Wordle No: 605

Today’s words:  drawers-demons-glimmer-singe-cerulean-reside-trickle

Sunset was nigh.
Finally, the beautiful gal emerged from the shallows of the cerulean lake.
Instantly she began screaming with discovery of a singed portion of her
massive, powdered costume wig.
For fear of blame the partner belched out a tune, “Blame it on the demons
of Netherland.”
Minutes later now beside himself with worry he reiterated the same ditty.
Wig in hand he pointed to another section of the aforementioned headpiece.
Look there’s a bare area from the trickle of super glue scrape off prior to your
quick toss into the chest of drawers last weekend.
Will the damage reside?
Who is to blame for the ruination of the gigantic mop of synthetic hair?
Is there a glimmer of hope, a solution to the predicament?
Hint, the answer lies within the “Damsel in Distress Syndrome”.


The Sunday Whirl ` Wordle #602

Today’s words:  dancing-rising-name-gender-granted-seven-willing-line-risk


with willing partner
seven minutes into class
bodies sweat it out

country line dancing
pose no problem for rookies
risk builds stamina

apart gender roles
thankful capacity learn
effort unequaled

couple granted best 
unsurpassed rising dance stars
names make team roster


The Sunday Whirl Wordle #594

Today’s words:  steal-joyous-garden-steam-fall-feet-space-creeping-free-locks-seems-stars

Annually the same old same old annoyances.
Those dang underground vines ‘hearty weeds’ invade the
allotted space reserved for floral growth in the old woman’s
quaint garden.
To her it seems the crowd of creeping crawlers pay nightly
visits to the mass floral border to steal life from all her delicate
She’s aware she’ll never truly be free from them.
Furious, the old woman lets down her lovely locks then proceeds to
let off steam.
A few feet away stands a friendly neighbor viewing the lovely night
sky filled with sparkling stars.
As she approaches him, he suddenly remembers how their last
conversation turned into a face-to-face altercation when the old
woman became a tad irate.
Best cut star-gazing short this evening and head indoors for fear the
old woman will lash out again directing her anger in the wrong direction.
His thoughts turn to:  ‘no thanks’, ‘no way’, ‘not in the mood’ to take the fall
for pesky groundcover.
Sad, her once joyous hobby now more of a task drove a wedge between two


The Sunday Whirl-Wordle 593

Todays words:  depths-throw-crow-loss-wispy-sheet-thistle-elder-stalks-crest-sky-tremor

Night to Remember – Night to Forget

fulgent night sky
stone’s throw away
squawk of black crow

dark omen, rumbling noise
unable capture depths of field
distant crest mountain, a tremor

women’s conversation semblance
thistle and celery stalks halts
fear of facing potential loss mounts

hapless, knowing not survival skills
wispy elder flees porch toute-de-suite
indoors grabs oversized satin sheet bizarre, bizarre


The Sunday Whirl No: 591

today’s words:  released – disappeared – paper – status – show -air – strip – bright – switch – firm – vision – minute

Newspaper headlines stated the felon, released from prison earlier
today on good behavior status, wasted no time creating a ruckus
this afternoon at the local sold-out air show.
What was the man thinking?
Did he assume his vision would go unseen by the spectators too
busy watching the aerobatics?
All eyes on the flight path the man on the bleachers took a firm stance.
And then it happened – an altercation betwixt him and a much younger
As he quickly made his way to the clear landing strip void of any bright
lights, I couldn’t help but wonder if the word ‘disappeared’ had become
a major part of his vocabulary while behind prison bars.
Tis true aviation events attract tourism; however, I’d never given an iota
of thought to such a sequence of irrational behavior.
Reality: ‘It only takes a minute for a person to switch moods.


The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 589

prompt words:  lockdown, watch, danger, hunt, challenge, glass,
flesh, gathering, disrupt, murder, craft, 

Eddie, no stranger to danger, drove hours to participate
in his state’s deer hunt challenge. 

Thankful lockdown now was behind him and eager to fine tune 
his craft once the initial gathering of fellow hunters came to a
close he quickly swooped up his gear and headed towards an
observation post, a watch tower.
It was prime time for deer to wander the forest.
This day the sudden loud noise from a chainsaw would disrupt
the deer and lessen his chances of taking home a buck.

Tired from the long drive quite disappointed he shut his eyes
and soon sleep overcame him. 
Hours later the other two members of his group returned
to awaken him.
They had been successful and for a brief period shared
their stories.
Eddie soon had to face the fact he fell into the class of
inexperienced hunters. There would be no cut Venison in
his chest freezer this year. 
Some folks consider killing a deer (even for food sustenance) 
Perhaps the preservation of wildlife was the chainsawer’s

intention, to allow the deer more time to fatten their flesh. 
Once home Eddie wasted no time downing a tall glass of 
cold beer.


Sunday Whirl Wordle No: 581

Today’s words:  walls, world, numb, touch, spilt, longing, own, burning, flame, gap, light, ashes

welcome to my world
prison sheetrock walls
skunk aroma penetrates
burning candle masks
cannabis smoke ups
soon flame turns to ashes
time another wax light
betwixt residences
own and rent increases
longing for turned numb
fragments touch life