Genuine gal possess good sense humor relate
Survival weekend date baby-boomer overweight

Age-appropriate accurate height patiently wait
Meet face-to-face gym attendee hopeful not late

Arrival gross misrepresentation approach mistake
Question degree nearsightedness quickly separate

Head for hills no desire drinks nor dinner partake
Times tough women aggravate versus women tolerate.

© 2018 June Quintin

Tired of Fakes

Looking new love connection
Down-to-earth good direction

Timing, intangible hex entity
Onboard prior faceless flex enemy

Revelation personal inopportune
Expectations harmonious fail bloom

Unknowns masqueraded behind PCs peep
Unfortunate assortment pics utmost creeps

Shame man seem nice 'til conversational screwup
Monogamous reluctant mere in search FWBs hookup 

Lusting after demoiselle promiscuous fruitcake
Wrong profile clicked on - wise woman no flake

Take self plus supply magical blue thrill pills
Bypass door no interest turn shades blue pastel

Fashionista private agency idea near future hire
Expensive decision background checked magnifiers.

© 2018 June Quintin

Beware of the Charmer

Recently I met a man from an online dating site who turned out to be quite a charmer.

There were no real outward signs of his soon-to-be disturbing behavior. Total opposite he appeared rather nice.

A little checking on social media sites and others’ approval via viewing him and his family picture posts left me feeling comfortable to date him.

Unknown and totally caught off-guard was three dates in the executive churchgoer’s personality became that of a ‘freakazoid’ following a nice dinner together.

Where and exactly when did this man’s smiles and interesting, intellectual conversation changeover to a total different personality is a complete puzzle to me.

The whole experience managed to sour my thoughts on those who claim to be devout Catholics or Christians.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a complete background check on any man entering your life who knows none of your family, friends nor acquaintances.

Ladies, don’t let appearances fool you with any new romantic interest. Don’t let your guard down. Why? It could have cost me my life.

The man whose vocabulary words this blogger had to utilize a dictionary to define wasn’t looking for a serious relationship online rather a cover-up for a hookup.

I am thankful to God I walked away unscathed. The outcome of a third date with this man could have become more gruesome.

This I admit has been a most valuable lesson with the issue of trust. A decent, respectable woman has no idea the hidden agenda of today’s world’s charmer nor the potential possible harm he could inflict upon her once alone.

Realization now for the woman whose heart you attempted to hurt via your actions is a newfound built wall ‘lack of trust’, a barrier to some really decent man.

You, the charmer, I truly believe will get back 10X thru Karma compensation for your actions.

Yesterday began a new month of my favorite season, autumn. I intend to keep it filled with beautiful people, positive thoughts and happy moments.

This woman who demands respect and love has no place amidst the world of the ignorant man a.k.a. ‘THE LOSER’.





World of Mixology – Not SBs Cup of Tea

Thankfully turning out to ‘NOT‘ be my cup of tea became an infinite fine and blessing in disguise.

A downright shame to disregard innermost ‘gut’ feelings and signs versus placing emphasis on perception of good traits taught me quite a valuable lesson.

Above is fair warning for those who choose dating online. Similar to tea there are thousands of varieties in the sea.

The aftermath of the bad penny, the disreputable person, is similar to the recurrence of any unwanted event.

Whenever angry with another, tis often best to hold your tongue until you’ve had the opportunity to calm down and assess the situation.

Oops! Did you follow that rule of thumb? Or choose to type and send instead text ‘the end’.

Following a breakup it’s quite therapeutic to write or type feelings on paper followed by process of destruction via placing printouts one by one in the paper shredder.

Confetti anyone!

Feel better? Positive ‘yes’ and negative ‘no’ answers pop to mind followed by ‘reality’ mixture combo ‘not certain’ since even short term grief takes period of time.

It did help though? Yes, precisely correct!

Copping an attitude rarely gets me to reconsider a decision thus you’ll forever remain at a far away distance.

It might be fun to see how a new love interest story unfolds only your presence in my life has become old news.

Dishonesty is far from my cup of tea. She may think she won only a storm in a teacup is no real prize catch.

It’s laughable at best to see the happiness loving posts she sends while your profile stating ‘online today’ shows up on my contact list on dating sites.

Me, I have great confidence in my own savoir faire. Oui, il n’est pas mon genre!













