Colorful ‘n Hilarious Bargain

Guilty pleasure
Comical treasure

Change purse eye
Poop emojis LOL cry

Fashionable timesaver
Organizational behavior

Purchase payment cash
Loose change place crash

Previous locate spare coins
Bottom handbag sections join

Denominations pennies thru quarters
Problem resolver quick monetary clutter

Amazement precious time humans sacrifice
Senseless search items continuance exercise.

© 2018 June Quintin 


Improvement recollect situation
Dollar store bargain fluorescents

Self-stick note flags 100 'n count
Problem solver quick access obtain

Shortcut to 'favs' - last page trace read
Path marv' inexpensive colorful bookmarkers

Unique technique easily reader navigates
Supplement or replacement bright highlighters

All that's left final step timesaver access
Chosen colors book types 'n genres flag process

Wholly engaged language creativity
Oblivious outside weather turn gloom

Small wonder words appearance similarity
Thanks darkness' n torrential rain mid-afternoon.

© 2017 June Quintin

Laughing out Loud

Shopping trip bargain find
Showed pic to boyfriend online
Invite share crockpot beef stew
Drove distance forgot bowl in car, phew
Difficult consumption amount
Boyfriend's cooking fine
Too much good stuff bad for waistline
LOL emoji tears of joy soup bowl
Laughter so good for one's soul
Excellent choice the size
Meat and potato man's prize
Change of season in Northeast
Necessity prepare hot not cold feast
Slow cooker recipes favorite
Five ingredients cookbook quite the hit
Quick, easy method prepare many a dish
Gather required food items minimum five
Follow directions certain pot not overfill
Cover, set temperature low or high until
Hours later find cooked to perfection
Delicious dinner dish or a yummie confection.