written for TMP76 ~ Portal Schmortal


today’s prompt:  portal

Is constant change bothersome to you?
My answer to that question in recent years is ‘yes’.

Do you ever take a hiatus from social media inclusive e-mails?
For my emotional health and to work on self-care I chose to
remain offline for a brief period.

Upon return I was overwhelmed to learn of all that transpired
during my absence.
An example, reason it’s imperative to continually keep track
of current events, was change of the Patient Portal which took
place at the medical facility where I’ve been a patient for
several years.

I had no prior knowledge of the change therefore when I
attempted to access my records I faced quite a dilemma.
The username and password were defunct.

There were directions to create a new account which when
followed didn’t exactly work. Thankfully direct contact with a
real person, not an automated menu, resolved the problem.


TMP64 ~ July 11th

Hello my friend,
I’m not able to peeve about your prompt ‘extra channels’ due to
my choice – cancellation TV and Landline portions of my provider’s
package deal
autumn 2021.
In recent months I’ve become a tad upset with how the online
definition of words requires one to access more words in order
to obtain the exact meaning.
I wanted to be able to use the word ‘waiver’ correctly in a sentence.

Discovery consisted of several words synonymous totally foreign
to me, legal words.

Irritated ‘yes’ then looked further down the accessed page and I
saw the last seven words I’d looked up.
Imagine a computer keeping track of vocabulary words for me.


The Monday Peeve No: 22

The Monday Peeve No: 22

Self-reminder:  compile a list of complaints throughout the week –

things that piss me off.

Then on Monday I could choose the most bothersome to me previous days  

Tuesday through Sunday.

Today’s intention was to write about those bothersome pop-up ads as

you click one off and another one greets your computer screen. 

A late start this morn I began the usual scroll thru the Reader before breakfast. 

My thyroid med dictates – a glass of water and no food for minimum

30 minutes. 

Surprise! Surprise!

Majority post selections one following another = morbidity.

Overcome thanks to consistent negativity I experienced the sudden desire

to puke.

I knew this feeling wasn’t due to my morning med nor fact of no nourishment

rather the depth of the reads.

Thankfully I was able to access my favorite morning floral sites and enjoy 

viewing the beauty of the ladies’ daily floral selections. 

I thought February was supposed to be the month of LOVE only today’s posts 

left me with sad feelings that could lead to a day ahead of depression. 

It’s amazing the power of words – this impact fueled the desire to shutdown 

the computer and left me with decision return later versus never come back.

It may be I need to change my desired topical selections, continue to interact

with those I’ve come to know and enjoy via shares.

Yes, I can relate to so many people on here as I’ve walked in their shoes

or a similar pair. The difference is the pain I share although real leaves

out sordid details.

I’m trying hard to rebuild my personal life and triggers via these types of reads 

could lead to the possibility of setback(s).






The Monday Peeve No: 21

Today I was going to peeve about myself and how disorganization has played a part

in how I feel at times.

Ah, then I read a fellow blogger’s post about monogamy and dating.

The older you become (if alone) the more vulnerable or perhaps men think you’re 

plain dumb.

Senior men search for Barbie doll types, women financially set or plain hookups.

Few on dating sites look for exclusivity. 

I don’t know what goes through another’s mind only this gal once married long 

term isn’t about to share any man in the intimacy department.

At one time I blogged a bit about different types of men – charmers – players etc. 

I have more self-respect for myself, able to resist temptation early-on and sad

but true lost a few men along the way due to my personal beliefs.

The Monday Peeve No: 21


The Monday Peeve 20

It’s Monday again – thank goodness for calendars!
One day last week several reads made my blood boil.
I remember how my idea of taking a new social media path
in order NOT to fuel my depression backfired in record time.
It was the wrong day to offer up peevery chit-chat so I took notes.
As luck would have it my newfound lack of organization skills stood firm in place.
I keep telling myself to place all the important stuff in one of my journals.
It appears I’m my own worse enemy these days.
If or when I find these notes I’ll make it a point to force myself to mark them
in a place where I can find them.
There I scolded myself this Monday morn.  

Before I leave for another site I would like to share the following I read earlier
in my Facebook newsfeed

Research topic: Loneliness

The post read as follows: “Loneliness is just as unhealthy as smoking 15
cigarettes per day.”

