S ilence – void conversation
E motionally unagitated
R elaxed quietude surrounds
E venness of temper constant
N irvana – state of perfect happiness
I mperturable composure – neither excited nor upset
T ranquil feelings fill the body much like calm of rippled waters
Y en also known as peace in English – miraculous state of mind – found


Friday the 13th – An Imbecile

Friday thirteen
Overthink association
Fan’s bad luck unforeseen

Magical thinking during night
One 1.32K app fans’ actions opposite delight
Saved ‘n shared video one of several Supermes
90.5K times another’s work – idea gain popularity  

Beneath the glowing cube of chosen pics
Foreign language ‘German’ hashtag read
Emoji – from this painting protect yourself
Thanks Google Translate for this morn’s help

Tis sad when person’s main intentions enjoyment fun
Jealousy, haters, spoilers and constant rule breakers
Top of list fan comments state ‘not yours’  reporting you hun 
Record time my creation imbecile’s site gone – wise decision block her.

M aneuver
B ackfires

E xploitation
C aught
I mitation
L oses out
E radication 

ever wonder - imbeciles - mark twain (2)

Writing Prompt ~ Bold and Billowy

A blog
A place to vent
Archived or current events

Gray cloud 
Grows overhead
Goodness knows what lies ahead

All e'er desire
Acknowledgement job well done
Achievement awards show wall hung

Infuriated thanks humanity
Inappropriate topics show high reads score 
Incredible informative articles appear often ignored

Nouns descriptive adjectives mind form
Ne'er indulge drama anywhere social media
Nor divulge private info networks digital literacy. 

~ JAQ 

August Writing Prompts

Mental Health: Acrostic Poem

M isunderstood illnesses show
E arly warning signs sadly
N eglected way too often although
T reatable with professional diagnosis
A cceptance reality by patient necessary
L ife's quality limitations become non-existence

H elpful individual follows plan treatment
E ccentric behavioral patterns soon disappear
A nxiety attacks chronic and acute no longer fear 
L imited socialization trade-off new acquaintances
T rust issues previous replacement be green light 
H appiness emotional restoration patients' facial glow.

© 2019 June Quintin