Le Jardin de Juin – June’s Garden

Year created 2008
Overseas' son idea or fate
Suggestion Mom access, play Fairyland app
Virtual garden excellent panacea
Creation in memory of Tuffie McGuffie
Nickname for oldest daughter
Too soon departed
Forever '28'
On app no need for gloves
Nor worry 'bout sore back
Neither critters sample plants
Water whenever - hours recreation
Most players UK location 
Hello June's club - quite beautiful bouquet
Worldwide Junes interact play
Each year nearin' anniversary day
Message breathtaking wait yellow birthday plant
Soon changeover birthday balloon with message
Date in place September 24th similar heritage
Fun season ahead - Happy Halloween!
Witches, creepie spiders, ghosts and bats
Naught forget those sneaky, silky black cats
Grow largest pumpkin been quite a task
A gardener's ballet totally free
Gone years tending 'real' gardens
Loving son's prescription definite blessing
Although active player challenged certain days
App a pizzeria no side effects - Hooray!
Battling grief quite a Mother's struggle
Virtual garden resemblance reality life
Always amidst selected plants stands
The flickering candle 'Forget-Me-Not'
Deborah Ann forever daily in thought.

Beware of the Charmer

Recently I met a man from an online dating site who turned out to be quite a charmer.

There were no real outward signs of his soon-to-be disturbing behavior. Total opposite he appeared rather nice.

A little checking on social media sites and others’ approval via viewing him and his family picture posts left me feeling comfortable to date him.

Unknown and totally caught off-guard was three dates in the executive churchgoer’s personality became that of a ‘freakazoid’ following a nice dinner together.

Where and exactly when did this man’s smiles and interesting, intellectual conversation changeover to a total different personality is a complete puzzle to me.

The whole experience managed to sour my thoughts on those who claim to be devout Catholics or Christians.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a complete background check on any man entering your life who knows none of your family, friends nor acquaintances.

Ladies, don’t let appearances fool you with any new romantic interest. Don’t let your guard down. Why? It could have cost me my life.

The man whose vocabulary words this blogger had to utilize a dictionary to define wasn’t looking for a serious relationship online rather a cover-up for a hookup.

I am thankful to God I walked away unscathed. The outcome of a third date with this man could have become more gruesome.

This I admit has been a most valuable lesson with the issue of trust. A decent, respectable woman has no idea the hidden agenda of today’s world’s charmer nor the potential possible harm he could inflict upon her once alone.

Realization now for the woman whose heart you attempted to hurt via your actions is a newfound built wall ‘lack of trust’, a barrier to some really decent man.

You, the charmer, I truly believe will get back 10X thru Karma compensation for your actions.

Yesterday began a new month of my favorite season, autumn. I intend to keep it filled with beautiful people, positive thoughts and happy moments.

This woman who demands respect and love has no place amidst the world of the ignorant man a.k.a. ‘THE LOSER’.





True Friendships

Today's society lifetime friendships rarity
Flowers in bloom fake friends arrive depart soon
Family created void of birth certificates
Quality over quantity simple concept
Man of integrity crossed mind - no thoughtform past
Communication with outside world great task
Lured north for a simpler life
Friendships comprised of fellow transplants
Thirty years ago diagnosed with MS
Forced face life debilitating disease
Complained naught - circumstance freeze
Chose courage plus amazing positivity
Daily taking advantage of God's life beauty
Few knew his manner of outside world connection
Head controls usage kept in touch via messages
Unknown to me magnitude progression disease 
Opposite fake friends online no emotional treason 
Inbox send fav country artist's newest addition
Man with disability found time brighten my day
His random acts of kindness found me all seasons
Good friends more importance fact
Versus passionate romance if not intact.

Stepping Into Solitude

Out of nowhere and quite tired of late I wonder bout my blogging fate.

A hobby I undertook for pleasure in spite of topics galore suddenly seems more to me like a daily chore.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and taken several Journalism courses over the years only do wonder if I’m suffering from Writer’s Block or sheer disinterest.

Thoughts of a brief hiatus come to mind as I wish to accomplish a goal,  placing the word ‘author’ following my name,  during this last chapter of my lifetime.

My synopsis is complete and all characters in place so for now my daily blogging will likely turn into a weekly submission as I chase my dream.




Sideways Silhouette

Sudden glimpse nearin' 4:00 o'clock
Semi-tired busy day baulk
Periodic excuse avoidance daily walk
Time self-awareness talk
Travelling light
Sneakers tied tight
Cell phone, keys plus tad cash
Fannie pack in place time dash
Bottled water in hand 
Rapidly walk soon bike path stand
Look down, look straight ahead 
Observance accompaniment constant lead
Personal image, solid shape shadow
Profile interior featureless narrow
Impossible catch thee
Previous times wish hide thee
Light gray filled-in outline imagery
Shadow walker decision snap for chat
Continuance exercise regimen rat a tat tat.


