Tapestry of My Life

“When one door closes, another opens.” ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Too often we focus on the sordid trodden path and sadly fail to

seek other opportunities at which we may per chance


Over the weekend a fellow blogger shared a post on the reasons

some blogs fail while others flourish.

I printed his post out and reflected on it.

The realization hit me. I needed to take a brand new

route, devise a plan with a fresh outlook and content.

What in life makes you happy? What puts a smile on your face?

And so with time ‘The Tapestry of My Life’ will evolve reminiscing

years of textile art, several crafts woven, referenced by the world

as ‘tapestry’.

I shall try to refrain from those warped threads hidden in the work.

Adverbs – Usage

Common knowledge readers find news articles informative, bothersome, rhetoric

and on occasion humorous.

The first three categories from different printed publications constitute the

abundance of news selections.

It’s quite obvious to the average daily reader how little humor is found betwixt

penned lines unless the cartoon section is their first choice.

Laughter is good for the soul and I managed a few chuckles over the weekend

when I brought up an article beginning with the adverb ‘allegedly’.

I wonder if the layout editor of the popular newspaper created space for

this unbelievable hilarious read or by job description inserted it to fill up

a page.

Either – or – twas rather funny to envision the event defined below.

A voyeur, referenced as peeping Tom, had been arrested on scene of

a gym down south after falling through the ceiling of the women’s

locker room.

It seemed he received quite a bit more than he’d bargained for when

the locker room’s ceiling gave way and he fell approximately ten feet.

Sadly, he fell onto a 70-year old woman who thankfully attained no


As a former gym member for years, I can attest woman aren’t exactly

weak and this woman along with several other patrons apprehended

the deviant prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

By definition a peeping Tom is referred to as a man who secretly observes

women undressing and derives sexual pleasure.

Arrested on site yet article states ‘allegedly’ since although accused he’s

yet to be proven guilty and convicted.

Yes, the good citizen has to stand by and watch how the system works or


Innocent until proven guilty!

Laughable since few people without malintent hide in the ceiling of gym

locker rooms.

Too Much To Learn

Four years ago when I started my blog I took the suggestion to connect

it to several branches of social media as this method was said to gain

more followers and better overall exposure.

This scenario didn’t happen – number of faithful followers grew

slowly and truth ‘yes’ I found it quite disappointing.

I wasn’t about to purchase followers as to me that’s a cheater’s way

of getting ahead.

The constant changes, the stored passwords disappearances, plus

weekly laptop and cell phone updates became a source of distress.

I thought about quitting blogging period.

In January to my dismay a challenge I participated in prior years

changed its format. Thoroughly disinterested I chose not to

commit myself.

I wondered if I’d ever return to this hobby and then I learned

of a local gal with two published poetry books experiencing

the same lack of interest in daily writing as I.

Phew! A sign of relief for me.

Reflections on my life’s tenure show a gal who despite some rather

terrible odds chose to continue to forge ahead.

I’ve never been a quitter only too much to learn

and lacking assistance became a bit overwhelming.

Time for a hiatus!

Did this former perfectionist self-sabotage her achievements

when about to reach a higher degree of success or

did she sadly become an emotional victim to the worldwide

predicaments beyond her control.

Those who suffer from depression still wear a smile most days.

I’ll know more once I chit-chat with my primary doctor next

week on a Zoom-type connection.

Now for a little questionnaire:

My score ranks quite low – laughable since folks state how you should

refrain from the word ‘never’.

Country gals (I’m one) don’t share these interests rather am happy

NOT being superficial.

I asked myself if I should’ve done this / that and the honest

answer is ‘NO’.

All That’s Left is Memories

Days Autumn’s beauty
Documents shredded dreams gone
Don’t compare your life
Decisions circumstances
Dark-side depression abate

I should be preparing dinner rather I chose to read few fellow bloggers’ posts.
My chosen reads triggered nostalgic memories.
Oh, those intrusive thoughts!!

