What Day Is It Anyway? Monday May 4th 2020

Today was one of those days gal awakened on the late side.

The norm for this retiree in recent times has been to access the laptop for a short

period following taking my thyroid medication and required 8 ounces of 

water on an empty stomach.

I don’t bother to read all the hyped media articles rather I check for newly

posted reads within my hometown (town I reside in) groups on Facebook.

New post:

My state’s governor has ‘mandated’ wearing facial masks beginning May 6th or

face a fine of $300 for first offense.

This post created quite a stir of comments ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of why now. 

The following comment led to some chuckles from members – it made perfect sense.

“Forcing people to wear masks 2 months into a Pandemic is like putting on a

condom after she’s pregnant.”

Phone rang – my daily reassurance ‘check if I’m okay’ call.

Before I had time to prep some breakfast another phone call from a man I dated

for a few years on a platonic basis.

Ah,  more chit-chat about the world crisis from a mature individual who collects


Needless to say I got a late start on my ‘to do’ list.

The third call of the day was from my son who resides overseas. 

I love his upbeat ‘optimistic’ calls then wonder if I’ll ever see him face-to-face


Nearing dinner time I doubt I’ll finish all those tasks and have to add them to

tomorrow’s list. 

Along with the setting sun comes the feeling of loneliness again.

So many people complain and me well I think how nice it would be to have

another person to dine with and share intelligent conversation across the

dinner table.

At my age with the world upside down I resigned myself to the fact the likelihood

of a new companion is out of the future’s picture.

Now tis time for me to move along and update my reading progress over at Goodreads.

Hoping with tomorrow I’ll find poetic desire – today it was lost somewhere between

the phone calls for which I’m thankful.

What Day Is It Anyway? Monday May 4th 2020








What Day Is It Anyway? Wednesday April 1st 2020

Answer to question ‘what day is it anyway’

Another day ending in letter ‘y’
Twenty plus four distancing socialize

Desire to share humor icon saved
Social media sources refuse behave

Soon discover no choice relinquish hope
E’er update pictoral post number thus cope 

Pensive person usual refuse give up
Today tired and acceptance out-of-luck

Television channels – radio stations
Internet pages full situation labelled grim

When alone with nobody else around
Pefectly okay chat with arachnid found

Some good old humor benefit health
A giggle for lonesome who take care themself

Humorous post read:

Day 4 of social distancing:
Struck up a conversation with a spider today.
Seems nice.
He’s a Web Designer.

What Day Is It Anyway? April 1st 2020