Truthful Tuesday: 2-22-22

Questions to answer:

Have you ever felt that one particular activity seemed to
consume more of your life than you were happy about?
Was it work, a hobby which got out of hand, health concerns
or something else?
Lastly have you managed to take back control or does it still
seem to be running the show?

Reflecting back there have been several I could discuss. At
the time I didn’t exactly feel unhappy nor overwhelmed by
any of them.
To be able to help someone who for specific health reasons
couldn’t leave the house was what a loving daughter would
do without giving a second thought to time involved or the
distance in miles walked pushing a baby carriage from one
end of town to another.
When I arrived at my destination, I would drop off the mail
and run errands in the center of town. I didn’t question the
mental state of the mother who’d never really acted like
all my friends’ moms.
These errands would have taken her approximately 15 to
45 minutes only she suffered from ‘agoraphobia’ and feared
leaving the house.
True fact: ‘For 10 years she never went outside, not even to
take out the trash’
Back in the 60s people weren’t educated about mental health.
Today myself a diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder patient
who suffers out-of-the-blue panic attacks I understand much
about the distress she experienced over decades with no medical
diagnosis nor treatment.
I’ve made peace with what was, what wasn’t and what could
have been thanks to medical knowledge gained inclusive a
a course in Abnormal Psychology.
In my heart I feel I did the best I could for a woman who
never once told me she loved me and tried many times to
undermine and interfere with my life’s choices.

Truthful Tuesday ~ February 7th 2022

What hobby have you put aside recently or completely?
Answer: sewing and quilting

Question: What made you set it aside?
Answer: a touch of arthritis – vision problems

Has another taken its place?
Answer: I’ve resumed crocheting with hopes of re-opening my eBay

Is it a brand-new hobby or something I did in the past?
Answer: When younger, I taught myself to crochet from a Simplicity
pattern. I crocheted hats, scarves, mittens, ponchos, afghans,
home decor items, presents for my children’s friends and on
occasion gifts for family members.

Since I already possess the wherewithal, own the tools needed plus
a few storage bins of yarn all that was left was the decision on what
items to crochet.
It was off to Pinterest in search for a few simple ideas to sell – no big

Most of my fabric has been sold, donated or trashed. Next comes the
the decision what I wish to do with my two sewing machines (one in a
specially designed cabinet and one a portable) plus a serger, cutting
table and oodles of threads, notions and quilting supplies.

For me the season of sewing which lasted four decades has come to
an end.
Sewing saved me a ton of money in early years when fabric purchases
were much cheaper. In later years I sewed dancewear and one-of-a-
kind outfits on request to supplement my limited income.

Affiliate marketing lies ahead and either I incorporate it into my blog
or blog whenever I find some spare time.

Truthful Tuesday: August 10, 2021

Today’s question:

When it comes to movies, do you prefer watching them in the comfort of your

own home, or would you rather go to a theater?


The days of sitting through a movie in a dark theater seated wherever I could

find an empty seat are behind me.

High ticket prices, truly overpriced snacks and rude people all played a part in

my decision years ago to watch movies at home.

The couch is way more comfortable and nobody is going to kick the back thus

no possibility of a feud between absolute strangers.

It’s also possible to rent a movie on cable for a period of time with the ability

to stop it and restart from point left off.

Overall to remain in a safe environment and spend far less cash is way more

feasible and comfortable.

Truthful Tuesday: February 9th 2021

A mixture of preparedness and weekly prompts is the norm I look forward

to monthly.

As the holidays approached I began to write less and less.

Looking back I admit my lack of desire was due to a combination

of factors (personal and Pandemic-related).

I fully understand writer’s burnout and empathize with the alternate

host of this prompt.

Without questions to answer I found myself left with two choices

(participate and wing it or bypass).

I made my selection and since this prompt is one to tell the truth (not fib) I’ll

share a few enlightening moments from my past few days.

The 5th of this month was the 5th anniversary of my previous husband’s

passing (RIP).

I’d read the nice tribute our youngest daughter had posted on Facebook

only that evening mentioned ‘nothing’ to her.

Those involved in far from amicable divorces understand long-lasting

feelings experienced by the scorned woman.

The following night during our usual late night phone conversation

she brought up the topic some refer to as the elephant in the room.

I sat. I listened to her explanation. She’d included events

experienced with both biological parents.

It appears I missed her good intentions when I basically scanned

the post that morn.

Before she closed the topic she said, ‘Mom focus on the ‘good’

memories from all those years.

This suggestion undoubtedly for me will be hard to follow through

with on a constant basis; however, I vowed to try my best to honor

her request as ‘yes’ I admit it made perfect sense.

An epiphany?? Possibly!

Imagine how I felt this morn, a few days later, when I read a poem

written by a friend, a published Poetess. Nearing the end the

line below, one I resonate with, jumped out at me.

She’d penned:

“Living with grief means I have lived with much love.”

Truthful Tuesday: Nov. 10th 2020

Today’s questions: post-election

Question: Have the results of the US Presidential election left you feeling relieved,

apprehensive, hopeful or some other emotion?

Answer: apprehensive as I read the possibilities that ‘may’ lie ahead for citizens.

Question: Have you been surprised at all by the emotions and reactions of others

regarding the results?

