Observation: Good Faith Versus Deception

Alas no degree

Blogger’s fun
Write posts pen poems

Preference all time
Quality o’er quantity

Pondering reason
Certain folk fan count excess

Assets minus liabilities
Formula owner’s equity

Blogger’s ratio question
Move forward calculations

Post receives 30 likes

Aware certain social media apps
A fee able follower count increase

Google search reveal manner

Deceptions adding paid-for numbers

All wish be numero uno
Followed liked ‘n well known

Best practice earn those followers
Sad learn exist patterns elusive near

Practice to deceive only individual hurt is self.

Word: Lucky

People usually associate the word ‘lucky’ with good fortune.

Hmm – quite opposite scenarios . . .

A mornin’ read ’bout 400 people who ‘allege’ they became ill,
experiencing gastrointestinal issues, not long after consuming
a bowl of cold breakfast cereal. The brand’s name contained
aforementioned adjective.

Some ‘alleged’ their poop turned green (OMG) and unknown
to me there’s actually a website ‘Iwaspoisoned’.

My thoughts turned back in time to a hilarious incident.
I had no experience with fish nor did I own an aquarium.

Returning after school from a field trip my child greeted me
holding a plastic bag filled with clear water and ‘one’ orange
colored goldfish.

She named it ‘Lucky’ and fortunately Mom had a spare round
bowl, its’ new home within a home.

Time to give ‘Lucky’ a room-by-room tour.

And then the ‘unexpected’ happened . . .

The bowl slipped out of her hands and in horror Mom
and brother watched the petite goldfish meet with the
kitchen floor.

Followed was a touch of humor – sounds of giggles as
kids watched the tiny creature dance the belly-flop in a
puddle of water.

What to do?? Question of that day!!

A quick transfer to another bowl with regular tap water.

Neither being dropped in mid-air nor normal H2o for
fish was ‘luck’.

Learning lessons . . .

First the shock landing and second unfiltered water sadly
shortened the lifespan of one goldfish.

Out of the mouths of kids: “Lucky wasn’t so ‘lucky’ after all.”

A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘D’

Dare I Complain Day

The words I remember from years ago beginning with the letter ‘D’, 
mere residents amid absolute foreign ones – an eyeopener for me.

When you refrain from participation in a hobby for years all the
changes that occurred could cause one to fall into despair. 

I remembered the letter ‘D’ in regard to decrease a stitch, double
crochet, double treble and dye lots of yarn. 

In my new stitch dictionary, the index lists 16 new ‘D’ words and
I’m interested to learn about ‘Dots and Diamonds’.

Yesterday I opened up my new book to view the sample stitches
and found a huge surprise along with the pictures = charts with

No idea when they came into play; however, I like to learn so
I’ll do my research.

Today’s letter from the alphabet buffet ‘words crochet’ sadly
found me in state of disarray.
Letter ‘E’ scheduled for tomorrow hope overnight to sharpen
my skills = purvey.


A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘C’

Chosen your project
Access aisles skeins yarn behold
Color charts must-have

Dedicated followers know I enjoy writing Poetry.
I believe the above is called a Senryu via definition: awkward moment
in one’s life.

My personal preference is for pastel colors although on occasion I’ve
dabbled in bright hues.

Listed below are three color combos.

The first is ‘analogous’ – colors next to each other on color wheel.

Second consists of two colors ‘complimentary’ opposite each other
on color wheel.

Third is known as ‘split complementary’ – begin with one color, mark
your complementary color on the color wheel then choose two colors
(one on each side).

A few abbreviations:
Color A: Main Color (MC)
Color B: Contrast Color (CC)

There are numerous hues of basic colors as seen in various dye lots.
When purchasing yarn for your project it’s important to buy enough
skeins of same dye lot. Why? Over a period of time one may discover
a slight change in the shades.

There’s also multi-colored yarn known as variegated which is dyed
different colors. Each section repeats with progression of project.

Today’s picture share is of a Temperature Throw in its beginning
stages. The colors (usually 8 to 10) change with the temperatures
on a crocheter’s pre-designed chart.

A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘A’

The ‘Art of Crochet’, aesthetic beauties delicately crafted, appealed to me
back in the ’60s.

