Gals Just Wanna Have Fun

Divorcee journey began 2010
TV advertisement suggestion
Process collection various indiscretions
Read, listen and learn
Accumulation misrepresentations
Bad-ass teen-age boy equivalent
Bat-crap retiree crazy prevalent
Church-goer claimer
Family portrait charmer
Outright liar
Psychological harmer
Two-for-one scammer
Fairness to others dated
Gal treated total respect
Smiles, laughs and intellectual conversation
Wondered ever find Mr. Perfect for me
No longer try
Kiss online dating 'good-bye'
When least expected 
Surprise awaits
Magically all fell into place
Frequently write words thru lyrics
Gals wanna have fun soon finds success
A man with integrity 
No ruthless character
Met all requirements set for self
One wish naught make my life difficult. 

Insomniac Read – “Sugar Detox”

Prior conclusion online date
Newspaper-magazine store debate
Location 15 minutes walking distance
Confession thou knew naught its' existence
Several aisles, topics galore
Reader's dream candy store
Newspaper-magazine confection
Allo! Amidst multitude selections
Tenure life held myriad interests
Eventually frugal gal 2 choices present
Purchases for sheer personal reading pleasure
"Sugar Detox" absolute wealth knowledge treasure
Page after page statistics and facts 
Potpourri beneficial current weight loss journey
Eye-opener world sugar disguise
Halloween treats '365'
Sugar found hidden strange spots
Excess 50 sugar synonyms who'd thought
Read 'sneaky' sugar source list
Servings and grams OMG what a culprit
Mission ahead focus sugarless strategy
Healthy diet, daily walk comprised good recipe
Newfound necessity avoid and resist - try sugarless
Now finally over plateau extremely happy this morn
Finishing blog post heading to record weigh-in.
Thank God!

True Friendships

Today's society lifetime friendships rarity
Flowers in bloom fake friends arrive depart soon
Family created void of birth certificates
Quality over quantity simple concept
Man of integrity crossed mind - no thoughtform past
Communication with outside world great task
Lured north for a simpler life
Friendships comprised of fellow transplants
Thirty years ago diagnosed with MS
Forced face life debilitating disease
Complained naught - circumstance freeze
Chose courage plus amazing positivity
Daily taking advantage of God's life beauty
Few knew his manner of outside world connection
Head controls usage kept in touch via messages
Unknown to me magnitude progression disease 
Opposite fake friends online no emotional treason 
Inbox send fav country artist's newest addition
Man with disability found time brighten my day
His random acts of kindness found me all seasons
Good friends more importance fact
Versus passionate romance if not intact.

Taste of Online Dating

O-range you a cutie
First pic caught my eye
Forgetfulness crop date
Automatic 'good-bye'
Be yourself task
All decent gal ask
Record pertinent information
Research absolute second vocation
Guidelines choose follow why
Member profile contents outright lies
Access gym daily laughable pic admire
Carrying around spare tire need update attire
Phase two phone conversation - listen heard
Ton red flags amidst herd
Say what you mean, mean what you say
Face-to-face meet no misrepresentations explain away
Window shopping online lonely man's favorite pastime
Discovery total waste intellectual's precious time
Search partner share simple joys last chapter life
Limited potentials combo continuance strife
Self-talk hopeful maybe gonna truly love again
Life's lesson - players game possible learn
Overall process bittersweet
Lacks success story less honesty match lucky meet. 


Sideways Silhouette

Sudden glimpse nearin' 4:00 o'clock
Semi-tired busy day baulk
Periodic excuse avoidance daily walk
Time self-awareness talk
Travelling light
Sneakers tied tight
Cell phone, keys plus tad cash
Fannie pack in place time dash
Bottled water in hand 
Rapidly walk soon bike path stand
Look down, look straight ahead 
Observance accompaniment constant lead
Personal image, solid shape shadow
Profile interior featureless narrow
Impossible catch thee
Previous times wish hide thee
Light gray filled-in outline imagery
Shadow walker decision snap for chat
Continuance exercise regimen rat a tat tat.


