Identity Crisis Underway

Process transform negative thoughts positive ones  
Psych reckon exhausting lifelong practice inform

Population never experience emotional problems
Belief affirmation words salvation 'amen' outcome

Sender's sequential heartfelt daily messages dismiss
Receiver's knowledge words n'er solve problems exist

Value good friend's opinion sordid mess life dealt
Verbatim "Woman you certainly been beaten up" felt

Independent person dislike necessary favors ask
Liken requests to others become problematic tasks

Return to faith multitude life's unanswered questions
Hopeful future holds positivity numerous directions. 

© 2018 June Quintin

Tomorrow’s Pretty White Groundcover

Amidst Arctic blast
Bomb cyclone forecast

Meteorologists' new term
Define massive snowstorm

Blizzard conditions zone
Wintry precipitation frozen

Likelihood power outages
Falling branches 'n ice freeze alerts

Mother Nature's unleashed fury
Fabrication grandiose snow flurry

Snowfall accumulation range uncertain
Dislike cold weather close curtains

Bundled up shovel 'n snowbrush in tow
Frustration face removal inches fallen snow.

© 2018 June Quintin


Creativity Good Therapy

Life continuance self-improve
Download 30-day challenge to do

Dozen pages read twice over
Easy no expectation rule pass over

Personal scare stepping out comfort zone
Small achievements note boundaries unknown

Creative literary arts
Poetic genre writer embarks

Beauty thru expression
Rhyming in progression

Prior hobbies quilting 'n sewing
O'er Pinterest window shop gal going 

Search cute ideas feminine 2018 bucket list
'Hobbies Happy' ideas naught 'bout e'er resist

Adhere challenges check 'n track progress
Re-evaluate 30 days 'no complain' idea I digress.

© 2018 June Quintin

Happy New Year!

Ask why
No replies

Stories told
Facts unfold

Rules apparent
Discriminate evident

Befriend nice
Ultimate price

Goals anticipate
Attainment create

Comments adore
Bloggers' rapport

Countless acronyms
Letter abbreviations

Vocabulary collection
Writer's confection

Fireworks display
Frigid temps dismay

Good old times
Auld Lang Syne!

© 2017 June Quintin

2017 Winding Down

Computer room
Snowy afternoon

Morning post
Forgotten lost

Fridge priority
Foods seniority

Alien finds
Leftover kinds

More chores
Bathroom restore

Time unwind
Partake pastime

Thoughtful care
Wishful share

Coffee sips
Virtual quips

Thoughts ahead
Challenges 2018

Calendar space
January face

Guideline tools
Affirmation rules

Scanned prints
Self-care minutes

Random acts
Kindness compacts

Three levels
Intermediate specials

Hardest concept
Non-compliance precept

Coffee disappear
Wrap-up time here.

© 2017 June Quintin

Nature’s Blessings

Reinforcement labels stick 'n stay
Afternoon project soon underway

Perfect standard-size punched holes
Adhesive permanent stick pages hold

Kitchen wall antique brass nail attach
'Nature's Blessings' 2018 calendar alas

Pastel colors picturesque scenes perceive
Scripture passages within per chance found me

Admirer forever countryside nature 'n flowers   
Bees, butterflies and abundance cute critters  

Choice pick nature calendar store's display
Positive vibes transmission relevance sway.

© 2017 June Quintin

Winter Season

Days short
Nights long
Socializer cohorts
Constants strong

Frigid temps dry air
Static electric finds hair
Climate control hairspray rescue
Thankful out of control fly-a-ways subdue

Standing bathroom floor
Vibrational sensations sudden occur
Possibility atop downstairs light
Electrical current scare gal fight

Problem solve hunch
Think indulge brunch
Tea 'n biscuit incline
Follow creativity timeline

Half-double crochet temperature throw
Additional colors combination juxtapose
Twenty-one rows necessary intertwine
Prior start chosen scalloped border design.

© 2017 June Quintin

Virtual Morning Media Commute

Dark 'n rainy outside
PC mailroom bright inside

Fifty-five messages wait
Reads thou anticipate

Media connections awry
Subtract thirty-two exacts, oh my

Original message though quite nice
Words of love entertain heed advise

Open holiday wishes plus gift next
Dislike sales disguise via wish text

Certainly homework done not well
Color preference fabric choice pastels

Check today's local weather forecast
Hourly transfer disapproval relocation southwest

Quick social media newsfeed check
Positive messages look 'n share few select

Tend virtual animated garden application
Poinsettias, ice flowers, critters cute creation

Unexpected moments positive stuff arrives
Requests priority 'Be Unique' merchandise.

© 2017 June Quintin

Today’s Surprise

Miniature gift
3 inch flashlight

Purse attach
Picture catch

Image stare
Color artifacts scare

Angel ghost appearance
Questionable experience

Further look orbs - eyes
Additional visual surprise

Type lens flare reflection
Higher source connection

Paranormal activity
Transformation creativity

Energy white orbs definition
Highly positive nature reception.

© 2017 June Quintin

Winter Solstice

Northern hemisphere
Official arrival winter 

Shortest day calendar year
9:26:18 exact darkness appear

Bright lighted rainbow colored tree décor
Sparkling balsamic candles glow galore

Reminder daily walks thru forest pines
Woody fragrance aroma simply divine

Winter blues - seasonal funk attempt overturn
Lack of sun emotional toll SAD depression return.

© 2017 June Quintin