SoCS-June 3rd

Today’s prompt:  ‘left alone’

Sadly, humans label other humans without knowledge of truth,
a.k.a. facts.

A person who enjoys time spent alone is not necessarily a hermit.

Tis said excess solitude is unhealthy for a person; however, in my
opinion being left alone can be quite beneficial.

It allows me time for creativity – to engage in enjoyable activities.

Think of today’s world and noise pollution which begins when we

Public places once thought to be perfect spots for solitude no longer

To choose to disconnect from social media or society in general on
occasion to me is more about self-awareness and preservation of
mental health.

There are times when I wish to be left alone – free from notifications,
incoming phone calls, texts from unknowns, drama betwixt jealous
individuals and news filled with so much negativity.

In recent months I’ve asked myself the question, “What do I wish to do
when left alone?”

The answer:  “Treat myself – indulge in one of several fav inexpensive

TMP106: Overexplaining

The ‘lack of comments’ has become a pet peeve of mine.

As with other social media platforms I’ve found bloggers form cliques.

To relish in genuine comments left from me followed by spamming my
blog posts is an absolute insult to my intelligence.

In the future I shall refrain from leaving nice feedback to those to whom
my pet peeve applies rather read their posts and bypass (not even a like).

True friendship is a two-way street even in the virtual world and one
which I’ve always adhered to in Blogosphere.

TMP106: Overexplaining

Acronym CVS-Dual Meaning

CVS – what do these letters stand for? What is the meaning of acronym CVS?

Up until a few days ago I associated ‘CVS’ with my local pharmacy combo
‘consumer value store’.

Unhappy with my optometrist, I decided to research all about vision problems.

What I found was another acronym ‘CVS’ which stands for Computer Vision

I should have realized spending too much time in front of a screen on a daily
basis could have adverse effects on vision.

Now I practice the 20-20-20 rule, a commonsense prescription. It reads like
this: every 20 minutes take a computer screen break-look at something 20
feet away for 20 seconds.

My interest 100% peaked I plugged into Google a question about harmful
effects from cell phones on facial skin.

Besides ‘text neck’ and ‘digital eye strain’ I was totally shocked to read a
person can suddenly find themselves suffering from a skin condition
called ‘contact dermatitis’.

Reflecting back, I can remember the morning I looked in the mirror and
OMG a different gal, one with flaky skin, looked back at me.

Perhaps my phone was the culprit and not my usage the prior day of an
unopened jar of moisturizer; I’d used this brand for years experiencing
no problems.

Reading on a bit further I discovered there are radiation effects from both
one’s mobile phone(s) and tablets.

Without going further into detail about the above findings, I leave it up to
you the individual to investigate further.

There are numerous informative articles available for reading should you
have concerns.

Best Shopping Day NOT

tis quite obvious
Saturday not best day shop
warm weather bright-line
shoppers hoards local turnout
memory  ‘blast from the past’

Normally I do all errands Monday through Friday to avoid the crowds.
Due to my vehicle being in the shop for repairs, I had to postpone my
weekly routine.
Saturday found me catching up on mundane responsibilities.
1.  First on the morning agenda was a drop-off at the local drycleaners
(third in line, a short wait and an annoyed customer service rep due to
lack of and need for more help).
2.  Next stop was one of two dollar stores in town to purchase usual
essentials. This was the second week in a row the same clerk waited
on me and continued a conversation on her cell phone (how rude).
3.  The pharmacy was the last establishment on the list of to-dos before
lunch.  Unbelievable the entire time it took me to place four items in my
shopping cart plus choose a greeting card a phone rang (unanswered)

In the future I shall try NOT to shop anywhere on Saturdays since the
quality of service is definitely on the decline.

Fibbing Friday-April 21st

Today’s theme:  ‘scenarios’ and ‘excuses’

1.  Meeting the prospective in-laws for the first time.
Inopportune time~possibility wait until sportin’ a new hairstyle.

2.  Going to your partner’s firm’s social evening where you know it will be shop talk
all night.
I’ll only agree if I can bring along a tote with my headphones and devices.

3.  Not going to school on a test day.
The final exam is scheduled for tomorrow. It might be better to review all chapters
while home.

4.  Broken a window whilst playing outside
No way. I could never throw the ball that distance.

5.  Having gone shopping, spent all the money, but not bought anything on the list.
The clothes on the list were out of stock so I decided to purchase one expensive item.

6.  Damaged the car
I’ve no idea how or when that dent appeared; someone likely hit it in the parking

7.  Late for work
There must have been a power outage in the early morning hours. The alarm showed
the correct time.

8.  Forgotten to do your homework
Teach, are you talking about the assignment I used as a bookmark?

9.  Insurance claim for damage to property
Please read the forms again which state who exactly is to blame here.

10. Ruined an expensive piece of clothing.
The suit was absolutely fine when I dropped it off at the dry cleaners.

Share Your World-April 17th

Today’s weekly prompt questions and answers:

1.  Do you have a special talent (ie music, art, singing, dressmaking,
pottery, etc)?
Ans:  As a youngster two summers in a row I hand sewed a skirt with
the assistance of the park lady and won 1st place ribbon awards.
Fast forward several years:
With a brand-new sewing machine I wanted to customize my own
Each year I took evening adult courses at the local vocational high
school. The clothing I designed went on display at the school’s yearly
craft fair.
All that I learned allowed me the luxury of wearing clothes I never
could’ve afforded plus gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

2. What was your best subject at school and was it your favorite?
Ans:  Bookkeeping-Accounting  was both. Learning how to manage
finances proved beneficial both in career and as head of household.

3. Do you like to cook?
Ans:  Reflecting back to decades of meals prepared by yours
truly ‘ME’  I’ll opt to answer affirmative. ‘Betty Crocker’ and
I were definitely pals.

4. Do you get riled easily?
Ans:  One would think a gal born under the sign of ‘Taurus’ would
fly off the handle. For me, it’s totally opposite. It takes a great deal
of time before that happens.

Gratitude: “Welcome each day with a smile. It will get you off to a
good start.”

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Share Your World-March 13th

Prompt:  4 questions with an additional optional 

1.    What kind of music do you like?
Ans:  I love country music and quite enjoyed playing country tunes
on my keyboard.
Johnny Cash’ “Walk the Line”, Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”, Keith Urban’s
“Days Go By” and Blake Shelton’s “Came Here to Forget” were some
selections I managed to play from sheet music.

2. What is your favorite food?
Ans:  I love ice cream. In younger years I made frappes, consumed
countless ice cream cones and hot fudge sundaes.
Due to age and slowed down metabolism I can no longer indulge
since although tasty it adds to my spare tire. 
Ben & Jerry’s ‘Cherry Garcia’ is my favorite flavor.

3. What is your favorite tipple? (For those who don’t drink, what do
you order when out with friends)?
Ans:  The occasional Sloe Gin Fizz Cocktail or glass of Zinfandel wine
was curtailed back in 1994 due to medication.
I now order either raspberry iced tea or coffee milk.

4.  What relaxes you (music, reading, walking, meditation, yoga etc.)?
Ans:  Walking and connecting with Nature is high on my list of responses.
Currently I’ve been reading a potpourri of genres and learning the practice
of meditation. 
Calm App 😊

5. Gratitude:  How often do you have some me time?
I prioritize what has to be done and each day am adamant about some
alone time.