Le Jardin de Juin – June’s Garden

Year created 2008
Overseas' son idea or fate
Suggestion Mom access, play Fairyland app
Virtual garden excellent panacea
Creation in memory of Tuffie McGuffie
Nickname for oldest daughter
Too soon departed
Forever '28'
On app no need for gloves
Nor worry 'bout sore back
Neither critters sample plants
Water whenever - hours recreation
Most players UK location 
Hello June's club - quite beautiful bouquet
Worldwide Junes interact play
Each year nearin' anniversary day
Message breathtaking wait yellow birthday plant
Soon changeover birthday balloon with message
Date in place September 24th similar heritage
Fun season ahead - Happy Halloween!
Witches, creepie spiders, ghosts and bats
Naught forget those sneaky, silky black cats
Grow largest pumpkin been quite a task
A gardener's ballet totally free
Gone years tending 'real' gardens
Loving son's prescription definite blessing
Although active player challenged certain days
App a pizzeria no side effects - Hooray!
Battling grief quite a Mother's struggle
Virtual garden resemblance reality life
Always amidst selected plants stands
The flickering candle 'Forget-Me-Not'
Deborah Ann forever daily in thought.

True Friendships

Today's society lifetime friendships rarity
Flowers in bloom fake friends arrive depart soon
Family created void of birth certificates
Quality over quantity simple concept
Man of integrity crossed mind - no thoughtform past
Communication with outside world great task
Lured north for a simpler life
Friendships comprised of fellow transplants
Thirty years ago diagnosed with MS
Forced face life debilitating disease
Complained naught - circumstance freeze
Chose courage plus amazing positivity
Daily taking advantage of God's life beauty
Few knew his manner of outside world connection
Head controls usage kept in touch via messages
Unknown to me magnitude progression disease 
Opposite fake friends online no emotional treason 
Inbox send fav country artist's newest addition
Man with disability found time brighten my day
His random acts of kindness found me all seasons
Good friends more importance fact
Versus passionate romance if not intact.

Gaggle of Ants

Indefinite number, yes
Waited too late snap pic I confess
Daily walk thru town
On occasion look down
Admiring smooth, flat concrete panels
Suddenly aware emotional sidewalk ants in cracks
Near scared beejeebers out of me thus procession
Beware moving forward step over panels in progression
Nostalgic thought to self
Childhood game - remembrance wealth
Never step on a crack
Or you'd break your mother's back
Frenzy ant pic chose to postpone
Lesson ahead far from unknown
Each day two weeks incorporated portion same street
Within daily zigzag walking pattern no ants meet
You're too late it appears - ant groups on vacation
Forgot to leave forwarding address of new location 
Still searching snapped picture Sunday of measly ants
Brought back memories adages heard over years
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
Time waits for no one - what more can I say
Neither did gaggle of frenzied ants who went astray.

Beauty and Beyond

According to a 2017 statistics map the world called Blogosphere is comprised of 409 million viewers around the world and submission of 22.5 billion pages each month.

An awesome selection of reads!

In a short span of time I’ve clicked on a myriad of blog posts written by both men and women of all ages. The pics above the title are a definite catch-all.

A few days ago a beautiful floral picture came to sight. The title incorporated the word ‘beauty’. I couldn’t resist to click on it and what a find besides the beautiful flower that led me into temptation to read yet one more blog.

As a near novice to the blogging world with lots to learn,  I had no idea when I clicked on the box ‘reblog’ the young Australian gal’s blog post would be transferred to my page over at Facebook. Surprise!

Although I failed to leave a comment for her after completion of read, rather only a like, she did send me a ‘thank you’. Another surprise – quite nice.

I wonder what led me to that page and selection.  For certain I had no idea the impact heretofore the contents her written words and scripture passages would bestow upon my clouded thinking pattern.

Reflection time brought to light how many, many years ago a similar post with different wording could have been written by me. Tragedy within my personal life changed me and often days when feeling the gray cloud over head, it’s an extremely difficult chore to think positivity lies ahead.

Beauty is defined as ‘overall’ qualities in a person or thing which give pleasure to the senses.

  1. Superficial beauty best describes a person lacking depth of character. It’s external, skin-deep and definitely not lasting.
  2. Inner beauty, in contrast, holds positive aspects not physically visible to the human eye.

Reality for me is what’s on the inside that counts. Early on in adult life I opted to be a member of the second category generally good, kind and honest while still maintaining semblance of outward beauty.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.  —-  John Keats




Gentle Utterances

No celebrity's face e'er worn
Suffered loss became forlorn
Amidst battles occasional strife
Chose thankfulness simple joys within life
Those who knew me well
Friends there when amidst hell
Adult children's recollection
Selfless mother's love shared thru time
Sacrifices absorbed brought to light
Conversational pieces void of fights
Far from ultimate perfection
Wind beneath children's wings divine
Bestowed comments ahead
Beautiful mass flower beds
Unspoken memories creativity shed
Music to ears - sheer delight
Magnifique bouquet creation highlights
Bow-wrapped tenure woman's life
Tragedy, loss, exhaustion nevertheless smiling face
Vintage gal continuance savior in grace
Forged ahead ambitiously thru longevity
Kindness, generousness and forgiveness good traits
Abundance 'remember whens' adorned tattered lace.