Autumn’s extremely colorful fall foliage
Columbus Day weekend’s 4-day camping vacation each year
Breath-taking views amidst the White Mountains
Days full abundance sunshine followed by cool, crisp starry nights

A song from the year I walked down the aisle
Thoughts of forever love
Appreciate the one who loves you and does her best to please you

Encompassed lonely feeling difficult to escape these days / nights

Last an acrostic poem ’bout what we in states call jelly doughnuts
Teen years – consuming three of them plus a vanilla frappe before class

The power of words!!

Cell Phone Apps – Person’s Personality

Facts I read on the internet:

Cell phone apps generate revenue of one hundred eighty nine (189) billion dollars.

The Google Play store is the largest app seller with 2.8 million apps offered for

Android users.

The Apple App store follows in second place with 2.2 million apps available.

For fun I counted the apps installed on my newest cell phone = exactly 66.

Of those 4 are health / fitness apps, two relate to writing along with three others

that posts here can connect via social media if I desire to share them.

There’s one lonely video game, the Roblox game ‘Fashion Famous’, a news channel,

three video creator apps, a few shopping apps and I can’t forget Pinterest where a

person can spend oodles of time searching thru various crafts and more.

The remainder are what one considers necessities or onboard from when phone

was purchased and useful at times – you know the phone and text type.

It appears by overseeing my choices I am a gal who likes to stay informed of what

happens around the world, still has interest in the fitness field, likes to check out

sales at stores, enjoys writing and keeping with life’s interests still loves creativity.

Although I’m not exactly rating myself as this exercise was for fun, I rather think of

myself as well-rounded for a person my age.

Now to check what apps are installed on my older phone – likely some same and

some different.

42 Words #17

Today’s prompts – morbid / lost

Prepped healthy breakfast
Me, myself and I – feeling lost
Another day alone face
Refrain complain happiness fake
Divorce unfortunate myriad loss
Ninety degrees heat remain indoors
Genetics – counseling – society’s views
Health crisis social distancing
God-awful morbid thoughts 

Fearful history repeat Agoraphobic outcome

42 Words #17

The Monday Peeve No: 44

Today’s prompt: stream

Since forever when I heard the word ‘stream’ I thought of water.

I was totally confused the first time I heard it in reference

to the entertainment world.

Who knew?

The adjective ‘continuous’ best describes the ‘flow’ of both. 

Moving on . . .

I wonder if a high percentage of people prefer today’s tablets.

Although the lighting of the screen is good for reading, I still like to hold

a book, place a pretty bookmark between the pages where I left off and 

be able to earmark pages and highlight sentences or paragraphs for

future reference. 

Moving on . . .

The world of Acronyms –  dislike them – period (.) exclamation point (!)

Oh so fun to come across one of them – three letters and no idea the actual

meaning thereof.

Who on earth can remember all of them?

Add to the above those cute little or sometimes larger in size ’emojis’.

I’ve  discovered many of them aren’t in sync across all branches of

social media.

Talk about the tech generation politely – a bucket full of confusion and


Final thought:

Blogging can be somewhat amusing and quite interesting.

I managed to forget my original topic for today’s rant = cell phones.

The Monday Peeve No: 44



Stairway to Heaven – Beauty beyond Belief

Reflect back personal life assessment
True-to-life dreams sudden omnipresent

Loved ones gone many years before me
Decide while asleep appear awake faces see

Twenty minutes notes taken from memory
Certain future make for quite interesting story

So many signs – so many repetitive numbers
Honestly scared to rest my head to slumber

Strange happenings finding rather creepie
Message to self early turnoff creepie-peepies

Hot cup of tea ‘n good book to read choice
Hopeful able prevent more nightmarish voices

Wonder reasons attribute dream remembrances
Alternative be heaven-sent messages significances

This morn this poem I wrote untold facts between lines
Notebook status storage space private thoughts self mine