sender alerted me to the fact previously sent articles never opened questioned interest and possible termination of sends to follow shortly.

A tidbit of technology unknown to me –  a different method to rid oneself of agreed upon freebies placed on a whim.

Curious me scrolled backwards in time to find this particular concerned sender’s name and topics formerly e-mailed to me. I clicked on a few finding them quite interesting hence keeping me on the mailing list. I’m now considered a faithful reader.

Today’s sent message ‘stomach bloat’ peaked my interest. Once opened I found an educational slideshow, all pictures from documented sources and a wealth of information.

Healthy habits can be quite a challenge to maintain and on occasion new knowledge informs us of those few habits from which to refrain.

Many people think a protruding tummy is caused by consuming the wrong foods as the bold-printed heading I read on one slide “Keep Your Mouth Shut” could unintentionally convey to any reader at first sight.

Interesting reference later was made to how both chewing gum and sucking on a straw can create excessive gas which ‘yes’ causes the inflation.

As I return to the snail’s pace task my assistant created for me I intend to scroll through pages of mail carefully then follow with an intervention and request she refrain from future similar practice unless she wishes to wear the new title, the mailroom hoarder rather than mailroom assistant.







Numbers Rule

Numbers, numbers everywhere
I ask myself why do I care
Build your own garden
Plant your own flowers
Create your own happiness
Sum total equals number 'one'
A mistress of perfection
Uncanny need to follow directions
The dominant trait of favorite number seven
Surrounded by numerical figures in different forms
List of typed notes in place
Yesterday's task to blog failed to show its' face
The random thoughts rampage entered and departed
Past, present and future - infinity of time
This former accountant needed Feng shui of mind
Last chapter of life I write, write and write 
Hoping to find my niche wondering what's left to savor
As my adult calculator counts down time far from within favor
Thought process in progress be it poetry or non-fiction
Continuance to strive searching, seeking direction
Self-uniqueness counts for me, myself and I
Moving forward grand total 'one' in today's world of numeric signification.