Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail

Think ahead daily point allowance
Breakfast, lunch 'n dinner subtract
Remember track snack importance
Official member self-discipline contract

Healthier me requirements official
Weight loss reasons not superficial
All BLTs - bites, licks 'n tastes count
Watchful eye end of day recall actual amounts

Pounds loss 'yeah' great start
Healthy recipes cooked multipart
Daily exercise persistence
Happier gal now co-existence

Weather change
Lower back pain
Neither beneficial
Ouch! Scale number reversal

Reassess tracking journal statistics
Gym and rec center walk 'n talk socialistic
Devise new method weight loss characteristics
Milestone efforts reassurance follow logistics.

© 2017 June Quintin

Insomniac Read – “Sugar Detox”

Prior conclusion online date
Newspaper-magazine store debate
Location 15 minutes walking distance
Confession thou knew naught its' existence
Several aisles, topics galore
Reader's dream candy store
Newspaper-magazine confection
Allo! Amidst multitude selections
Tenure life held myriad interests
Eventually frugal gal 2 choices present
Purchases for sheer personal reading pleasure
"Sugar Detox" absolute wealth knowledge treasure
Page after page statistics and facts 
Potpourri beneficial current weight loss journey
Eye-opener world sugar disguise
Halloween treats '365'
Sugar found hidden strange spots
Excess 50 sugar synonyms who'd thought
Read 'sneaky' sugar source list
Servings and grams OMG what a culprit
Mission ahead focus sugarless strategy
Healthy diet, daily walk comprised good recipe
Newfound necessity avoid and resist - try sugarless
Now finally over plateau extremely happy this morn
Finishing blog post heading to record weigh-in.
Thank God!

It’s National Pizza Day

Pizza defined
Crust, sauce and topping
Pepperoni favorite mine
Wish leave heartburn behind
Popular dish worldwide
Deep-dish, twice-baked, thin crust decide
Personal preference circumference round
12 inch measurement medium size found
Scan menu decide toppings 1, 2 or three
Imagination - combos limitless rarely free
High caloric intake beware
Overindulgence waistline wears
Moderation definitely key
Pizza enjoyment during weight loss journey.

Wishful Thinking

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Old adage we play over and over in our head
Perfect diet begins a little eat this-not that
Realization before us several types of fat
Necessity guidelines now to follow
Become cautious of food you swallow
Play the weight loss game, stop watering the weeds
Begin planting flower beds for thinner you lies ahead
Measuring spoons and cups in pastel colors
Add to the equation sandwich sized plates 
Me thinks you've officially opened one dieting gate
Moderation and portion process determine winning fate
Foods once loved now on forbidden list
Mind frame change desire in place for twist
Healthier decisions successful partakes
Grab that nice red apple, pass on slice of gold cake
Refuse mediocre rather strive accomplish best
Important knowledge pass not fail each test
Beware fast food's corrupt culture surrounds 
Gather healthy information sources everywhere found
Follow your heart chase healthier you dream
Proceed determination weight loss transformation
Complaints aside conquer the quest gain benefits
Deprivation of unhealthy foods a present to self 
Happier too full of life rather than half loved you. 

Fresh Start Friday

For years I’d been fortunate to remain within the stats of a healthy weight range. If I gained a few pounds, I could lose them easily.

Along came birthday ’50’ and former foreigners to me ‘The Three Ms’ started following me around like frenemies.

Uninvited and unwanted menopause, medication and metabolism formed an alliance to annoy and attack 5′ 0″ me.

Each arrived at a different moment in time following my half-century mark and together these nasty deal-breakers slowly wreaked havoc in my daily life.

In spite of a healthy diet regimen I was under siege and needed to revisit and devise a new plan to combat this small army of perpetrators.

Decision not to relinquish defeat, I chose a popular diet –  one tailored to my personal needs then incorporated daily exercise for maximum benefit.

For fun I made a photo food diary and posted pics of healthy meals and food choices on Instagram for followers to see.

The downward trend was working for me and then it happened = the dreaded plateau. Somehow the task became difficult as the numbers came close yet I failed to attain that latest mini goal.

Frustrated I wanted to quit only failure is rarely an option for me. Lagging behind I thought about happy weight versus healthy weight.

I plugged in required info to three different sites and two were in sync revealing similar  calculations to lose weight at a healthy rate.

With sincere intentions today a fresh start I undertake as I strive to reach each consecutive mini goal set within its’ timeframe.

I hope in the future to see a little less of me as I continue to pursue my weight loss journey.