3:52 a.m.
Still tired – bit confused
Dang tenant lacks consideration

Life full deceit
Desperately seeks
Winner be versus admission defeat

Words penned
Mini-story begins
Additional notes topic wisdom
Another chapter versed Ageism

I didn’t realize yesterday was ‘National Forget-Me-Not Day’ until I brought up
the page of my favorite senior center early this morn.

The post must have been incoming the latter portion of the day thus I missed it.

No e-cards sent nor received, no special phone calls nor a quite popular way to say
‘I miss you’ – ‘I remember you’ by sending a packet of Forget-Me-Not seeds via mail.

What’s happened to humans? We forget to remember.

Perhaps a calendar of what each day is special for would be a wonderful
holiday gift.

It’s interesting how a bad experience can alter one’s mood.

Yesterday I asked my hometown group a question with regard to vehicle
inspection stickers and extensions.

I was thankful to the intelligent individuals who replied; however, the group
administrator (name foreign to me) commented I should inquire at the RMV.

It’s interesting how a bit of power from someone younger goes straight to
their head.

Early afternoon while still sunny and balmy I proceeded to the mechanic’s
garage and the sticker good for one year is now adhered on my vehicle’s

Today – hey I’m blogging about myself – a page from the daily diary.

I did some writing – three people received e-mails from me as I found it’s best
not to procrastinate when the opportunity arises to write them.

Reading news articles, writing mini-letters – I shouldn’t have sat down on the
couch with my notebook. Why?

No lunch rather took an early p.m. nap. Oh, lovely!!

I’m near 100% certain this post is far from what I would have written had I
remained awake earlier today.

Tired I think I’ll close rather than continue to babble out loud. I realize anyone
who reads this can’t actually hear my voice; they can form their opinion though
based on my thoughts typed here.

Truthful Tuesday: Nov. 10th 2020

Today’s questions: post-election

Question: Have the results of the US Presidential election left you feeling relieved,

apprehensive, hopeful or some other emotion?

Answer: apprehensive as I read the possibilities that ‘may’ lie ahead for citizens.

Question: Have you been surprised at all by the emotions and reactions of others

regarding the results?

Answer: No, people form their own opinions and if you don’t agree with

them then best you ‘walk on eggshells’ and refrain from the topic of politics.

SoCS: October 31st

Today’s prompt word: trick

Yesterday my eyes played a hilarious trick on me.

I scanned the reminder post and wrote down the words: ‘have fun’.

Nobody likes to read depressing posts and to myself I thought what’s going to be fun

about Halloween 2020.

Earlier today I checked to find fellow bloggers writing about the word ‘trick‘.

How did I not see the correct prompt?

Scrolled too fast ~~ PERHAPS ~~ I laughed at myself.

The realization my desire to write energizer bunny battery had been stuck on low

percentage several days coupled with this IMO hilarious error the idiom

‘took the cake’ crossed my mind.

I’ve been questioning myself ’bout lots of personal stuff this week as how to


Asked the question ‘why don’t I blog for money’ was posed to me by a family


Likely there’s videos on YouTube with suggestions only I didn’t bother to research

Originally I had a goal to publish only midway through I quit due to lack of fictional

content and funds.

One could say, ‘I beat myself up about a goal unfinished which is not nor ever has

been my style’.

I knew I was tired from all the lifestyle changes, the missed opportunities and

most recent the lack of socialization due to the ongoing health crisis.

When you are going through a rough patch or having a bad day, you discover real

friends who encourage you.

For them I’m most grateful (you know who you are) and I send you all a ‘Blessed

Thank you’.

Back to the publishing idea and an international group I belong to on Facebook

Tis like my mind played a ‘don’t feel so bad for yourself’ trick when I accessed

the group after weeks away.

Yesterday’s question posed to the group was in regard to the length of time to

write, edit and actually publish a book.

I was in awe at the responses which ranged from 6 months for a children’s book

to a number of years with one never publishing their book.

The most hilarious answer I read: “My first book took a ‘year’ to write then I hid

it in the cupboard for ‘5 years

Pondering the thought – what led me to the group this Halloween – another mind


On a positive note, perhaps this was more of a treat to help me get back on track.

Why Am I Here?? I Ask Myself

Today’s submission highlights another numerical square of October’s calendar page. (check)

Recently I received a notification, an anniversary celebration 4 (four) years blogging.

Sadly the followers count appears to place me in the ‘not so popular’ rank / category.

