Song Lyric Sunday: Lost

Today’s theme:  lost/found/hide/seek

Details can be found:

I chose Blake Shelton’s hit “Came Here to Forget” – 2016

Song Lyric Sunday: Lost

At a later date I shall type out the lyrics since dealing with YouTube has been trial and error on a dismal rainy Sunday.

I love my country music and originally chose a Canadian country western artist’s tune. Unfortunate for me ‘little’ wanted to work to allow the song to be played on this site. 

The ocean for me was a very comforting place following a major breakup – period I found myself lost at times. 

Today in the aftermath of the pain (who can forget history) I’m quite a bit wiser having learned some harsh lessons. 

It appears ‘seenagers’ of today’s dating world enjoy the game of hide ‘n seek. Topic for another post. Chuckle! Chuckle! – The ghost and the haunted (actual TV series in US).


Since not a gal who gives up w/o a battle I decided one last try at my original choice of the
Canadian country western artist’s lyric site of tune “Lost”. 

Song Lyric Sunday: Lost