SoCS: September 3rd

This week’s prompt: ‘why’

one-word question, ‘why
acknowledgements fantastic
wisdom awareness

From youthful high school days, I remember the words one English teacher
shared with her class, basic knowledge on writing favorable outstanding essays.

Ironically, these same words appeared in an extremely helpful app I utilize
for writing assistance when I tapped on the similar words portion and typed
in the word ‘why‘.

Imagine my surprise to read the following quote: “A good article will cover the
who, the what, the when, the where, the ‘why‘ and the how.”

Before I close a little ‘down memory lane’ humor . . .


consistent question
determined children ask ‘why’
game or knowledge search
interesting fun ’til Mom’s
because I said so, that’s why


SoCS ~ July 30th

This week’s prompt words: wash/awash

Once her daily quota, three machine loads of wash,
were hung on the clothesline to dry it was time to pack
a lunch and head to the beach area of her summer residence.

From the comforts of her lounge chair the young mother
peering thru her expensive sunglasses for several hours
kept a watchful eye on her three children playing close
to the awash.

SoCS ~ July 23rd

This week’s prompt:
‘first 2-5 words at the top of the page of reading material nearby’

Sitting at my computer desk, I looked to my left and atop of
Friday’s literary heap, temporary clutter, stared back at me one
of several journals I’ve purchased in recent months.

The first 5 words read, “always remember YOU are BRAVER than”.

I prefer lined journals and find them to be quite beneficial to me,
a notetaker of important info for possible usage at a later date.

At the same time, I took note of how each journal I’d purchased
was based on an inspirational title.

SoCS ~ July 16th

prompt ‘bagged’

temperature eighty plus degrees
air pollution, thanks high humidity

interior automobile quite hot
a/c broken five years function not

maintenance repair too expensive
windows roll down only alternative

necessity purchase groceries supersede
warning remain indoors failure heed

supermarket, unfortunate pain in derriere
numerous lightings turned off store interior

workers restocking shelves aisles block
self-checkout registers, clerk’s small talk

groceries all bagged’ placed back in cart
exit door, discover one item scan thee forgot

ponder what to do ’bout consider honest error
decide store’s loss, shopper’s gain think no further

SoCS ~ July 9th

Prompt: ‘make a note’

Before breakfast each morn without fail (disciplined myself) I
staple several sheets of computer paper together.
At the top I place the date and day of week kind of like a reminder
headline followed by thankfully a short list of required prescription
meds to be taken.
I write the required number of times each med is to be taken then
leave ample space to record the actual hour and minute of

Next, I draw a semi-straight line to separate this section from the
list of imperative to-dos and hopeful to-dos.
This ‘make a note’ manner works well for me.
All chores, errands, etc. for the day are crossed out upon
Day complete – time to place my 8.5″ x 11″ paperwork in the trash.



SoCS ~ June 25th

Today’s prompt:  produce – product

Changing directions is often the anecdote for one’s disturbing issues.

In order to succeed in any creative genre, one has to produce quality


Investing time in restructuring (weighing options, strengths, weaknesses

and strategies) could result in a much better finished product.

* Remain hopeful. *

SoCS ~ June 18th

prompt words:  cent – sent – scent

Journal book read year1865
Journey cross plains quite the ride

Century plus Sarah’s diary written
Mundane diet gooseberries find welcome addition

Sweet green scented fruit variants red, yellow white
Preparations jams, desserts beautiful mealtime sight

Available health food stores and supermarkets close by yours truly
Price listed $3.99 (three dollars ninety cents) an invite consent newbie

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