I’ve done my best while dealing with a vast amount of negative circumstances – most

which I chose not to share – as personal info I consider to be private.

I believe we all like to feel we belong somewhere in this vast world only right

now I’m numb.

Every time I join a group the majority of others have a significant other on whom they

can rely.

Since I’m human I can’t help but wonder ’bout all those ‘whys’ with no valid answers.

I feel the need to rethink this goal a bit and decide either to pursue / continue or

quit / give up.

To those bloggers who interact with me and leave nice comments I say ‘Thank you’.

Okay I guess my thoughts are now headed for Blogosphere.

I face the decision to return tomorrow or leave the world of writing over here.

Simply 6 Minutes Challenge – Oct. 27th 2020

challenge: write ‘whatever’ comes to mind from viewing the picture

I see the inground pool and I reminisce about years I lived in the countryside.
My neighbors on one side purchased inground pools and on the other side of
them was those, including I, who could only afford above-ground ones.

Each summer we women would gather around poolside while we watched
our young children play and sometimes disagree. There was one game they
played where spoken over and over were the words ‘Marco Polo’

If only I could turn back the clock and relive those happier times of my life.
Sadly we make decisions based on circumstances and for some of us there are
no re-dos.

On occasion I dream about days and nights gone by only dreams often become
nightmares – ones I wish ne’er compare to happier yesterdays.

Word count: 129

World Mental Health Day – 2020

What's wrong??

Genetics 'n circumstances
Resulted in GAD diagnosis  
A daily force to reckon with 
No, I didn't ask for 'emphasis'

Fourteen years psychotherapy
Ne'er erase true past events
Leavings years of faithfulness
Still incapable if e'er circumvent

This morning's start was accompanied by a strange sensation foreign to me.
A state of extreme calmness left me wondering what's ahead - like little
mattered anymore.

I accessed Facebook and read two posts = sad medical situations written
by friends of friends.

Numb to it all 

I guess the one word 'support' something lacking within my personal life at
the present time has impacted me somehow. 

I feel like a weed - no more flower. Faced with my own medical issues to be
addressed next week I felt no desire to place usual encouraging words. 

Over a period of time I've joined groups, shared info and interacted with 
numerous members, people who've experienced similar hardships, people 
who actually understand. 

What happened to my compassion and empathy for others?? 

Could it be I'm having a bad day?? 

Who knew it was World Mental Health Day??

I discovered first thru a post that appeared in the Reader then I
followed up with a double-check on the internet and 'yes' tis true.


Depression – Empty Feelings

Realization and admission of factors set me back – impossible move forward path.

Tired of all the bull-crap people peddle seems like each forgot wear rubber boots

before dancing in puddles. 

It’s hard to admit defeat – always thought continue the struggle – win – beat.

Tis not I consider self a failure; tis trying to do too much late in life alone well

competition difficult for one-man band.

I’ve read the posts written about events of people’s weeks – interesting some

complain while others embellish.

I’m onboard with knowledge of people prefer positivity over negativity only

a certain few need to get grips on own reality.  

Life seems easier for the rich – harder for the middle class.

Does that any longer actually exist?

I empathize with the minority folk extremely poor.

The percentage of humans suffering due to circumstances beyond their control

continues to grow – a first morning read facts untold.

Scrolled down to find a well-written article on the topic of the global

virus beginning to hit close to home in the states – no concern social status.

It’s truly scary – people worldwide panic-stricken – actual number of victims risen.

When shopping in recent days I’ve witnessed people wearing masks.

Try not overthink since reasons why crossed my mind be measure precautionary 

Versus someone been in close contact with infected person possibility.

Went on to read an article about a benign illness my own body had succumbed to

back in the 90s. Various thoughts ran thru my head due to words I read – really?

An actual patient educated with facts I was quite shocked to read some words

because I questioned those written facts.

Unbelievable but true: 

I actually was thankful when my computer malfunctioned – usual an occurrence

often dread.

Well I’ve blogged today – no prompts rather lots of random thoughts. 

With that I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture-perfect inspirational quote

which could be the front of a Hallmark card uncertain what occasion though

‘Thinking of You’ how nice: 


quote about life from unknown author





February 27th – Polar Bear Day

Bear cubs play
Cold ice Artic days

Skillful acrobats
Beware human contact

Ne’er knew Polar bears largest land carnivore
Preference cuddlies stuffed found department store

Today feel out-of-sorts
Void of actual live-in cohort

Imperative send future son-in-law birthday greeting
Discover lots special days cards useful those love tweeting