Answer: No, people form their own opinions and if you don’t agree with

them then best you ‘walk on eggshells’ and refrain from the topic of politics.

Truthful Tuesday – October 13th 2020

Today’s question: What New Year Traditions, if any, do you observe and will the
current state of things have any bearing on those traditions this coming year?

Thru the years traditions changed from festive parties to outdoor celebrations

reference ‘First Night’ with its huge selection of entertainment, amazing

finely-carved ice sculptures and grand finale display of beautiful fireworks.

As children left the nest a few couples gathered at my countryside home to

partake in a delicious Surf ‘n Turf extravaganza. Following the meal we’d

sit by the fireside chit-chatting sipping champagne awaiting the ball to

drop at Times Square ringing in the New Year.

Nice memories!!

All the above was replaced years later due to age and circumstances.

If fortunate we older folks managed to stay awake until 12:00 a.m.

I guess the one big change is this year I likely will spend the holidays alone.

Virtual replacement is no match for real-life celebrations.

Truthful Tuesday: October 6th, 2020

Today’s question: “Has this pandemic altered your holiday plans for later this year,
or will it be ‘business as usual’?”

Personally I think taking ‘The Path of Least Resistance’ with regards to the future
of the most horrific year I’ve experienced within my lifetime is a good option as
news articles are wrought with grim tales.

I’ve given up hope for future positive changes the last quarter of year 2020.
This dismal thought pattern rings true throughout the community of we older folk.

I suppose some families will adapt in order to celebrate with the question of
safety lurking in their minds.

Few restaurants offer inside eating at this time thus a hindrance for
those who wish not to cook their own feasts. Take-out meals for these
holidays will likely be on the expensive side.

Tis doubtful I’ll patronize local department stores as already I dislike ‘The
Twilight Zone’ seen at the supermarkets. Thus the alternative is to shop online
which for me takes more time than hands-on shopping at retail stores.

As for a family dinner which to date hasn’t been a topic of discussion I feel
there will be less attendees.

Overall, it’s a most sad state of affairs especially for families with children
who’ve been forced into a whirlwind life of upheaval

I rather doubt there’ll be the usual pattern of celebrations during either
of the two holidays in question.

All we can do is continue to pray and take one-day-at-a-time until life
returns to normal.

Truthful Tuesday: September 22nd, 2020

Today’s four questions deal with personal food preferences, decision where best
to dine and who in the household is the designated cook.

Since I am a divorcee following a 35-year marriage I’ve decided the best responses
would be those while holding the title ‘Mrs.’

Are you an adventurous eater, or do you prefer to play it safe when you’re
feeling peckish?

Answer: At an early age I became good friends with ‘The Betty Crocker Cookbook’
and loved to try new recipes (especially desserts).

Do you prefer dining in or dining out?

Answer: I enjoyed dining out (a treat – Saturday date night).

When you dine in, who does the cooking?

Answer: Ninety percent of the time, I was the one who prepared meals.
Barbecue grilling was my partner’s specialty along with a few tasty dishes
he prepared without use of any recipe.

When you dine out, do you tend to stick to places you know, or do you look
for new places to try?

Memory Lane: We had our favorite restaurants plus on occasion ‘yes’
did opt to try a new one – usually a well-recommended establishment
which had a good rating in categories of food quality plus quantity
and known for their excellent service.

Truthful Tuesday – September 15th 2020

Today’s questions: Do you have a favorite author? If so, who and why? If not, why not?

Throughout life I’ve had a few favorites – authors I’ve read more than one of their books.

Presently I am somewhat of a smorgasbord reader – pick and choose type by actual

topical interest.

The past few years I’ve donated many of the books I read to two different area local

senior centers.

I rarely read a book twice unless it’s a textbook with highlighted portions beneficial

to my hobbies or writing.

My preference in genres has been mostly non-fiction as I try to live within the

world of reality.

An actual book in hand is how I like to read versus the tablet with its’ constant

flip of pages from accidental finger touches.

I refer to myself as old-school in so many categories – learn the changes since tis

imperative only dislike them immensely.

Adventures, Bible, children’s books (read many to my own children), crime stories,

educational, medical, mysteries, psychological, romance, self-help books

and manuals plus required textbooks pretty much sums up my

reading experience during my tenure of life.

Truthful Tuesday – September 8th 2020

Today’s question:

Why did you start blogging, and is your reason for blogging
still the same now or has it changed?

Writing and grammar rated second on my list of favorites in high school and college.

My love for financial figures won out. Throughout my career working with numbers on

occasion I was asked to write business letters, etc.

Once retired I took a free Journalism class offered by a local newspaper. The editor read

my first homework assignment ‘Pizza Eating Ants’ to the entire class.

I was e’er thankful I’d secured a seat upfront that evening thus a room full of strangers

were unable to see my slightly tan face slowly turning blushing beet red.

Interject fact: ‘By nature I am quite shy until you get to know me.’

In 2017 I took to blogging after a breakup and found it to be quite therapeutic.

A relationship which I thought was blossoming ended on a sour note due to

the man’s chronic depressed state brought on by his drug-addicted son’s


Since then many of my posts have been in response to prompt challenges and

enjoyment found writing Japanese poetry.