Back to Original Writing Topic of Dating

A few years ago I attended an author’s convention. I purchased two books selected beforehand and took a selfie with the author.

As I traversed table to table interacting with other authors the conversation turned from them to me and I was questioned about my intentions with regard to topics – genres and future endeavors.

I shared with one woman my idea about Online Dating and she responded, “That’s a terrific topic for a book.” 

There were seven (7) chosen subjects of which I took notes and wrote about our dates and interactions prior to and afterwards.

I kept records of the numerous meet and greets over coffee or a light luncheon at inexpensive restaurants, two gentlemen who became platonic daters and my supposed success story that soured from his depression in response to concern for his adult children and their antics. 

Sadly two other friend zoned ‘win, win situation’ men succumbed to illnesses and passed away which is the norm within the circle of older folk.

After careful thought I made the decision to call it quits. The conclusion of the whole process is most men want younger babes or financially secure women with fat bank accounts.

There are too many scammers out there and unknown is who the person writing to you actually is in real life.

The  process of finding a new companion was becoming a total waste of precious time. I  closed the book rather than turn the page to a new chapter. It’s official; my account is classified defunct. 

My last hopeful I dated earlier this month. The man is a published author and quite creative with other endeavors within his life. Ah, the perfect match. Wishful thinking!  Although intellectually compatible no sparks flew and there was a chill in the air as we departed to our vehicles. 

Numerous other potentials throughout the few years were placed on my ‘no thank you’ list following an initial phone conversation. I listened for what daters call ‘red flags’ and those men didn’t disappoint with their statements.

This is the end of my journey seeking love. I’m thankful for the good times and being able to walk away unscathed and keeping my dignity intact. 

Perhaps it’s time to take all those notes I compiled and restart the project I placed on the back burner. 



Impulse Buy – Nutrition Eyes

Tough resist a bargain
Aisle by aisle seasonal shoppin'

Nutrition joke present dieter designate
Ideal wrapped stocking stuffer resonate

Packet sheets stickers google eyes
Food items watcher e'er thought surprise

Beans veggie alias name legumes
Gaseousness increase more consume

Broccoli edible green plant resemble tree
Mass flower heads surrounded by leaves

Bananas long distance travelers from tropics
Potassium essential produce section supermarkets

Cheese one of several known dairy products
Found sliced, cubed, shredded 'n occasional blocks

Word bank insufficient writer finds end busy day
Deliver more info hiatus decision inept role play.

© 2017 June Quintin 

Pretty ‘n Pinks

This afternoon I opted to forgo the gym’s treadmill and stationary bike aerobic routine to achieve caloric burn. Rather I embarked on a nature walk through the historic district of my hometown while battling the heat.

Faced with unknown discovery ahead of summer road construction everywhere I quickly was forced to switch to an alternate route.

Keeping with positive thoughts and surrounded by nature I searched for the breathtaking floral pinks on the side streets only nowhere to be found were those magnificent 6 inch beauties stored in memory.

Mother Nature was teaching me a lesson about procrastination. I asked myself why I previously hadn’t conducted an internet search on these Pretty ‘n Pinks and their claim to floral fame.

I was unprepared for dissatisfaction thanks to this afternoon’s unproductive search viewing gardens galore.

Back home I brought up a few floral sites and voila the name of this true beauty was revealed, Hibiscus rosinensis.

Lesson learned: “Thou shall not procrastinate.”

Too Late to Transform

Beverly Hills, California, population '35,454'
Primary zip code '90210'
A trade in locales for me merely a dream
Doubtful acceptance as member of the luxury-gift team
You know the one who shops on Rodeo Drive
Rich and famous who know little about the verb deprive
This fixed income Senior sits forlorn
Awaiting a miracle to trade-in snow for a balmy morn
Short on cash with little to spare
Impossible even to afford a plane ticket's fare
Interesting are the lessons learned throughout the years
Reality is I'll never be able to financially maneuver my way out of here.

Favorable Haze

Befuddled by the constant daily slew of life quotes and inspirational quotes scrolling through my social media sites I wonder if selective memory would be beneficial versus remembrance of actual facts.

During the last two decades following my half-century birthday a tower of heartaches by the number forced me to deal with much unpleasantness yet somehow I managed to remain gutsy marked by courage and determination.

Why am I feeling blue when the sun is shining outside my window? Several reasons come to mind only a lesson learned the hard way was how little others truly care rather wish to hear details of another’s woes.

