Floral Minis

Avid gardener apartment's limited space
Enjoyment rose growing dilemma in place
Creative floral picture change size she face
Cultivate miniature roses in containers
Excellent idea brought to light - no brainer
Low maintenance requirements sun
Florist shop excursion fun
Petite beauties offered variety colors
Red, pink, white, orange, blue callers
Tradition Hybrid Teas showiest blooms
Chosen mini color red - significance be love
Move over spikey, give new floral buddie room
Three-tiered plant stand welcomes thee
A true beauty sits in bug-eyed beetle crockery
Adorns stand's top shelf
Today's purchase pleased self.

Gaggle of Ants

Indefinite number, yes
Waited too late snap pic I confess
Daily walk thru town
On occasion look down
Admiring smooth, flat concrete panels
Suddenly aware emotional sidewalk ants in cracks
Near scared beejeebers out of me thus procession
Beware moving forward step over panels in progression
Nostalgic thought to self
Childhood game - remembrance wealth
Never step on a crack
Or you'd break your mother's back
Frenzy ant pic chose to postpone
Lesson ahead far from unknown
Each day two weeks incorporated portion same street
Within daily zigzag walking pattern no ants meet
You're too late it appears - ant groups on vacation
Forgot to leave forwarding address of new location 
Still searching snapped picture Sunday of measly ants
Brought back memories adages heard over years
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
Time waits for no one - what more can I say
Neither did gaggle of frenzied ants who went astray.

Beauty and Beyond

According to a 2017 statistics map the world called Blogosphere is comprised of 409 million viewers around the world and submission of 22.5 billion pages each month.

An awesome selection of reads!

In a short span of time I’ve clicked on a myriad of blog posts written by both men and women of all ages. The pics above the title are a definite catch-all.

A few days ago a beautiful floral picture came to sight. The title incorporated the word ‘beauty’. I couldn’t resist to click on it and what a find besides the beautiful flower that led me into temptation to read yet one more blog.

As a near novice to the blogging world with lots to learn,  I had no idea when I clicked on the box ‘reblog’ the young Australian gal’s blog post would be transferred to my page over at Facebook. Surprise!

Although I failed to leave a comment for her after completion of read, rather only a like, she did send me a ‘thank you’. Another surprise – quite nice.

I wonder what led me to that page and selection.  For certain I had no idea the impact heretofore the contents her written words and scripture passages would bestow upon my clouded thinking pattern.

Reflection time brought to light how many, many years ago a similar post with different wording could have been written by me. Tragedy within my personal life changed me and often days when feeling the gray cloud over head, it’s an extremely difficult chore to think positivity lies ahead.

Beauty is defined as ‘overall’ qualities in a person or thing which give pleasure to the senses.

  1. Superficial beauty best describes a person lacking depth of character. It’s external, skin-deep and definitely not lasting.
  2. Inner beauty, in contrast, holds positive aspects not physically visible to the human eye.

Reality for me is what’s on the inside that counts. Early on in adult life I opted to be a member of the second category generally good, kind and honest while still maintaining semblance of outward beauty.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.  —-  John Keats




The True Definition of Beauty

My Blessing by Grace

Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to talk to you about beauty.  Specifically what beauty means to me and what I believe God’s definition of beauty is.

Psalm 139:13&14 says… ‘For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.’

My inspiration behind this post was Africa.  When I was in Africa I realised that a lot of the women I hanged around seemed a lot more confident than women here.  Even though comparison is something that people are guilty of everywhere including Africa, I noticed it was a lot less common.  That’s why the only post I published whilst I was in Africa for a month was ’12 Quotes for Quitting Comparison’.

I had not felt so accepted and beautiful just the way I am for…

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Interpretation of Tweet

Pen and notebook in hand
Took notes at 2:43 a.m.
Segmented sleep pattern no discretion 
Occurrence often nightly succession
Tick-tock repetitive sounds emit via clock
This morn suffering case writer's block
Utilization time for laptop
Today's blog post topic need to shop
Yesterday's read tweet
Message far from sweet
Imperative think and talk
Throw in dash sugar detox
Traits you love brings love to you
That which you hate you attract
Profound words - psychological impact
Interpreted tweet perfect sense
Powerful thoughts given prime time
Realization plenty fish in sea thus possible find
Addition memories those previously caught
Minus ones thrown back by thee
Hopeless romantic's possible another chance
Timing tweet read quite happenstance.

Future Freezer Queen

Empty nest syndrome
Creation single status
Cooking for one new task
Today's menu daily prep ask
Challenges face household one
Grocery checklist selection done
Supermarket aisles pace
Slowly since no race
Bargains seek and find
Possibility enjoy shopping time
Plan ahead healthy meals
Maximize, nutrition deals
Education, attitude combo difference
Forge ahead uttermost perseverance
Free offered cooking classes
Signed up in advance
Learning 'cooking for one' alas
Halved recipes shared
Freeze leftovers snared
Urge container creativity
Multi-color, various sizes selectivity
Time scan bookstore aisles new cookbook
If lucky perhaps find great selection in nook
Gather recipes, ideas and tips
Educate self ask questions lips
Possible make cooking experience fun
Preparation recipes for one
Fringe benefit end busy day
Necessary not takeout food pay.

It’s National Pizza Day

Pizza defined
Crust, sauce and topping
Pepperoni favorite mine
Wish leave heartburn behind
Popular dish worldwide
Deep-dish, twice-baked, thin crust decide
Personal preference circumference round
12 inch measurement medium size found
Scan menu decide toppings 1, 2 or three
Imagination - combos limitless rarely free
High caloric intake beware
Overindulgence waistline wears
Moderation definitely key
Pizza enjoyment during weight loss journey.

Laughing out Loud

Shopping trip bargain find
Showed pic to boyfriend online
Invite share crockpot beef stew
Drove distance forgot bowl in car, phew
Difficult consumption amount
Boyfriend's cooking fine
Too much good stuff bad for waistline
LOL emoji tears of joy soup bowl
Laughter so good for one's soul
Excellent choice the size
Meat and potato man's prize
Change of season in Northeast
Necessity prepare hot not cold feast
Slow cooker recipes favorite
Five ingredients cookbook quite the hit
Quick, easy method prepare many a dish
Gather required food items minimum five
Follow directions certain pot not overfill
Cover, set temperature low or high until
Hours later find cooked to perfection
Delicious dinner dish or a yummie confection. 

Gentle Utterances

No celebrity's face e'er worn
Suffered loss became forlorn
Amidst battles occasional strife
Chose thankfulness simple joys within life
Those who knew me well
Friends there when amidst hell
Adult children's recollection
Selfless mother's love shared thru time
Sacrifices absorbed brought to light
Conversational pieces void of fights
Far from ultimate perfection
Wind beneath children's wings divine
Bestowed comments ahead
Beautiful mass flower beds
Unspoken memories creativity shed
Music to ears - sheer delight
Magnifique bouquet creation highlights
Bow-wrapped tenure woman's life
Tragedy, loss, exhaustion nevertheless smiling face
Vintage gal continuance savior in grace
Forged ahead ambitiously thru longevity
Kindness, generousness and forgiveness good traits
Abundance 'remember whens' adorned tattered lace.

Quilting Bird Activity Window

Vibrations transmitted through the air
Find their way to the human's ear.
Perched high atop branches of neighborhood trees
Backyard birds, songbirds, often awaken thee.
A squawk, a peep, a series of notes
Echo ever so softly from several species throats.
To we humans a definite pattern can be heard
Soothing calls, albeit different messages to
Nature's Delightful Birds.