The Happy Dance

Weighed in downward trend
Program buddie's hands definite lend
Weight loss journey 'yes' difficult
Bathroom scale often absolute insult
Precise leaders' advice 
Certain to self repeat least twice
Weight loss recipe appearance easy
First time trial recipes stomach bit queasy
Months down transformation path program fine
Management left two Butterballs behind
Sudden plateau arrival on scene
Dieting nosedive panic mode unforeseen
Bored, tired battle of bulge distraught
Refusal emotions be naught
Younger age easier accomplish goal
Disallow older factor excuse role
Proper attire off to local gym
Walk in thankful lights dim
Scan room lots remember when
More reason discouragement not win
Ambition, sacrifice creation dieter's paradise
Destination invite ahead weight loss small price
Aspiration 'Countdown Happy Dance' success
Appearance function show smaller size dress.

The True Definition of Beauty

My Blessing by Grace

Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to talk to you about beauty.  Specifically what beauty means to me and what I believe God’s definition of beauty is.

Psalm 139:13&14 says… ‘For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.’

My inspiration behind this post was Africa.  When I was in Africa I realised that a lot of the women I hanged around seemed a lot more confident than women here.  Even though comparison is something that people are guilty of everywhere including Africa, I noticed it was a lot less common.  That’s why the only post I published whilst I was in Africa for a month was ’12 Quotes for Quitting Comparison’.

I had not felt so accepted and beautiful just the way I am for…

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Fake Friends

Throughout life from time to time we all interact and befriend those who later turn out to be backstabbers.

Their true colors come to light when or if one betrays us. We become an innocent victim of unbelievable, questionable behavior by a person we trusted and shared friendship.

Our first instinct is to try and resolve the conflict.  In awe we begin to analyze ourselves wondering what’s behind our friend’s newfound irrational actions.

Reality is we may have done absolutely nothing wrong to set them down the path of self-destruction of our friendship.

There’s a long list of reasons why some desire to hurt others and often we have no clue since who would think a friend could be so fake. Obviously their own shortcomings are to blame.

Perhaps a few counseling sessions would be beneficial only if asked the backstabber usually would refuse and remain in denial. The 100% validity persona is shown via their words and actions.

If reasonable communication fails then it’s time to walk away from this toxic person with your ego intact. After all this friendship, whatever the duration, appears to have been based on ill intentions and lies.

It’s important to never identify oneself by others’ maltreatment of us.  Life is hard work and hard work sometimes hurts.

I think we get caught up in this vicious cycle due to childhood teachings where words such as honesty and trust played an important role in our learning process.

I’m not perfect. I’m not fake.




Mailroom Hoarder

Amazed by the incoming messages count I found this morn I wonder if my mailroom assistant is a hoarder. It’s hard to fathom how a few daily e-messages became stockpiled over a short period, many bypassed and stored to read at a later date.

Her process via selection of importance created a huge task ahead for me. Why didn’t she delete them? It’s obvious to me she foolishly thought she or I would return later and actually read this stuff.

Similar to snail mail it’s necessary to put out the undesirable in the trash in a timely manner. You discard the unwanted into the waste basket technically known as the recycle bin and watch it balloon then press empty.

Numerous free subscriptions truly are worthwhile reads. An important notification from one sender alerted me to the fact previously sent articles never opened questioned interest and possible termination of sends to follow shortly.

A tidbit of technology unknown to me –  a different method to rid oneself of agreed upon freebies placed on a whim.

Curious me scrolled backwards in time to find this particular concerned sender’s name and topics formerly e-mailed to me. I clicked on a few finding them quite interesting hence keeping me on the mailing list. I’m now considered a faithful reader.

Today’s sent message ‘stomach bloat’ peaked my interest. Once opened I found an educational slideshow, all pictures from documented sources and a wealth of information.

Healthy habits can be quite a challenge to maintain and on occasion new knowledge informs us of those few habits from which to refrain.

Many people think a protruding tummy is caused by consuming the wrong foods as the bold-printed heading I read on one slide “Keep Your Mouth Shut” could unintentionally convey to any reader at first sight.

Interesting reference later was made to how both chewing gum and sucking on a straw can create excessive gas which ‘yes’ causes the inflation.

As I return to the snail’s pace task my assistant created for me I intend to scroll through pages of mail carefully then follow with an intervention and request she refrain from future similar practice unless she wishes to wear the new title, the mailroom hoarder rather than mailroom assistant.







Pretty ‘n Pinks

This afternoon I opted to forgo the gym’s treadmill and stationary bike aerobic routine to achieve caloric burn. Rather I embarked on a nature walk through the historic district of my hometown while battling the heat.

Faced with unknown discovery ahead of summer road construction everywhere I quickly was forced to switch to an alternate route.

Keeping with positive thoughts and surrounded by nature I searched for the breathtaking floral pinks on the side streets only nowhere to be found were those magnificent 6 inch beauties stored in memory.

Mother Nature was teaching me a lesson about procrastination. I asked myself why I previously hadn’t conducted an internet search on these Pretty ‘n Pinks and their claim to floral fame.

I was unprepared for dissatisfaction thanks to this afternoon’s unproductive search viewing gardens galore.

Back home I brought up a few floral sites and voila the name of this true beauty was revealed, Hibiscus rosinensis.

Lesson learned: “Thou shall not procrastinate.”