I’m thankful to have been in the minority who didn’t partake of this bad habit
linked to many health problems.

Today’s astronomical cost of a pack is in the $10.00 (ten dollars) range. 
Unbelievable price to puff smoke into the atmosphere. 

One has to love research studies – you make good decisions in life and
you can find yourself in the same category due to divorce, death of a
loved one or the Empty Nest Syndrome.


The Monday Peeve 20







The Monday Peeve No: 19

Politics is not my forte.

At random I’ve chosen to read articles about politicians and now the royals. 

Thought to self = oh well.

Would it be wonderful living celebrity rich with all financial needs met and

part of a huge circle of friends?

It’s doubtful those so popular in the media know who to consider trustworthy.

The majority of days I bypass these same faces – it’s grown tiresome. 

Within my own personal life I’m trying hard to find myself a.k.a. self-awareness.

The one ‘peeve’ that is most bothersome is ‘everyone’ seems to have ‘someone’ while

I stand alone – me, myself and I – a bit like the Holy Trinity.

The inspirations and affirmations are nice to read only the struggle continues with less

hope for a solution.

Ageism isn’t always fun and the Empty Nest Syndrome brings a degree of loneliness.

Learning To Love Myself

The Monday Peeve No: 19

The Monday Peeve No: 13

Virtual Friends

The majority of time on here I enjoy writing poetry, reading others’ blog posts and leaving comments.

To my surprise an unexpected hiatus for near a month gained me a few new followers while a total lack of any correspondence from those I took the time to read their posts and interact via leaving nice comments. 

This is a great source of disappointment for me in a blogger’s world to have applied myself wholeheartedly and followed guidelines.

I’m uncertain of how from this point I shall proceed since my other hobbies upon completion left me with a beautiful view of creativity. 

Sad, I don’t feel the same now as before since virtual camaraderie is far different from face-to-face friendships.


The Monday Peeve No: 13

The Monday Peeve 8

Topic: Social Media

Earlier this morn I signed into one of my Facebook accounts. 

Technology sucks! 

No I don’t wish to read posts from October 31st.

Nor do I wish to read a person’s unpenned book – you know the one where he /she

seeks self-pity via a drama cover only fails to include pages of text. 

Day’s time precious
Notifications unread
Logged out quickly fled












The Monday Peeve: #7

Good Mornin’ 

Time for a vent – a rant w/o rave.

Short and sweet (oh, that’s me) irked by mandatory cumulative software updates.

Totally not in favor of guides and manuals inclusive on apps – preference for 

printed copies.

Endless hours spent yesterday trying to locate and maneuver stuff and ready to pull the

plug on the computer – quits.

All I wanted to do was share a video and each try failed so finally I chose a different


This morn (interesting) I typed in the URL and voila – it worked – a mere iota of

frustration overload – who knows. 

After all it’s only Monday and one cup of tea thus far for mmmmeeee and 

feelings lurk within:

My wishin’ to become a rebel. 

C-ya next Monday!!







Monday Peeve 6

With so much to be thankful for one often feels a bit guilty about anger – especially when another has problems much greater. 

Updates on both the laptop and cell phone overnight rearranged files, documents, pics etc. 

Irk! A morning wasted trying to fix ‘what I didn’t break’ – a mess I didn’t create.

I feel violated after all it took me months to organize my personal information.

Since I’m far from a computer geek, I needed some assistance. Help!

No longer do humans chat face-to-face; it’s all about menu boxes to read on computer screens and numbers to press on cell phones.

I want to talk to a real LIVE human. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. It doesn’t happen!!

Make a selection – hope it’s right or find yourself disconnected.

Technology has been beneficial in numerous ways only there’s a truly dark down side that often accompanies it. 

No, I have no desire to print out 74 pages of instructions. 

I pray my ordered sneakers arrive today as I need to exercise and de-stress.

Saturday while shopping I received a text ‘delivery on way’. I cut my shopping trip short waited until 8:00 p.m. (time deliveries stop). Unbelievable, the package was a ‘no-show’. 

Guess it’s time to get back to my tech challenge – of all days ‘Motivational Monday’.

It’s doubtful there’s a good day to become overwhelmed – never stops – so much for progress.