As a gal who loves to learn, I usually take away some newfound knowledge each day from numerous sources and yesterday was no different for me. Small tidbits of chit-chat with my piano teacher during my lesson were quite enlightening. One topic that peaked my interest was with regard to memory and loss thereof.

While making reference to her own father she shared some thoughts about Dementia, the gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember plus how daily routines can be a contributing factor.

Faced with flying solo late in life is far from fun; however I do my best to remain active by frequenting the local area senior centers, signing up for classes and making lots of new acquaintances.

Challenges ahead for me this week on the keyboard as homework are to change fingers to replay the same note and practice of a tune which contains syncopated notes, notes played between the main beats of the measures and held across the beat.

All the above activities should keep in ‘thinking’ mode and as far away from the 3% of the population in my age bracket who fall victim to hazy daily functioning.

Let me relax with a cup of tea, my designer series “Time For Tea” coloring book and Cra-Z-Art box of 12 bright vivid colored pencils all purchased at The Dollar Store.


via Daily Prompt: Foggy

The Instrumental Blues

Blues music, long a part of American musical heritage, is found in the music of many popular songwriters. It’s found in ballads, in rock and in boogie.

There is a specific basic formula followed referred to as a standard chord progression. This formula consists of 12 measures in one chorus.

  • 4 measures of the I chord
  • 2 measures of the IV chord
  • 2 measures of the I chord
  • 1 measure of the V7 chord
  • 1 measure of the IV chord
  • 2 measures of the I chord

I’m in the process of learning the above and discovered newfound respect for those who play piano and keyboards.

My teacher introduces a new song thru explanation of all terminology new and foreign to me then plays the tune so I can hear and remember. She reviews the notes (all types), their count, the chords and then it’s my turn to try to master either left or right hand first then opposite second.

It usually takes me a period of two weeks to master a difficult song with self-discipline of 30 minutes of practice most days.

Tuesday is my scheduled lesson day and once spoiled when I could walk around the block to my lesson in town I’m faced with 80 degree heat, no air conditioning in my vehicle, a four lane swing truss bridge that is closed more than open, construction work in progress on alternate routes and search for a parking space once downtown in the city across the river.

Thinking about all I must endure for a 1/2 hour piano lesson could give someone a case of the blues and think ‘no way’ or ‘not today’.

To succeed in any goal in life I’m fully aware that excuses are not a part of the formula so I shall go forth and think positive thoughts, practice another 1/2 hour at home and then off to my weekly instrumental adventure.





Daily Routine

Tomorrow begins a new month. For me it’s a month filled with birthdays starting with my oldest granddaughter who resides on the west coast. I send virtual greetings over the internet rather than expensive snail mail cards on these occasions.

Sipping my morning coffee I daily make the rounds of social media during early morning hours. Today my laptop nearly was the recipient of my cup of brew.

Why?  I gasped when I saw my replacement seven years my junior. The woman may be nice only she appears via her posts to be bragging thru hand gestures at her newfound love conquest.

Personally I refrain from broadcasting such info for others to view since I prefer to keep intimate details private.

Although quite familiar with the more popular emojis I had to access another branch of social media for definitions.

A heart encased in ribbon with a bow emoji, the victory hands emojis plus a few love you hands with two fingers pointed downward emojis spelled out to the world the obvious – a new fling in progress.  I wanted to puke.

Although I chose to terminate the sub-standard relationship, it still stings when a pic or post such as I viewed is found while scrolling one’s newsfeed.

Perhaps it’s his way to hurt me for dissolution of our relationship. Perhaps it’s the woman’s way of bragging about her new love interest.

I shall stand strong and not allow either assumption to wreak havoc in a beautiful day filled with sunshine. Ironic is how the following quote I read last week from my love quotes app held such true words.

“Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship – never.” ~ Charles Caleb Colton

On a positive note I took advantage of today’s daily prompt. Late last night I had tossed around some ideas for today’s blog only this morning I was still in stuck mode until I read the daily prompt – sub-standard.

I’m thankful I took the initiative to end a relationship headed nowhere and not accept the deal breakers nor his insecurities.

Although I value friendships I face two options. To delete the one network I previously agreed to his request to remain friends on would end all forms of communication and  our somewhat boring cordial messages or I could keep him as a friend and see how his love for her unfolds or dissipates with time.

I truly believe lepers rarely change their spots and his track record with women leaves much to be desired thus the latter option could prove interesting for writing purposes.

Decisions! Decisions!




