The Monday Peeve #33

Oh dear – a day late – belated complaints:

I prefer to be aware, follow guidelines,  remain calm and  stress less.

Two days ago  I counted the dots (33 of them) on my home page’s slideshow.

Some of the pages have more than one article (three to be exact).

If you find one of interest be prepared to fight off all the pop-up ads and requests

ranging in brightness from dull to absolute glare flashing at you.

To rid yourself of them one must locate the ‘X’ – ever notice how tiny the ‘x’ is?

Numerous articles contain statistics while others reader best look at top to find

if current within hours written.  I read an update then noticed it was submitted

three days prior. 

I’ve grown tired of the computer and all its’ glitches (wasted time to fix) only

it appears future holds demand for so much more to be accomplished online.

Once upon a time twas nice to speak with humans – now no choice other than

press menu buttons and sometimes face disconnection.

Pray someone explain to me how technology created to lighten the workload

managed to result in havoc and chaos.

 The Monday Peeve #33


The Monday Peeve #32

Most nights I like to enjoy a small bowl of ice cream (my only vice late in life).

Unexpected while waiting for the remainder of the container designed to look

like there’s a half gallon within (only 1.5 qt) I fell asleep.

I awoke near midnight (way too late to indulge in ice cream).

Some was melted – separated from a blob – a strange sight before my eyes.

I  placed the container in the kitchen sink and unbelievable the next morn

little had changed  – the blob was soft yet still a blob.

What happened to the name brand that once melted when the temperature


To think I’ve been consuming this dairy treat which contains preservatives

leaves me with an uneasy feeling.

So much for name brands and their higher prices!

The Monday Peeve No: 32






The Monday Peeve – No: 27

Topic of price gouging

Over the weekend I read an article posted on the internet. 

The source was one I trust for truth – no fake news.

Caption of man sitting on 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer and no place

to sell them. 


It seems he and a few others who chose not to reveal their identities saw an

opportunity to make quick cash without concern for fellow humans.

Beforehand, lacking conscious, these gougers travelled store to store (even

to outlying areas) buying up entire supplies of surgical masks, hand sanitizers 

and thermometers.

Through online sellers they earned big bucks – one quoted a $25,000 profit 

before being halted.

Personally I feel when you violate polices you should be punished by the

legal system.

In my opinion, any person who profited via hindering public safety

precautionary measures (especially to elderly and other unfortunate

members of society) before the now sad Pandemic is a total disgrace

(polite word) to mankind.






The Monday Peeve No: 25

Topic: store employees

I wonder if today’s grocery store clerks are taught how to bag groceries properly.

These employees do not take into consideration a customer’s age as all people

in their 60s and upwards don’t lift weights.

Laziness or sheer stupidity – never place too many canned goods in one bag. 

Thus I opt for self-checkout and ‘double’ bag my purchases in plastic – the DIY


The Monday Peeve No: 25




The Monday Peeve No: 24

Today’s suggested topic: videos

As with most internet searches the problem can be an overabundance of choices.

It bothers me when I plug in a search for an instructional video and those offered

are spoken in a foreign language and translation unavailable.

If fortunate enough to actually find what I’m looking for I face dealing with

rate of speed thus need pause and replay video several times.

I can’t take notes that fast.

Take me back to days of instructional booklets – those I could highlight, 

reference back and no pestering request to pay for a subscription came while

reading them.

My own personal peeve this morn is pop-up ads – you know those which block 

the selected content which ‘you’ desired to read. These suckers come in all 

sizes too – at times a person needs a magnifying glass to find the ‘x’ to

click them off.

Oh, wait – look another ad pops up.

Small wonder people are over-stressed.

The Monday Peeve No: 24