The Happy Dance

Weighed in downward trend
Program buddie's hands definite lend
Weight loss journey 'yes' difficult
Bathroom scale often absolute insult
Precise leaders' advice 
Certain to self repeat least twice
Weight loss recipe appearance easy
First time trial recipes stomach bit queasy
Months down transformation path program fine
Management left two Butterballs behind
Sudden plateau arrival on scene
Dieting nosedive panic mode unforeseen
Bored, tired battle of bulge distraught
Refusal emotions be naught
Younger age easier accomplish goal
Disallow older factor excuse role
Proper attire off to local gym
Walk in thankful lights dim
Scan room lots remember when
More reason discouragement not win
Ambition, sacrifice creation dieter's paradise
Destination invite ahead weight loss small price
Aspiration 'Countdown Happy Dance' success
Appearance function show smaller size dress.

Floral Minis

Avid gardener apartment's limited space
Enjoyment rose growing dilemma in place
Creative floral picture change size she face
Cultivate miniature roses in containers
Excellent idea brought to light - no brainer
Low maintenance requirements sun
Florist shop excursion fun
Petite beauties offered variety colors
Red, pink, white, orange, blue callers
Tradition Hybrid Teas showiest blooms
Chosen mini color red - significance be love
Move over spikey, give new floral buddie room
Three-tiered plant stand welcomes thee
A true beauty sits in bug-eyed beetle crockery
Adorns stand's top shelf
Today's purchase pleased self.

Gaggle of Ants

Indefinite number, yes
Waited too late snap pic I confess
Daily walk thru town
On occasion look down
Admiring smooth, flat concrete panels
Suddenly aware emotional sidewalk ants in cracks
Near scared beejeebers out of me thus procession
Beware moving forward step over panels in progression
Nostalgic thought to self
Childhood game - remembrance wealth
Never step on a crack
Or you'd break your mother's back
Frenzy ant pic chose to postpone
Lesson ahead far from unknown
Each day two weeks incorporated portion same street
Within daily zigzag walking pattern no ants meet
You're too late it appears - ant groups on vacation
Forgot to leave forwarding address of new location 
Still searching snapped picture Sunday of measly ants
Brought back memories adages heard over years
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
Time waits for no one - what more can I say
Neither did gaggle of frenzied ants who went astray.

Interpretation of Tweet

Pen and notebook in hand
Took notes at 2:43 a.m.
Segmented sleep pattern no discretion 
Occurrence often nightly succession
Tick-tock repetitive sounds emit via clock
This morn suffering case writer's block
Utilization time for laptop
Today's blog post topic need to shop
Yesterday's read tweet
Message far from sweet
Imperative think and talk
Throw in dash sugar detox
Traits you love brings love to you
That which you hate you attract
Profound words - psychological impact
Interpreted tweet perfect sense
Powerful thoughts given prime time
Realization plenty fish in sea thus possible find
Addition memories those previously caught
Minus ones thrown back by thee
Hopeless romantic's possible another chance
Timing tweet read quite happenstance.

Future Freezer Queen

Empty nest syndrome
Creation single status
Cooking for one new task
Today's menu daily prep ask
Challenges face household one
Grocery checklist selection done
Supermarket aisles pace
Slowly since no race
Bargains seek and find
Possibility enjoy shopping time
Plan ahead healthy meals
Maximize, nutrition deals
Education, attitude combo difference
Forge ahead uttermost perseverance
Free offered cooking classes
Signed up in advance
Learning 'cooking for one' alas
Halved recipes shared
Freeze leftovers snared
Urge container creativity
Multi-color, various sizes selectivity
Time scan bookstore aisles new cookbook
If lucky perhaps find great selection in nook
Gather recipes, ideas and tips
Educate self ask questions lips
Possible make cooking experience fun
Preparation recipes for one
Fringe benefit end busy day
Necessary not takeout food pay.