Ice Cream Withdrawal

Summer months and all the favorite ice cream shops local and afar are offering up specials and limited edition flavors.

Since the beginning of year 2017 I’ve been a participant of a weight-loss program and my weight has been on the downward trend.

A changeover to the new healthier version of me was in full swing. Inclusive were some healthy recipe classes, daily walking, pre-planning of meals for one and record keeping.

My overall health showed signs of improvement as my clothing sizes became smaller and daily exercise left me refreshed and energized.

This weight loss journey took lots of self-discipline and at times self-denial. I’d document my food choices and often plated my meals, photographed them and posted them on Instagram.

I wasn’t prepared for sudden disappointment of a hope nor the roller coaster ride of emotions.

Saddened by the turn of events, I broke regimen and began to indulge in one of my favorite delicious food items, ice cream.

It’s my only guilty pleasure since no way would this child of an alcoholic turn to booze to curb the pain.

Ready for bed each night, I’d religiously measure out my 1/2 cup portion, consume it then return to the freezer to replenish the bowl with another serving plus a few extra tablespoons.

My favorite is classified as all-American dairy manufactured with milk and cream from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones and all colors and flavors from natural sources.

The preference to consume the culprit which contributed to my former beach ball figure from a dish rather than melting off a waffle or sugar cone allowed me on occasion to add additional toppings of chocolate sauce, whipped cream and maraschino cherries referred now to creation of an ice cream sundae.

The eye-opener this past week was disappointment of the numbers on the weigh-in scale at my physician’s 6-month visit. Although there was a registered weight loss, the goal I’d set for myself hadn’t been achieved thanks to my foolish behavior.

Amidst temperatures ranging from 70s thru 90s, the peak time for those who desire my favorite frozen dessert, I’m totally aware it’s time for me to curb my nightly craving and switchover to healthier choices.

Embarking on a restart feels a bit like the 40 days of Lent, the time period prior to Easter observed with fasting, repentance and practice of spiritual discipline.





The Road of Empty Prayer

Friendship can turn into love; however love back to friendship usually never. The hopeless romantic held out hope though.

All these cordial messages since the breakup are a manner of creative destruction following a period of inner peacefulness.

I could’ve defended your accusation of being ‘demanding’ only I chose not to play the drama card. No, I was the giver and you were the taker.

Life holds no promises. The words ‘perhaps’ and ‘maybe’ usually are a nice way of saying ‘I don’t think so’.

It appears the bargaining stage of grief came back to haunt me. I don’t want to be adrift  again hoping you’ll have a change of heart. I opt for steadfastness.

Quite by surprise along came the signs I needed to keep me afloat – a pink bow and an anchor.

In a hurry one morning this week  I ironed a new gray V-neck top and overlooked the cute pink bow and anchor.

A gal curious by nature, I researched both on the internet for their significance. I was surprised by what I read.

The color pink represents charm, compassion, nurturing, romance and unconditional love. Those were all inclusive in my love for you.

An anchor is a symbol of both hope and steadfastness defined as here is where I stand and these are rules I govern by within my life.

Realization now is I need to remove you from all phases of social media.  For a woman who is far from a quitter this is one of the saddest thoughts.

Truth is no amount of hope can fill my empty prayer of together again. It’s time for a new adventure, a new journey and hopefully a man who loves me unconditionally.



The Reset Button

Writer’s Block temporarily took hold on me shattering my thoughts and slamming the huge encyclopedia of vocabulary words I faithfully update on a daily basis.

Periodically topics of interest walked thru my mind then quickly disappeared similar to the setting sun following a beautiful day.

Typing more than a few sentences seemed more like a chore versus the interesting, educational fun associated with blogosphere.

I realized if this pattern continued my forever garden would soon be filled with spent wilted flowers – drought of blogs via procrastination.

A short conversation with two members of the Lovely Ladies group following our weekly Friday morning meeting left me with numerous positive thoughts.

Although my chosen outfit of the day was adorned with flowers and bling a choice of sad emoji faces – character fabric print filled with upside down smiles and tears would have been more appropriate and in sync with my mood and feelings.

A reformed people pleaser and still somewhat of a perfectionist I shall not quit rather  strive forward. I am a survivor.

This afternoon I looked up from my computer screen and viewed the large collage I created earlier in 2017 for my weight loss journey. Mirrored back at me was the large red 5 inch button which reads ‘Reset – Use As Necessary’.

It appears all I needed was this small message to ignite the desire to write random thoughts.

Back to Blogging!