Sunday Poser #111

Q. When you reblog/share ~ do you ask permission or inform?
A. During my tenure on Blogosphere, I don’t recall ever doing either. 
If I did, I think I’d ask or inform though ~ take the initiative to practice 
‘Common Courtesy’.
Thoughts and feelings on this:
In today’s world of ‘screenshots’ and ‘screen recording’ one has no idea
what another’s intentions are with regard to a blogger’s content.
Technology allows folk worldwide to interact and personally I refrain from
airing dirty laundry facts since once published it remains on the internet
A few years ago, I remember finding a replica site chock full of numerous
bloggers’ content.
Scrolling the page inclusive was each blogger’s avatar and I for one never
gave anyone permission to transfer my posts. 
An eyeopener and surprise welcome to world of plagiarism.

Sunday Poser #104

Today’s question posed is: ‘How Often Do You Re-Share Posts?’

Re-sharing a post I previously wrote never appealed to me in the past.

Once when prompted to share one from a specific date I chose not to

participate. The reason for my decision was either I hadn’t written a

post on that particular date or I couldn’t figure out how to share the read.

Re-thinking the whole process now explained with a mere few steps this idea

could be quite beneficial.

To revisit some oldies and make grammatical corrections actually seems like fun.

For certain I’d laugh at my mistakes, compare the style of writing then and now

plus realize the amount of improvement which took place during my tenure thus

far on Blogosphere.

Random thoughts – pencil in a date then see what happens to same post using the

block editor, a goal for me in the near future.

A new journey to travel from one type of editor to another – wonder how this path

will appeal to me.

First, it’s imperative I learn the newer editor especially after reading a few posts

about the success some bloggers have experienced once they learned how to maneuver

the changeover.

It’s time to conquer fear of the unknown rather than dismiss those technology updates.

Think Positive!  You can do it!  Pray!

Sunday Poser #89

Question posed this week:

“What makes you want to comment on a post?

Answers in no particular order:
1. If I enjoy the content of the blogger’s post, I’ll leave a short positive

2. During my tenure in Blogosphere I’ve met some truly nice individuals.
A few have become great virtual friends and I look forward to their posts
and shared comments.

3. I enjoy reading blog posts on topics of interest to me and on occasion
took time to read rather lengthy ones and thankful for newly acquired

If a blogger interjects too many ‘big words’ which require me to access
my dictionary continually to comprehend the basics of the storyline then
(sorry, adios – my time is precious to me).

Over a period of months if I leave nice comments and never receive even
a ‘Thank you’ eventually I choose to bypass the blogger’s posts.
Either said individual lacks knowledge of blogging etiquette or worse case
scenario is the typical narcissist who desires lots of praise and offers no
feedback in return.

When time allots, I now delete bloggers from my follow list who meet
the aforementioned descriptions contained within my last two paragraphs.


Sunday Poser #69

Topic:  ‘hoarding
Do you hoard or collect things so that you don’t run out of them?
And if you do and later on find that you don’t need them after all,
what do you do with them?

Until recent times I’d have to answer ‘no‘ since I don’t consider
stocking up on everyday items, especially due to harsh winters,
a problem known in today’s world as ‘hoarding‘.

The chest freezer was full; the panty had a sufficient food supply
and in some cabinets could be found some ‘just in case’ items.
I don’t recollect excess storage of any one item other than fabric
or yarn purchased on sale.
Organization was great – all items had a set place with room for
limited expansion.

Fast forward ~ comparison:
During the last decade, divorced and suffering from severe anxiety
combined with chronic depression thanks to nasty circumstances,
I started not to care about my surroundings.

A new attitude:
‘I’ll get around to it tomorrow’ turned my life upside down again.
True ’twas impossible to stuff one’s belongings from an actual
3BR house into a one-bedroom apartment’. Reality is there wasn’t
enough room and thus started the problem.

My child tried to convince me that what I was surrounded by was
considered clean clutter.

Mind you years prior I’d donated items to two local senior centers,
sold clothing at a consignment store, given away perfectly good
stuff to acquaintances and sold items on my eBay store.

As I have no individual who desires any of my hand-me downs,
I opted to hire a cleaning professional. As luck would have it the
Pandemic reared its ugly head and thus a postponement of much
needed assistance.

