Observation: Good Faith Versus Deception

Alas no degree

Blogger’s fun
Write posts pen poems

Preference all time
Quality o’er quantity

Pondering reason
Certain folk fan count excess

Assets minus liabilities
Formula owner’s equity

Blogger’s ratio question
Move forward calculations

Post receives 30 likes

Aware certain social media apps
A fee able follower count increase

Google search reveal manner

Deceptions adding paid-for numbers

All wish be numero uno
Followed liked ‘n well known

Best practice earn those followers
Sad learn exist patterns elusive near

Practice to deceive only individual hurt is self.

Biography Poem

A biography poem tells the reader about someone.
Following the format, I’ll introduce myself (a good practice exercise) for
a blogger’s ‘About Me’ section.

  1. The first line is your first name.
  2. Write some words describing yourself.
  3. A minimum of three words about how you usually feel.
  4. In the fourth line mention some activities you enjoy.
  5. Talk about something you don’t particularly like to do.
  6. Name one or more family members.
  7. Line seven share what frightens you.
  8. Curious for answer(s) to something you have a question ’bout.
  9. Talk about one of your favorite colors.
  10. Describe how you think others see you.
  1. June
  2. Calm exterior, sweet personality, shy
  3. Confused, overwhelmed, tired
  4. Writing, reading, crocheting
  5. Shopping in crowded stores
  6. My surprise package, Heather and miracle son, Michael
  7. Spiders, nightmares, strange noises
  8. Why do we study courses in school and college we’ll never use in daily life?
  9. Orchid is my favorite color ~ favor pastels over bright hues.
  10. A kind woman who rarely complains ’bout the circumstances she’s faced in

The biography poem was a fun, creative post and I’m certain one I’ll refer back to
when revamping my blog in the near future.

A secret:  
Was your guess correct?

“I’m studying all forms of Poetry.”