Counting Dots – Connecting Dots

Approximately a week ago I counted the dots beneath my computer’s homepage


A perfectionist a recount proved ‘thirty-three’ exact correct choices from which to pick. 

Many of those pages had ‘three’ different selections – point and click.

A high percentage of articles found were ’bout pros ‘n cons –  facts ‘n opinions – 

enough reads each morn to turn a healthy person into state of emotionally sick.

A wise decision many made was to limit time on social media and use their creativity

to participate in fun ideas far from the world’s picture bleak.

One day post-pandemic perhaps the ‘real’ truth will prevail and intelligent humans

blessed with common sense will then connect the dots and color the images

within them. 

Stay safe! Keep faith!





Sunflower – Sun + Flower

The Sunflower has a longer lifespan.

Therefore flower witnesses more phases of life and gains wisdom.

Its’ willingness to stick it out during times of difficulty symbolizes longevity.

Vibrant colors yellow and orange emit energy – to sun it directly correlates.

Starting today decision made meandering blogs posts – find own pathway.

For months participated in prompts, always nice to others left pleasant comments.

Recent days I’ve become a bit irked with lack of host’s reply since long time participant.

If offended  better to  acknowledge rather than distance self, ignore ‘n create dismay.

Turning cheek – not looking back – zigzagging path – surround self

sunny environment.

weeds or flowers - choice