My Motto – Always Be Kind

Sunday through Saturday I follow an early morning schedule.

A retiree

Access laptop

Select news articles read

Before to Facebook proceed

Check messages & notifications

Play Fairyland app – 10 plus years

Virtual garden – in memory of creation

Plant flowers, water gardens, spot critters

A bit worldwide fun consider be time relaxation

Recent UK player sent request to play different app

‘Words with Friends’ love to write ‘yes’ challenge accept

Tis fun to view words foreign to me – increase vocabulary

Currently on our 3rd game this morn surprise word ‘ASS’

All caps and bold print what a noun – wish could seen my face

Realization we’ve limited amount of letters to utilize space

Further game proceed difficulty form words lack foresight

Staring at player’s word memory lane tenure personal life

A decent, kind person argumentative confrontations refrain

As Mother of four taught children to others be same

Unfortunate fact world filled good ‘n bad types humans  

Privilege start over knowing what I know now perhaps

Spare myself those innermost uncomfortable feelings

Times people pleaser lack knowledge say ‘NO’ politely

Hours pass – still wonder if word incorporates message

Alas laughable think of self good-woman reference ASS. 








Bonne Anniversaire!!

Blogging Anniversary Day
Second Happy Blog Birthday

Special thanks fellow bloggers
Proud gain group organic followers

Posts write starting line therapy
Changeover recent genre poetic hobbie

Collection intellectual vocabulary words
Massive accumulation perchance absurd

Daily journal notes imperative write
Ideas appear sudden vamoose take flight

Memory recall selective thanks age older
List preparer otherwise sorrowful beholder

Virtual friends miles distance away learn from
Social media occasional via messages correspond

A grateful Mom, Grandma and Great-grandmom
Thankful warm reception Blog community welcome!!

© 2018 June Quintin

Cemented Memories

Sometimes darkness night
PTSD recurs, dreams fright

Ghastly ghosts ferment
Stories, turmoil, torment

Night pattern familiar
Sights bizarre, peculiar

E'erlast prediction doom
Switchover kick-ass gloom

Insomniac heartless witch
Costume designer lover stitch

Mood capable reverse
Positivity skills rehearse

Mornin' meet attendee
Necessity anxiety free

Breathing techniques
Calmness overcome thee

Underneath covers cower
Await daylight, pleasant tomorrow.

© 2018 June Quintin
Time blown in the zap zone


Blazing Cauldron

Group women evil
Masquerade witches

Cackling voices
Reference bitches

Dark secrets share
Eerie tales stir pot

Campfire ablaze
Revenge others plot

Brimstone boil over
Recipe turn fluke

Bad decision unanimous
Addition ingredient glueck 

Unprepared hot brew
Magical concoction react

Blasphemous gathering silence
Shutdown loose lips problematic.

© 2018 June Quintin
brimstone brew

Mishmash Emotional Clutter

Yesterday's ice cream social
Women unafraid topics vocal

Single status times hectic
Blogging proven therapeutic

Overcrowded emotional lacks space
Blankness facial appearance trace

Numbness other people's problems
Awareness incapable solve any demme

Strong versatile woman torn apart
Amazement allotment suffer broken heart

Recent question male stranger posed be
Ever thought search romance age seventy

Unheard words decades years previous
Familiar empath's world thanks deviousness

Eclectics usage creepie-peepies stratagem
Screw-up ne'er encounter partners genuine

Changed forever via situational history
Please: Say what you mean - mean what you say!

© 2018 June Quintin

Outspoken Road Less Travelled

Minute percent population world
Share 'n speak opinions negative 
Disbelievers nonsensical refrain object
Current trends thoughts legalize Cannabis
Daily conversations overheard 
Disbelieve how few take a stand
Non-smoker's plight now become bit scary
Health issues occurrence possible concern
Solution be debate both sides
Pros also cons taken into consideration
Fairness world express population reside.

2018 June Quintin

Poetic Whimsy

Constipation lack ease poop struck
Plumbing apparent somehow backed up

Yesterday's chocolates 'n cheese
Fail think request additional please

H2o stratagem unite loathsome push release 
Discomfort tolerance adios final emoji poop escapees.

© 2018 June Quintin


Genuine gal possess good sense humor relate
Survival weekend date baby-boomer overweight

Age-appropriate accurate height patiently wait
Meet face-to-face gym attendee hopeful not late

Arrival gross misrepresentation approach mistake
Question degree nearsightedness quickly separate

Head for hills no desire drinks nor dinner partake
Times tough women aggravate versus women tolerate.

© 2018 June Quintin