Sudden Death

Totally unprepared
Lifetime void ahead

Unforeseen unfold
Sadness twofold

Immeasurable grief
Deprivation sleep

Documents time-stamped
Freedom transparent

Precarious solution
Bogus affirmation

Thoughtful wise
Choices criticize

Counteract emotional pain
Self-help lists ascertain

Benevolent smiles
Preparations worthwhile

Positivity emphasis
Current life's focus

Curveballs thrown attention
Access personal list collection

Love transplant
Selfless apparent

Spring flowers blossom
Thankful beauty awesome.

© 2018 June Quintin

Comfort Food

Lookin' forward weekend date night
Couple's suggestion gigantic pizza delight

Numerous delicious topping temptations found
Measurement fav' food pizza 32 inches round

Emotional mind momentarily slightly corrupt
Choices certain cause diners' waistlines swell up

Caloric deception. Sigh!

Worst case scenario moderation slices ignore
Stomach upset follow face acid reflux abhor

Remembrance younger days pizza 'n beer
Double dates full endless laughter 'n cheer

Never magical suggestion lose snail metabolism 
Steadfast replace exercise 'n healthy food regimen

Acceptance palatable pizza refrain overeat
Fav' comfort food date night's occasional treat.

© 2018 June Quintin

Random Thoughts

Necessity Poetry divergent tips
Writer's tool bag quick unzip

Desire unique poetic journey
Welcome wisdom n'er clock tyranny

Therapeutic fun-start hobby
Publish deluge pages rhyming poetry

Amidst life's trials 'n tribulations
Word association skills continue aspiration

Grammar school teacher's written words
Factual concern gain knowledge ears heard

This lifetime ne'er give up on your dreams
Today still see special words sewing seams

Knowledge is wisdom; wisdom is power
Print on paper absolute teacher's follower

Times sheer overwhelming frustration
Sat in chair front computer station

Thankful exercises creative writers share
Forward direction self-accountability stare

Appearance idea grab-bag description before thee
Scrolled up to discovery find distinct unique be.

© 2018 June Quintin

Road of Ancestry

Social media crowded surplus newsfeed
Interesting informative articles chosen reads

Daily scroll abundance posts, pics 'n stories unfold
Eyes capture view medical article print quite bold

Recent times betwixt friends' conversations
Topical interests ancestry and reincarnation

Ages ago reserved city library genealogy room
Traced heritage through old books 'n micro-films

Satisfaction information discovery back then
Considered thyself combo Irish 'n French-Canadian

Yesterday's interesting read via computer screen
Ghastly true words stare versus nightmarish dream

Puzzling comprehend basics facts combo law genetics
Properties ancestors possess humans obvious inherits


Rh-negative blood type 'yes' DNA precise
An alien - a minority you may be in world's paradise

Theory those list blood category extraterrestrial origin
Spare audience factual content descendant's medical jargon

Conclusion Rh-negative still mystery to researchers
Aging capable create ET's wrinkled-look classic features.

© 2018 June Quintin

Innocence of Youth

Previous laughter therapy post good health conducive
First find morn's social media post read an exclusive

Surprise Grandma!

Glaring back at me from personal laptop screen
Cutest love note of late admit senior citizen seen

Folded paper before eyes filled stars 'n hearts
"Will you be my boyfriend" questionable start

Following number clicks likes, loves 'n wows
Humorous subsequent friendly comments continue flow

Grandson asked where he'd take girl on first date
McDonald's fast food restaurant response quick relate

Takes me back in time to own sweet innocence of youth
Patiently wait conversation update soul soothe booth.

© 2018 June Quintin


Laughter – Good Therapy

Laughter therapy absolute humorous
Usages health improvement numerous

Start day's personal laughter journey
Internet search robotic images convey

Awesome cute green software installer
Tablet's extraterrestrial update caller

Uncertain description alien creature
Comparison cartoonlike screen features

Perhaps another galaxy's animated form
Version persona robot versus sci-fi alien

Half hour scrolling pages n'er locate PC nerd
Joyful sounds laughter human's mouth heard

Little guy sportin' smile 'n working antennae
Over abundance space friends laptop pixel panacea

Species space marine emoticons hilarious comedy
Instantaneous cure human emotional stress da day

Facilitator overall health 'n wellness laughter
Favorite several pages day's reference thereafter.

© 2018 June Quintin 

Identity Crisis Underway

Process transform negative thoughts positive ones  
Psych reckon exhausting lifelong practice inform

Population never experience emotional problems
Belief affirmation words salvation 'amen' outcome

Sender's sequential heartfelt daily messages dismiss
Receiver's knowledge words n'er solve problems exist

Value good friend's opinion sordid mess life dealt
Verbatim "Woman you certainly been beaten up" felt

Independent person dislike necessary favors ask
Liken requests to others become problematic tasks

Return to faith multitude life's unanswered questions
Hopeful future holds positivity numerous directions. 

© 2018 June Quintin

Tomorrow’s Pretty White Groundcover

Amidst Arctic blast
Bomb cyclone forecast

Meteorologists' new term
Define massive snowstorm

Blizzard conditions zone
Wintry precipitation frozen

Likelihood power outages
Falling branches 'n ice freeze alerts

Mother Nature's unleashed fury
Fabrication grandiose snow flurry

Snowfall accumulation range uncertain
Dislike cold weather close curtains

Bundled up shovel 'n snowbrush in tow
Frustration face removal inches fallen snow.

© 2018 June Quintin


Creativity Good Therapy

Life continuance self-improve
Download 30-day challenge to do

Dozen pages read twice over
Easy no expectation rule pass over

Personal scare stepping out comfort zone
Small achievements note boundaries unknown

Creative literary arts
Poetic genre writer embarks

Beauty thru expression
Rhyming in progression

Prior hobbies quilting 'n sewing
O'er Pinterest window shop gal going 

Search cute ideas feminine 2018 bucket list
'Hobbies Happy' ideas naught 'bout e'er resist

Adhere challenges check 'n track progress
Re-evaluate 30 days 'no complain' idea I digress.

© 2018 June Quintin

Happy New Year!

Ask why
No replies

Stories told
Facts unfold

Rules apparent
Discriminate evident

Befriend nice
Ultimate price

Goals anticipate
Attainment create

Comments adore
Bloggers' rapport

Countless acronyms
Letter abbreviations

Vocabulary collection
Writer's confection

Fireworks display
Frigid temps dismay

Good old times
Auld Lang Syne!

© 2017 June Quintin