The One-Piece Jumpsuit

Fashion trend late 60s early 70s
Stylish female attire worn a plenty

Hilarious friend's morning cartoon post
Shortly thereafter memory lane mind host

Long sleeves full length one-piece florals
Step into easy wear absolute fashion adorable

Saturday nights clubbing friends 'n self follow
Frankie Valli's pop tunes 3 sets popular band echo

Slight problem several drinks consume
Necessary utilize flooded ladies' room

Calamity challenge soon underway
Keep jumpsuit sleeves 'n pant legs dry pray

Turning back time day's precious memories
Recollection countless fond Saturday night soirees.

© June Quintin 2018

Trial and Error

Today's thought process underway
Time to go - time to stay
Wander 'n stray
Possible self-betray

Morning post quick and fun
Eight (8) buttons - eight (8) sayings
Word suggestive first response comments mine
Type each consecutive computer text line

Show ole gal 2017's new tips 'n tricks
Remember use thimbles prevent 'ouch' blisters

Sew over it 
Bring on seam ripper follow with stitches
Sew what?
Give way today's pattern thought

Hot stuff
Fabric not always require iron buff
You SEW girl!
Mannequin outfit ready take few twirls

The ultimate feminine power tool 
Gift bestowed upon me back in the 60s
Hey sew sista!
Saved hundreds of dollars world Fashionista

Time to wonder if
Post timing be adrift
Profitable 'n fun
Most happiness creativity found sewing outcome.


Motivational Monday - tired of feeling blue
Sat by window thought what different I should do
Prayed to Lord provide a clue
Suddenly pretty bird on windowsill playing peek-a-boo

Fool me once
Fool me twice
Three times consider internet far from nice
Seek solution others 'bout writer-in-funk advice 

Sharpened few pencils
Gathered up new pink'n white dotted covered notebook
Off to historic library myself I took
Hopeful find answers from librarian's outlook

Although believer of 'never' too old
Technology hacks prevention goal take hold
Purchase selection dummie book help thyself
Few pages within useful when book opened up

Profiled 'shy' choose decision questions those admire
Disappointment met with somewhat vague replies
Already knew majority answers prior to info requests
Discovery info desire met extraction offer cash quest

Grown tired of lame internet games
Better ways to spend quality time
Necessary naught gain fame acclaim
Back to reference good old encyclopedias reclaim

Post today's thoughts before 12:00 p.m.lunch
Onboard newest idea grow closer hunch
Remove favorite sewing machine cover
Monday's official production makeover.

Music Quite Theraupetic

Facing the laptop computer screen
Pondering thought 'wanna scream'
Desire today circumvent 
Musing gaze hoodwink daily event 

Too much to learn
Too little time left
Far reached goal
Wonder plain too ole

Time change thought pattern
Chase negative elephant from room
Move over contemplation 
Gal saved Morticia's Halloween broom 

Ideas in writing read
Feelings in conversation heard
Musical lyrics tales spoken
Retiree's leisure belongingness token

Half-hour piano lesson sessions
Pass-by in mere blink of an eye
Significant quantity info learned from professional
Scheduled practice vibrations reply

Reward for hours time spent self-discipline
Move forward viable goal intention
Impossible play piano comparison Ludwig van Beethoven
Good vibes completion country music genre selections.


Heartache Revelation

Chosen suffer unimaginable loss
Grief stages 'five' unofficial boss
Daily remembrances occurrence
Life without loved one face new experience

Timespan grief relief never exact
Doubtful matter-of-fact
Bereft of future ahead
Unchosen darkness path survivors led

Northern Hemisphere modest find Forget-me-nots 
Colorful image light-shaded blue floral bouquet
Five flat shaped petal arrangement five flowers
Life's powerful thought 'forever remember' set 

Enduring life despite absence
Heartache substitute appearance
Significant number humans experience grief
Revel in thought - hopeful duration brief

Parents should never outlive their child
Sadly, overwhelming sorrow happens beguile
Until the last breath of this now older heart
Forever in thought 'daughter' - Forgetting You Not!

Daily Prompt: Prolonged Agony

Unwavering Thoughts

Daily social media start sign in
View 'n delete messages process begin
Breath in - Breath out
Refrain forever practice of self-doubt

Sip morning cup hot black tea
Warmth, happiness overcome thee
Picturesque view life's last chapter be
Avoidance continuance problems surround me

Hidden amidst background smile
Occasional glassy tears deception beguile
Worrisome empty-nest syndrome approach framework
Practice daily meditation, prefer naught go berserk 

Rhyming poetry creation
Newfound pastime recreation
Detour bypass not smokescreen consideration
Rather unassuming diversion pain classification.

Threads and Yarn

New month, day one
Reader scroll dismay
Topic search change venue
Unfinished craft projects lay

Awaiting completion
Afghans 'n quilts 
Winter's creativity glow
Sparks up unfinished wilts

9:00 a.m. self-talk 101
Refrain naught longer threads
Mercerized nor worsted-weight yarn
Progression continuance lies ahead

Temperature outdoors near freezing
Perfect time work and keep warm
Underneath layers of fabric or yarn
Crafter officially answers unfinished projects alarm.

Sweet Orange Halloween

Trick 'r Treat flowers
Pretty orange blooms
Ready for harvest
Produce darkness voidance gloom

Background find
Pairs of spooky eyes
Spider dangles from web
Witches on brooms fly by 

Cats, bats, ghostly critters
Zombies 'n merwitches
Organic birdseed filled platters
Await occasional critter visit

Twenty-two pound pumpkin
Grown within an hour
Halloween fun via Fairyland game app
Wow! Today's awesome technology power.

Halloween Fun

Yardage white fabric
Option old worn sheet
One black highlighter
Halloween magic creep-peep

Trick 'r Treat time draw near
Gruesome ghosts appear
Kids underneath cheap idea
Happy spooky Halloween gear

Large colorful decorated sacks ready
Parents ponder second thought
Preference invite friends to party
Play games, share goodies previous bought

Forever gone childhood fun
Halloween nights walk neighborhood sidewalks
House lights on - door after door knock
Sadness now possible find candy replaced with rock.

Daily Prompt: Prefer

Anxiety lacks face
Avoidance path's trace
Location nowhere
Occurrence anywhere
Gradual evolvement
Simple to complex
Sufferers complaint
Mental duress 
Unknown outcome
Advancement progress
Anxiety superpower 
Dislike taste
Refusal cower
Preference empower
Scenario waive
Alternate route pave
Remembrance plant germinate
Beautiful wild flowers create
Learn methods differentiate
Stress less 
Okay not people please
Less pressure 
Overwhelm constraint foreign
Solace sought within
Preference for happiness begins
Breathe in
Breathe out
Let painting start
Push away anxiety's door!


via Daily Prompt: Prefer