Habit`Acrostic Poem

H ankering strong
A ction automatic
B ehavior addictive
I ndulgence frequent
T endency regular

Ever develop a new habit and question the why?
A recent craving for a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream
is becoming a concern.
The timing ranges from 11:00 p.m. same day to 2:00 a.m. following one
determined by noise from a most inconsiderate overhead tenant which
awakens me from a sound sleep.
To report said individual will serve no purpose other than possible increase
of problem.
He thinks only of himself – factor discovered when vocalized another noise
complaint of different nature.
The hours of ‘quiet enjoyment’ mean little to a narcissist who feels entitled to
do whatever because he pays his rent.
Apartments are scarce; rents are excessively overpriced (some more than a
mortgage payment).
Let me tell you:  “Not all prisons have bars”, therefore I endure my circumstances.

Should I be worried about my newfound habit or should I just enjoy that cup
of cocoa and its effects?
After all this comfort drink manages to relax me, allowing me to fall back to sleep.

SoCS-May 13th

weekly prompt ‘usage of word with over in it’

Do I understand the assignment? Yes!!

Okay, let’s begin . . . internet research.

There’s 2,368 words available that begin with ‘over‘.

In descending order these words range from 15 letters down to 4 letters ‘over’.

In comparison only 141 words end with ‘over‘.

Their range starts with 12 letter words down to 4 letter word ‘over‘.

In my web search I also found words that contain ‘over‘ and words with the
prefix ‘over‘.

Are you confused yet? I am!!  I’m having a problem with the word selection


D ivulge particulars
I nfo communicable
S pread knowledge
C onversant definite
O verall conclusions
V ersed outstanding
E ssential statistics
R esult ‘whip-smart’

I think perhaps I should have stuck with first thought ‘over‘ the hill and through the
woods to grandmother’s house I go for this exercise-challenge.

Too late!!


What Do You See: #122

Photo Prompt

P erception
A ddiction
R eaction
A bomination
N avigation
O bviation
R ogation
M otivation
A lleviation
L egislation

The above is a combo attempt:

  • an acrostic poem
  • story through usage of suffix ‘ion’

Vivid colors ~ skeleton hands ~ cell phone/tablet ~ distraction
Forewarning ~ text and drive ~ realization ~ ‘no future’


Aggravation: Acrostic Poem

A ccess denied senior housing
G ains losses honest frustration
G low wanes hope diminishes
R itual continues night in, night out
A ggro intensifies lack quality sleep
V exation position day in, day out
A ltered persona kindness to nastiness
T reated unjustly umpteen times
I nappropriate mannerisms unresolved
O bsessive compulsive surreptitious adult
N asty inconsiderate nocturnal vampire heart hates.

A n x i e t y

A pprehension (fear that something unpleasant about to happen) creates

N ervousness (state of constantly being nervous / on guard) happens

X actly (precise response evil doers wish for innocents) following

I rritable (annoyed from reading news articles actual facts unknown) decision

E nthusiasm (skills personal start-the-day best used elsewhere) happiness

T ake-charge (mode daily behavior mood control whatever) depends

Y earning (desire feelings of peacefulness thru other venues) social media good-bye

Sunflower – Bright Yellow

Symbol of adoration and friendship 
Ultimate reward eatable seeds snack
Nutrient-rich soil concrete requirement
Flower heads resemblance flowers daisies
Long tap roots one to three feet depth
Overfertilization cause stem breakage
Water infrequently and deeply recommend
Excellent cut flower for decorative usage
Range height four (4) to twelve (12) feet