SoCS-June 3rd

Today’s prompt:  ‘left alone’

Sadly, humans label other humans without knowledge of truth,
a.k.a. facts.

A person who enjoys time spent alone is not necessarily a hermit.

Tis said excess solitude is unhealthy for a person; however, in my
opinion being left alone can be quite beneficial.

It allows me time for creativity – to engage in enjoyable activities.

Think of today’s world and noise pollution which begins when we

Public places once thought to be perfect spots for solitude no longer

To choose to disconnect from social media or society in general on
occasion to me is more about self-awareness and preservation of
mental health.

There are times when I wish to be left alone – free from notifications,
incoming phone calls, texts from unknowns, drama betwixt jealous
individuals and news filled with so much negativity.

In recent months I’ve asked myself the question, “What do I wish to do
when left alone?”

The answer:  “Treat myself – indulge in one of several fav inexpensive

SoCS-May 13th

weekly prompt ‘usage of word with over in it’

Do I understand the assignment? Yes!!

Okay, let’s begin . . . internet research.

There’s 2,368 words available that begin with ‘over‘.

In descending order these words range from 15 letters down to 4 letters ‘over’.

In comparison only 141 words end with ‘over‘.

Their range starts with 12 letter words down to 4 letter word ‘over‘.

In my web search I also found words that contain ‘over‘ and words with the
prefix ‘over‘.

Are you confused yet? I am!!  I’m having a problem with the word selection


D ivulge particulars
I nfo communicable
S pread knowledge
C onversant definite
O verall conclusions
V ersed outstanding
E ssential statistics
R esult ‘whip-smart’

I think perhaps I should have stuck with first thought ‘over‘ the hill and through the
woods to grandmother’s house I go for this exercise-challenge.

Too late!!

Pathway to an Answer: SoCS May 6th

Today’s prompt:   ‘a song from your childhood’

Whenever I need an answer to a question, I find it easier to plug in
keywords to a search engine rather than rack my brain. 

Childhood didn’t exactly hold fond memories for me thus I appear to 
have blocked out many aspects.

I chose age 10 only couldn’t remember the songs back in year 1957.

This led me on a search:

I placed ‘popular songs in 1957’ into the Google search engine.
The first result that appeared showed a list totaling 23 tunes.
As I read the titles, I remembered the words with the exception of 
the 23rd ‘Short Fat Fannie’.

My interest now had been peaked and I wanted more information.
Last evening, I was on a mission, a touch of blacked-out memories
with the help of keywords.

1. The Everly Brothers had two hits ‘Bye Bye Love’ and ‘Wake Up
Little Susie’ back in 1957.
I had no idea these songs were classified in the country-western

2.  The best-selling album released in 1957 was Elvis Presley’s ‘The
Christmas Album’.

3.  Melancholy with regard to a most special holiday observed yearly.
I had no desire to revisit those days of the sad little girl who’d thought
she’d been naughty since Santa never visited; there were no presents to
tear open.

Off to see if I can bring up ‘Short Fat Fannie’ on YouTube and twas 

I listened to the song which to me had a nice beat. It appeared to have
incorporated other tunes within it. 






SoCS-April 22nd

Today’s prompt:  ‘scene’

garden backyard

flowers beautiful
bride no-show

everyone waits
scene deuxieme

couple’s afterglow
eventuate ceremonious

wind shifts
happenstance questionable

attendees’ umbrellas
wide-open protection

April 22nd
spring showers
day celebration

SoCS-April 15th

Today’s prompt: usage of a word that starts with ‘mono’ in your post

Monogram initials on clothes traditionally had a specific order.
From left to right initials embroidered were first name (smaller)
followed by the last name (larger) and ending with the middle
initial (smaller).
In earlier years of sewing to hand-embroider such a design required
a bit of time.
The bright white initials on the pocket of the incredibly soft royal blue
plush velour robe identified the intended recipient.
I remember quite well whom I sewed this gift for and how handsome
the curly tow blonde hair lad looked modelling his new bathrobe.
Fast forward to current times and computerized monogram machines
a process which once took hours can now be completed in a matter of
Minutes scrolling through pics on a newly subscribed to app for media
insertion on this post quickly became monotonous since so much has
changed in the Sewing World.


SoCS – April 1st

today’s prompt:  ‘antic’ plus bonus points usage it within another word

April first showers
weather representative 
fourth month wee droplets 

partial March antic
reviews await written words
finished whirlwind reads 

amidst hiatus
Blogosphere daily writes miss 
absence heart fonder

potpourri semantics thrill
expectations zest