Three Things Challenge-M291

Prompt words:  fright – Hallelujah – cinders

The middle-aged spinster threw several of her journals into
the living room fireplace in hopes trashing them would soon
reduce years of unpleasant memories to cinders.

In anticipation to view the dastardly deed she dressed in comfy
flannel pjs, a robe and matching slippers then poured herself
a glass of expensive red wine and retired to the massive couch.

A few sips of her selected pick-me-up coupled with the immense
warmth in the room and soon the old maid fell fast asleep.

Due to poor burning techniques smoke started to fill up the room.

Suddenly awakened by both the smoke alarm and a loud knock at
the front door the spinster was in a state of fright.

Through the peep hole she observed the stranger sportin’ black

Hallelujah, he had come to rescue her.

Three Things Challenge #M289

Today’s words:  secrete – stash – hidden

Hidden in the freezer section of my fridge is a bag of Hershey Milk
Chocolate Nuggets.

I consider it part of my stash of comfort foods.

Since dark chocolate is the recommended healthy chocolate, I realize
to consume my choice on a regular basis puts a huge dent in any
attempt at weight loss.

‘On occasion it’s okay to consume one or two nuggets’ has been a form
of self-sabotage.

Good heavens where did I ever come up with this thought pattern?

Besides the high caloric count this absolutely yummie non-nutritional
‘reward myself’ snack to date also continues to result in acne.

Only my mask can secrete the presence of red blemishes which appear
on my face.


Three Things Challenge – M232

today’s words:  bend – curve – circle

Bride: “Did you see the recent social media post?”
Groom:  “No.”
Bride:  “There’s a huge sign posted on the door of the extravagant restaurant
we booked for the wedding.”
Groom:  “What does it say?”
Bride (now in tears):  “Closed for business – For Sale”
Groom:  “Wow, that throws a huge curveball into our plans.”
Bride:  “You think!!”
Groom: “Try to relax, there’s another popular 5-star restaurant around the bend.”
Bride:  “If you’re referring to our second choice, the establishment was booked
solid a year ago.”
A dilemma to solve 😢
Panicked now, the loving couple continue their conversation over dinner talking
in circles.