Six Sentence Stories

Prompt: energy

Recent times the daily to-do list created by me then placed early morn on the kitchen
table lacks lines crossed out for completed tasks.
Although I begin the day with good intentions sidetracking often interferes with plans
when out of nowhere the silent time robber makes an appearance.
Problematic technology has made it near impossible to exist in this world unless one
cooperates via updates and upgrades to their equipment.
As the world turns the population tis projected to reach eight billion (8 billion) this
year, 2022.
Imagine the changes both positive and negative which will occur moving forward
in the future.
Frustrated I took a drive to the coffee shop, purchased a medium-sized coffee hopeful
time away from the computer screen and a hot brew would help replenish my waning
energy only when I arrived back home, I accidentally hit the styrofoam cup and the
car’s driver’s seat drank most of my caffeine. 😥😥

Six Sentence Story ~ 223

prompt:  path

It’s a new morn, another scorcher, summer 2022’s forever heatwave.
I stack my daily supply of 8-ounce bottles of water to consume
throughout the day on the kitchen table which shows dire need of
sanding, stain and sealant.
Uninterested in normal staging for a photo I snapped the camera
and the picture reveals bottled H2o atop a bare table void of usual
placemats or tablecloth to hide one more project on my bucket list.

Time to write a post I set my cell phone down to the left of me on the
computer desk.
I assume I hit somewhere on the phone by accident because my photos
without warning continually swiped from left to right then stopped on
one containing a reminder message for me, a task I dread which needs
to be done with correct selective words.

I admit this morning’s experience freaked me out, yet it also instilled
the memorandum of a most sad imperative undertaking  still ahead
for me to succeed on the path from title, ‘IWannaBe’ to actual
attaining the goal I’ve set for myself.

Six Sentence Stories

Prompt: bookmark
A new book, a new bookmark.

7:00 a.m. – a new week ~ good intentions.
The weekend, amid current record heatwave I faced a few frustrations.
Black carpenter ants taking a leisurely stroll across my carpet became
a valid reason to leave the comforts of my air-conditioned apartment
and drive with windows down (car A/C broken) to purchase ant baits
at the local hardware store.
Home again and time to relax I accessed my cell phone and typed
my first WP reply which flew into outer space with an accidental tap
somewhere on the cell phone, bummer message erased.
This morn ‘chuckle, chuckle’ I finished the task on the laptop moved
on to submit a chosen prompt ‘bookmark‘ and surprise was when
I double checked and found I needed to write ‘five’ more sentences.

Six Sentence Stories ~ June 9th

prompt word: key

Tackling a challenge as if back in high school, in the early morning hours while
the majority of folks are fast asleep I accessed my cell phone and asked Google
a question.

I wanted to know which of the 104 keys on a laptop keyboard is used the least
in today’s world of technology.

Fifteen to twenty minutes later, after scanning numerous articles, I actually
found the answer, ‘the scroll lock key’, one I can’t recall usage thereof on any

Closely following in routine typing are keys ‘pause break’, tilde/squiggly (~),
cap lock, menu, insert and function keys (F12 – F2 – F3 – F6 – F7 and F9) listed
in downward ranking of popularity. 

When I came across an article titled ‘3 Secret Keyboard Keys Every Computer
User Should Know’ my cell phone battery now drained and icon showing red
forced me to call it quits.

I don’t know if I’m just a curious soul who continually likes to learn, a fan of the
game show ‘Jeopardy’ or the man upstairs wants me to continue down the path
where the key to success is determination.

Six Sentence Stories

prompt:  board

In 2017, I designed a weight loss visionary board.
In hopes to keep myself on track I chose simplicity.
The cost of supplies was minimal, a cork board with
lots of magazine cutouts and a few supplies from the
dollar store, a board which could be maintained with
little fuss.
I considered it a daily reminder ‘one I needed’ to stay on track.
Although I lost weight over time, I never reached my final goal.
I’m thankful I took a picture which was stored in my photos as
it will be beneficial to me for the revision of the board (some
similarities and some brand-new ideas).

Six Sentence Stories #204

This week’s prompt: harmony

Tis said ‘a sincere – heartfelt’ apology will make
bad family vibes disappear.
Ever wonder percentage humans agree with
person ‘can do no wrong’ analogy.
Ponder victim’s long-range emotional mindset.
Albeit the inference scores 100 percent different.
Whenever human values lines crossed tis best
to do what you feel is best for you.
Refrain from persistent scrolling on social media
and swear off comparison (both major sources of
energy dissipation
) instead sincerely attempt
reintroduce harmonic state, evoke good memories.

Six Sentence Stories

Prompt: rambunctious


Weary from constant winter storms this morn I decided to embark on a 

picturesque virtual vacation.

To intake views of two French speaking countries, immerse within them

enjoying both culture and spoken language, is to fancy a pipe dream.

An hour past noon and I think perhaps I’m experiencing imaginary jet 


Curious to know if such a condition exists, I journeyed over to pay 

Google search engine a short visit.

The results of typing in the following question, “Can a person suffer jet

lag following a virtual vacation?” left me with discovery of ‘social jet lag’,

teenage behavior where a teen stays up way past bedtime and attempts

to recoup lost hours of sleep thru napping the next day.

As I read twice over the list of symptoms, in addition to lack of sleep. the

realization set in AGAIN, opposite of the once rambunctious woman, is 

the gal who suffers from chronic depression.







Six Sentence Stories

prompt word: redemption

Near closing time an unkempt older man entered the local can

redemption center store carrying twenty-count super strength

multi-purpose garbage bags chock full of discarded semi-dirty

soda bottles, beer cans and plenty of germs.

Immediately upon spotting the semi-drunk character, the

clerk’s facial smile turned upside down, a new look, a frown

and toute de suite he played quite the disappearing act via

removing himself in record time from the front counter to the

storage room out back in hopes the man would become a

bit befuddled, imagine he’d seen a ghost and run for the hills.

Unfortunate for the clerk, who’d cashed out the drawer early,

his plan backfired when the man started screaming obscenities.

The redemption center walls shook from the sound waves, as

emissions from the unkempt man’s mouth bounced off every

inch of the building’s concrete walls.

Who’d have thought a human’s vocal tone could roar like a lion

or high-powered engine.

It was time for the clerk to place a fake smile on his face, return

to the counter and deal with the situation since the realization

set in the man wasn’t about to leave the premises without a ward

of cash.