One day a wakeup call and no choice other than take a risk with
masks worn.
With kitchen, living room and bathroom near complete along
came variant Omicron – another delay.

It’s a daily battle to abstain from idea ‘leave it for tomorrow’.

I’ll be thankful when this process is finalized and believe me I have
no desire to return to the scenario I allowed the creation thereof.
I hadn’t reached the 1st level when I realized I had no choice than
ask for help. Me, myself and I couldn’t handle the work.

The saddest lesson I’ve learned in life is ‘never expect anything
from anyone’ in spite of how good you treated them thru the

For those of you who have no idea, there are 5 levels of hoarding
and the internet has a wealth of information to educate oneself
with regard to this topic.

Sunday Poser #67

This week’s question:

“What are your thoughts about Valentine’s Day?”

2022 – year decision refrain selection and purchase overpriced
greetings cards

2022 – year alone no ‘special someone’ with whom to celebrate

this special occasion

2022 – year I take pleasure in wonderful memories with hope
for better days ahead

Valentine’s Day Cards:

When I was a kid, elementary school years, students exchanged
cute Valentine cards. Our teacher encouraged us not to omit
any classmate (give 25 = receive 25).

I think that was ‘fair’.

In teen years we became selective whom we wished to surprise

and practiced drop off at our special friends’ lockers.

I shall refrain from feigning marital bliss ~ no longer do I wish to

discuss ‘anything’ ’bout when I carried the title, ‘Mrs.’

December’s self-care journey opened my eyes real wide to the

world of the people-pleaser who in the end was screwed over.

Today we live in a world of ‘entitlement’, one so foreign to me.

Two years of Covid-related issues has taken its toll.

Beautiful cards are way too expensive.

There’s more concern ’bout the cash denomination held

within and little regard for the chosen sentimental words.

Thus, for the first time since childhood days I made no

Valentine’s Day purchases.

I wonder if that makes me a ‘Negative Nancy’ or a woman

who deals in the ‘World of Reality’?

Sunday Poser #65

Today’s prompt deals with the topic of advertisements.

Announcements ~ usually via appearance entice people

to make purchases.

With age comes wisdom and I’ve learned tis best to

conduct research of certain items prior to purchase.

Don’t be shy ~ ask questions.

There’s no harm ~ remember adage, ‘never judge a book by its

cover’ as products which appear to be great deals often result in

major disappointments.

A frugal gal, I stick to my old favorites.

Whenever there’s need for a brand-new item I ask others

for their opinions and look to Google for pros and cons,

the process of comparison shopping.

TV ~ I cancelled it three months ago due to high price and

lack of quality show selections.

Believe me this decision was made 100 percent tougher when

dealing with the customer service representatives as it appears

they are trained to sell upgrades and frown on downgrades.

As for social media I may view an advertisement; however, I know

it’s wiser to make my own personal decision based on actual need

rather than be coerced especially to people-please another person.

Sunday Poser #25

Today’s question: Are you easily embarrassed and what embarrasses you?

Throughout my youth the answer to the first portion of the posed question

was a definite ‘yes’.

As a child of an alcoholic father and a mother who suffered from the

undiagnosed mental disorder ‘agoraphobia’ I always felt like I wasn’t

good enough especially throughout my high school years.

Although an honor roll student, some friends’ parents frowned on

their child hanging out with me.

Interesting how adults can be so cruel to children.

Here I was a victim of society, wearing hand-me down clothes and

sadly placed in an unwanted category due to circumstances I didn’t

create, circumstances totally beyond any teenager’s control.

To the snobbish parents it didn’t matter that I was an honor-roll student

because after all their daughter was the head cheerleader.

Life isn’t always fair for certain – a lesson I learned early-on.

I vowed ‘never’ to repeat that pattern with my own family and I kept

that promise.

My youngest daughter was a member of the cheering squad at

the vocational high school she attended and head cheerleader

during her senior year.

All her friends, even some of different color, were welcome in my


I never wanted any child to feel the wrath of embarrassment

bestowed upon me during my youth.

Clothes don’t make a person and today I dress according to how

I feel.

If I should decide to head out to the supermarket wearing my

jogging pants and a sweatshirt with no makeup and run into an

old acquaintance I don’t feel an iota of embarrassment.

To me a person’s clothing is not of the utmost importance anyway.