A pattern, several skeins of yarn, the correct size crochet hook, a yarn needle
and scissors were all the basics supplies required to master this ‘easier than
knitting’ hobby.

Renewed interest 2022 = ALWAYS MORE TO LEARN!!

Today I’ll share with you some of the basic ‘abbreviations’ beneficial to the
beginner crocheter.

CH – chain stitch ~ used to begin most projects
SC – single crochet ~ easiest stitch
DC – double crochet
MC – main color
CC – contrast color
TC – treble crochet
SK – skip a stitch
YO – yarn over
FO – fasten off
SL ST – slip stitch
INC – increase
DEC – decrease
REP – repeat – usually found with instructions in parentheses

Above are some of which I used and now I’m learning new ones. Imagine!!

Advice to newbies:  Quality stitches are achieved over time with lots of practice.

A-To-Z Challenge: April 2022

Fellow Bloggers . . .

Today, April 2nd, 2022, the A-to-Z challenge appeared before me.
I couldn’t find any hyperlinks, so I figured I’d wing it and play the
game catch-up with the alphabet.
Recently I returned to the art of crochet.
Former searches of this topic showed few results.
This would be an opportunity to share my renewed interest.
At this time, I’d like to do ‘my theme reveal’ as ‘Art of Crochet’.

A Man and his Dog

It’s amazing the info you remember when awake

at 3:00 a.m.

I need to purchase a new recording device as short-

term memory is ‘short’ these days.

The hands of the clock, tick-tock – tick tock, most

definitely move at the pace of a snail.

This week I shared answers to a few exercises from

my self-love journal.

One day I wrote ’bout a tragedy, a stillbirth, followed

by a miracle (birth of my ‘Rainbow baby’ two years

later on same date, near exact time).

A short share ’bout forgiveness and indiscretions.

Within days of returning home after the stillbirth,

a strange occurrence began during dinner hour.

The telephone would ring followed by a hangup

when I answered the call.

Approximately an hour later the person whom I

loved most in the world would leave (new regimen)

for a nightly walk with the Beagle on leash.

To spend some time alone after a loss can be

therapeutic for the paternal parent – known fact.

It didn’t take long to catch onto this new pattern.

The phone call was a signal and three hours

later man and dog returned home.

Although far from funny at the time, neither

of them lost an ounce.

There were lots of harsh words spoken and

the decision to remain married rather than to

divorce agreed upon by both.

People at vulnerable times often seek solace

elsewhere. Sad, but true.

If you’ve lived thru such an experience, you’ll

understand healing from a tragedy doesn’t

occur in the arms of another.

Indiscretions only exacerbate the situation

marital partners should work on together.

SoCS: June 12th 2021

prompt: drive

Finally found drive blog more often
Lucky me wi-fi connection malfunction

Early morn felt pangs internet defeat
Cable provider proud occupant driver’s seat

Amazing technology still scads inability control
Shopping trip cool off cessation feeling blood boil

Creative gal love crochet items since back-in-day
Drive near hour specific brand yarn sale underway

Unfamiliar territory avoid traffic side street turn off
Lucky me, a one-way and ahead approaching car – city cop

Flagged pullover in progress driver warning heeds
Overgrown tree branches hid traffic sign politely she pleads

Rethink out-of-town sales option save shopper oodles cash
Fortunate day honest error, no GPS, result drive humongous laugh.


What Do You See #85 – June 7th 2021

A kitten so adorable, so tiny compared to a full-grown cat captures my heart.

I think back of teenage days, a trip to my girlfriend’s uncle’s farm and a litter

of kittens awaiting adoption inside a red barn.

That Sunday I would return home with my first pet, a calico kitten.

I named her Toastie perhaps due to her multi-colors – hard to remember now.

She was an indoor kitten who when I went to school would tear the wallpaper

to shreds.

Perhaps that’s what today is referred to as separation anxiety from the only

individual in the household who was capable of actual love, me.

I don’t know how long Toastie was with me – perhaps my parents intentionally

let her go outdoors when I was studying hard at school.

Thinking back ‘she disappeared’ were the words told to me.

I’d never see my cute, cuddly Toastie again.

She was the first and last kitten / cat in my life.

Although I always preferred cats versus dogs once married I heard the word, ‘NO’.