Mental Health: Acrostic Poem

M isunderstood illnesses show
E arly warning signs sadly
N eglected way too often although
T reatable with professional diagnosis
A cceptance reality by patient necessary
L ife's quality limitations become non-existence

H elpful individual follows plan treatment
E ccentric behavioral patterns soon disappear
A nxiety attacks chronic and acute no longer fear 
L imited socialization trade-off new acquaintances
T rust issues previous replacement be green light 
H appiness emotional restoration patients' facial glow.

© 2019 June Quintin

Hypothyroidism: Acrostic Poem

H air balls clog bathtub drain
Y outhful physique self-destruct
P rescription side effect weight gain
O ddly feel no different kick up a fuss 
T hwart desire improve appearance
H airbrush chock-full fallen locks
Y ears physician's diagnosis depression
R esults lab forthwith thyroid underactive
O ver decades salt-free heart-healthy diet
I odine loss contributing factor 
D ecisions medical to point confuse
I rritation finding lack of cause of 
S ituational irony medical unfortunate
M ental anguish mirror reflection crestfallen

© 2019 June Quintin

Supermarket Shock

S uddenly amidst florals face-to-face
U nusual chatterbox foot taller stands
P rogrammed robotic store’s spill locater
E choes messages loud clearly understood
R einforcements human scene appear
M eticulously attend to problem on hand
A nxious shoppers curious ’bout mechanism
R eminisce betwixt site before eyes
K indhearted welcomer lacking body parts
E nsures safety of stores thousands shoppers
T ransmission synchronized remarkably reliable.

©  2019 June Quintin