Impulse Buy – Nutrition Eyes

Tough resist a bargain
Aisle by aisle seasonal shoppin'

Nutrition joke present dieter designate
Ideal wrapped stocking stuffer resonate

Packet sheets stickers google eyes
Food items watcher e'er thought surprise

Beans veggie alias name legumes
Gaseousness increase more consume

Broccoli edible green plant resemble tree
Mass flower heads surrounded by leaves

Bananas long distance travelers from tropics
Potassium essential produce section supermarkets

Cheese one of several known dairy products
Found sliced, cubed, shredded 'n occasional blocks

Word bank insufficient writer finds end busy day
Deliver more info hiatus decision inept role play.

© 2017 June Quintin 

Quilting a Leisure Activity

The arts per se
Individualism portray

Personality traits
Purchase 'n thought

Combination colors dynamic select
Production fabric harmonious effect

Preference decision hand sewn foreseen
Versus quilter's utilization sewing machine

Determination choice potential
Completion timespan preferential

Supplies 'n tools all assemble
Pre-cut desired requirement squares 'n triangles

Various placement creation quilt blocks
Ornamental décor via stitching proceed interlock

Quilt size measurements offer patterns galore
Choices baby quilt through king size bed grandeur 

Log cabin patchwork or applique beautiful
Passionate woman's creation dream resemble 

Completion three-layered process unique
Self-satisfaction whene'er view personal masterpiece.

© 2017 June Quintin    

Imagination 101

Festive mode fake tree den sits 
Trial idea aluminum foil sheets

Paper shredder create confetti 
Box strips green 'n gold generics 

Snip 'n organize tinsel surprise
Filled box decorate tree visualize 

Leftover flecks place diva wine glasses
Add red 'n white peppermints décor disguise 

Hustle 'n bustle - shop 'n wrap
Time pajamas 'n warm hot cocoa mix sip

A bout of imagination class 101
Dream away tis month holiday fun. 

© 2017 June Quintin 



Curious Soul

Avid reader's view fellow blogger's writing prompt
'Vermicious Knids' - possible kids' description taunt

Vocabulary words definition unknown
Test 'gut instinct' win or lose fail groan

Grannie's entrance self-debate
Timespan allowance topic delegate

Challenge face research 'n create poem
Web search hyperlinks helpful nevertheless bemoan

Physically drowsy foggy mind stares
Lacking interest in fictional alien creatures 

Whenever writing hobbie becomes task
Continuance or put-off 'til tomorrow question ask

Motivational Monday chores responsible post delay
Think 'n type tackle maneuver presently underway

Information 'bout prompt quite ample
Consideration though offer up mere sample

Fictional tales dark egg-shaped predators
Hostile race reside miles from Earth's spheres

Portrayed in books word 'Chocolate' within titles
Finalize poem square milk chocolate writer entitle. 

© 2017 June Quintin

Advent Season

First day Christian Liturgical year
Advent countdown calendars households appear

Traditional calendar theme once found
Manger scene and Saint Nicholas bound

Today's calendars 'wow' multitude themes
Successful purchase thereof smiles agleam

Christmas beauty capture via vintage scene
Countryside selection facial expression serene

Angels 'n stars above
Tree trunk hole rest peace doves

Footprints in fallen snow
Children's hearts all aglow

Daily open numbered flap-covered windows
Hidden half-inch milk chocolate squares show 

Holiday season's colorful shining bright lights
L'il bit 'bout Advent calendar per se today write.

© 2017 June Quintin

Conveyance Words Thru Poetic Messages

Fun exercise - mind race against computer clock
Mince words opposite message convey
Tryin' hard beat set deadline void delay
Stress reduction hobby possible idea betray

Poem applicable weaving words prompt
Fundamentals of Textiles college course
Watchful eyes loom process fabric woven
Educational despite years clothing previous sewn

Creation poetry derived small group words
Haphazardly interwoven over years hobbies
Fabric yardage - sewing machines 'n notions
Art of creativity similar to bottles love potion

Little attention paid actual poem word count
Perfection post necessity tonight discount
Shortly switchover day '2' month December
Shocking discovery reading posts one night November.

© 2017 June Quintin

Smile – Tis Holiday Season

Morning shopping department store
Conversation overheard
Woman's complaint holiday season
No longer fun anymore totally understood

Festive times family celebrations spiritual
Thru years rapidly changed too commercial
Remembrance days filled wrapped presents
Ad display gift certificates season understatement

Now upfront store's pharmacy checkout counter
Clerk apologetic problem lack of dollar bills cash
Near whispered comment quarters acceptable 'n fine
Awareness new-hired cashiers season stressful time

High percentage seniors pleasant demeanor embrace
Amidst technology's e'er constant fast change pace
Attitude transform frown to smile free idea in place
Readiness spirit joyful holiday season undertake.

© 2017 June Quintin

Grandma’s 1st Fur Grandbaby

Official greeter
Daughter's house
Black 'n white Boston Terrier
Giver 'n taker love reception kisses

Kind intellectual expressions
Eyes large dark 'n round
Reliable watchdog gentle breed selection
Capability melt coldest heart around

Fairly lightweight 'n short-tailed
Smooth fine-textured coat
Attitude 'n description entailed
Overall fur grandbaby's good traits grannie wrote

Grandchildren's lovable cuddle-bug terrier
'Yes' demander visitor's acknowledgement
Warm socialistic behavior y'all carrier
Incredible gift 'joy' brought thru happy temperament.

© 2017 June Quintin

Faith Chagrin Serene

Reality shows boredom
Brightened lights turned on
Background country tunes listen
Unforeseen circumstance c'mon

Impossible comprehend
Power of memory exercise loss
Previous chapters 'n contents storage depend 
Senior's energy-fueled remembrance show who's boss  

Participant catch-up scan 'n read marathon
Pencil checked words 'yes' helpful assist 
Hastily read 'n progress enlightenment whereupon
Yellow fluorescent highlighter usage win persist

Chosen read 'bout God-filled strategies
Spiritual messages usage e'er negativity strike
Way now think, feel 'n live transformation
Ironic! 100% optimistic thinking a definite like. 

© 2017 June Quintin

Recreational Writer’s Life

Morning ambition
Bereft of topic
Accessed cell phone pics
Snapchat ladybug timer video clip transfix

Shame cell phones lack manuals
Comparison landscape devoid of life
Topics galore brainstorm entreat granules
Writer's efforts post success occasional strife

Tick - Tick mental suggestion
Beetle timer remarkably good device
Finite duration precise daily allowance
Method recognition passage favorite pastime.

© 2017 June Quintin