The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 589

prompt words:  lockdown, watch, danger, hunt, challenge, glass,
flesh, gathering, disrupt, murder, craft, 

Eddie, no stranger to danger, drove hours to participate
in his state’s deer hunt challenge. 

Thankful lockdown now was behind him and eager to fine tune 
his craft once the initial gathering of fellow hunters came to a
close he quickly swooped up his gear and headed towards an
observation post, a watch tower.
It was prime time for deer to wander the forest.
This day the sudden loud noise from a chainsaw would disrupt
the deer and lessen his chances of taking home a buck.

Tired from the long drive quite disappointed he shut his eyes
and soon sleep overcame him. 
Hours later the other two members of his group returned
to awaken him.
They had been successful and for a brief period shared
their stories.
Eddie soon had to face the fact he fell into the class of
inexperienced hunters. There would be no cut Venison in
his chest freezer this year. 
Some folks consider killing a deer (even for food sustenance) 
Perhaps the preservation of wildlife was the chainsawer’s

intention, to allow the deer more time to fatten their flesh. 
Once home Eddie wasted no time downing a tall glass of 
cold beer.

Sunday Whirl Wordle No: 581

Today’s words:  walls, world, numb, touch, spilt, longing, own, burning, flame, gap, light, ashes

welcome to my world
prison sheetrock walls
skunk aroma penetrates
burning candle masks
cannabis smoke ups
soon flame turns to ashes
time another wax light
betwixt residences
own and rent increases
longing for turned numb
fragments touch life

The Sunday Whirl No: 539

Overnight freezing rain fell
Cat litter dumpster toss smells

Best shot purchase H2o body warm dress
Short walk local store road conditions mess 

With hesitation proceed walk middle iced peaks
Mounds melting snow similar water main leak

Brief reprieve from off ‘n on overhead vibrating
True facts tenant weekends heard to floor nailing

Unknown device cut chances e’er peaceful night’s sleep
Brushed hair walking zombie self-think methods count sheep





Sunday Wordle #538

Today’s words:

books – honey – leaving – hunger – broken
sign – silk – black – wind – dust – family – truck

The family‘s pick-up truck
loaded with cases of books,
the result of wife’s hunger to learn
left the husband’s view blackened
when a severe dust bowl struck.
Winds encircled and now the
classification of a broken-down
vehicle leaving all family members
in panic mode was sure sign time
to use that silk scarf to flag for assistance.

Honey, this is one memorable Sunday drive!

The Sunday Whirl Wordle No: 508

today’s words: border, card, child, effervescent, ferocious, finery, fire, form, poor, rising, sky, surprise

A child‘s fore’er remembrance
Ferocious fire early morn rising

Effervescent next-door neighbor
Continual sampling finery of wines

Poor judgment fed stove excessive cardboard
Failure shut door rooms quick flames engulfed

Fortunate strength cross threshold border warn
Sleeping occupants all floors prior to collapse

Flames ‘n smoke fanned sky no surprise
Form place in memory storage bank – flashbacks.