Quilting Bird Activity Window

Vibrations transmitted through the air
Find their way to the human's ear.
Perched high atop branches of neighborhood trees
Backyard birds, songbirds, often awaken thee.
A squawk, a peep, a series of notes
Echo ever so softly from several species throats.
To we humans a definite pattern can be heard
Soothing calls, albeit different messages to
Nature's Delightful Birds.

Puzzle of Life

One's life masterpiece comprised of moments in time
Constantly under construction with no boundaries
A 1,000 piece plus jigsaw puzzle holds no guarantees
Comparison store puzzle purchased for pleasure
Human masterpiece overflows unfolds various treasure
Multitude of choices and multitude of complaints
Manner each piece placed more important than count
Creative plans, lessons learned, pieces each paints 
Careful thinking, valid opinions, good decisions
Broken hearts, tragedies, transgressions
Wise choice take stock when placing pieces
Look around hopeful find more Positive Pollys
Fewer upside-down smile frowns Negative Nancies
Life's far from one size fits all 
Lots of hard work combo difficult times befall
Find true love, be loved so divine
Two most important puzzle pieces find
'I Love You' interlock 'You Love Me' 
Greatest joyful experience in lifetime.


Computer Inbox

Overflowing inbox a morning sight
Scroll up, scroll down tad of sheer fright
Message titles, thought of you, hurry save 20% on best deals
You deserve something special, take advantage and earn
Computer generated sales tactics - words from which to learn
Say 'yes' to subscribe, you'll soon discover 
Necessity for computer mouse process scour and hover 
Today's classic surprise a 'three' clicks journey 
Wow, an endless page sole creation shopping spree
A click on the title, a click on category 
Soon found the ultimate shopper's exclusive campground
Shutting site down return to square one open notes of encouragement
Welcome a smorgasbord void of discouragement
Topics on health, fitness and group memos now before me
Sipping my usual morning cup of pekoe a plethora of analysis awaits.

UFOs – Unfinished Objects

No unidentified flying objects reside here rather several unfinished objects – crochet projects.

For fun I changed the acronym from WIPs (works in progress) one I normally use when making reference to incomplete projects to UFOs (unfinished objects) for a little muse.

Current count of unfinished crocheted afghans in different stages is 1, 2 and 3.

A quick peek and some measuring behind me, I’m faced now with the process of selection; which of the three unfinished objects captures today’s desire for creativity.

Different stitches and counts of rows comprise the determined dimensions of each of the throws.

Will I choose to work on the easiest ‘Crafty Flamingo’ six inches shy of the finishing line or tackle the intermediate wrap that lags far behind. Decisions. Decisions.

I think I shall put aside ‘The Temperature Throw’ with its colorful pattern lineup based on daily temperatures and no real pattern to follow as I continue to use up many near empty skeins of yarn.

The ‘Peppermint Wrapper’, a Yuletide throw pattern, had a suggested stripe sequence of main color white and contrast color red which resembles peppermint candies.

I chose my own color theme replacing the suggested white rows with lacy hot pink rows made up of double crochets and V-stitches alternating with bands of white V-stitches rather than red ones.

Yes, I’ve seen peppermint candies in that color combination. And now my stomach is signaling me it’s time for some lunch. Thinking process at a halt and chosen winner is  ‘Peppermint Wrapper’.

Rain in the forecast for the remainder of the day makes for a perfect afternoon to increase rows in the winning UFO.


Fresh Start Friday

For years I’d been fortunate to remain within the stats of a healthy weight range. If I gained a few pounds, I could lose them easily.

Along came birthday ’50’ and former foreigners to me ‘The Three Ms’ started following me around like frenemies.

Uninvited and unwanted menopause, medication and metabolism formed an alliance to annoy and attack 5′ 0″ me.

Each arrived at a different moment in time following my half-century mark and together these nasty deal-breakers slowly wreaked havoc in my daily life.

In spite of a healthy diet regimen I was under siege and needed to revisit and devise a new plan to combat this small army of perpetrators.

Decision not to relinquish defeat, I chose a popular diet –  one tailored to my personal needs then incorporated daily exercise for maximum benefit.

For fun I made a photo food diary and posted pics of healthy meals and food choices on Instagram for followers to see.

The downward trend was working for me and then it happened = the dreaded plateau. Somehow the task became difficult as the numbers came close yet I failed to attain that latest mini goal.

Frustrated I wanted to quit only failure is rarely an option for me. Lagging behind I thought about happy weight versus healthy weight.

I plugged in required info to three different sites and two were in sync revealing similar  calculations to lose weight at a healthy rate.

With sincere intentions today a fresh start I undertake as I strive to reach each consecutive mini goal set within its’ timeframe.

I hope in the future to see a little less of me as I continue to pursue my weight loss journey.