Taste of Online Dating

O-range you a cutie
First pic caught my eye
Forgetfulness crop date
Automatic 'good-bye'
Be yourself task
All decent gal ask
Record pertinent information
Research absolute second vocation
Guidelines choose follow why
Member profile contents outright lies
Access gym daily laughable pic admire
Carrying around spare tire need update attire
Phase two phone conversation - listen heard
Ton red flags amidst herd
Say what you mean, mean what you say
Face-to-face meet no misrepresentations explain away
Window shopping online lonely man's favorite pastime
Discovery total waste intellectual's precious time
Search partner share simple joys last chapter life
Limited potentials combo continuance strife
Self-talk hopeful maybe gonna truly love again
Life's lesson - players game possible learn
Overall process bittersweet
Lacks success story less honesty match lucky meet. 


Interpretation of Tweet

Pen and notebook in hand
Took notes at 2:43 a.m.
Segmented sleep pattern no discretion 
Occurrence often nightly succession
Tick-tock repetitive sounds emit via clock
This morn suffering case writer's block
Utilization time for laptop
Today's blog post topic need to shop
Yesterday's read tweet
Message far from sweet
Imperative think and talk
Throw in dash sugar detox
Traits you love brings love to you
That which you hate you attract
Profound words - psychological impact
Interpreted tweet perfect sense
Powerful thoughts given prime time
Realization plenty fish in sea thus possible find
Addition memories those previously caught
Minus ones thrown back by thee
Hopeless romantic's possible another chance
Timing tweet read quite happenstance.

Relationships in Cyberspace

Each day I see different articles with regard to pros and cons of online dating.

This morning’s read was accompanied by a nice slideshow which I chose to take the time to view.

The majority of the information I was already aware of via personal experience with dating sites.

Over a period of months I’d read various dating guidelines and similar to the ebb and flow of the tide potentials entered my life and left.

I remember how TV commercials and media advertisements held such promise.

A passing thought: I wonder if these sites post current statistics of the percentage of members versus actual match success stories.

Overall, I far from consider this to be one of the more positive experiences during my lifetime.

Rather I liken it more to a waste of precious valuable time. It’s far from easy to secure a date on an intellectual level.

Today’s dating game is one with rules for certain and best you educate yourself on how to deal with players and weirdos.

Men shared their not-so-pleasant stories about experiences with women thus feelings of disappointment are mutual on both sides of the spectrum, both male and female.

Personally, I grew tired of the constant flirts from the same men and their one line messages.

Was I searching for perfection? Not at all.

Where is my prince charming? Obviously he doesn’t exist in cyberspace.

For now I shall opt out and search for another venue in hope of finding a sane, honest and fun-loving man who appreciates the values of a good woman.

Miscommunication Freeze

A text versus an actual phone call resulted in heartbreak. My reply with various not-so-nice words a man would rather not hear either hurt you or freed you up to not face the task of collateral damage yourself.  We’re over!

Ours was a rollercoaster romance – even I ran hot and cold on you. There were valid reasons that most woman would flee from at first site – only your good traits were my focus.

One hundred percent is what I offered up only to be shut out when those desperate incoming phone calls for cash blew up your cell phone accompanied by numerous frantic e-messages on social network.

You chose to punish me, the gal who was there for you in areas your own family members failed you. You didn’t want to have a conversation. You didn’t want to share. Instead you’d rather sit home, become unkempt and smoke weed.

I was supposed to be understanding always. Honestly I’ll never know the mechanisms of thinking of the male mind.

You never really tore me down via altercation rather you let my heart drop to the floor. Yes, I was one pissed off woman with good reason. Lack of communication.

A few days pass and you decide you want to be just friends – OUCH!  No re-dos? I didn’t think one could cross back over the line from lover to friends especially when a breakup is fresh and I still have feelings for you.

Okay, I thought I’d give it a try in hopes you’d have a change of heart. Hmmm…one hopeless romantic. I erred.

Two weeks pass and realization is tis pointless to waste another iota of my precious time on you. The severance of ties completely is what I need to heal.

In honesty if you had cared you’d have made an effort to fix us. It’s evident now my gut feeling all along was right on – you are a player who taught me a good lesson – one not to be repeated in the future.

Next time, I’ll pay much closer to mixed signals.