WYSIWYG ~ Period

Today’s title – an acronym introduced by an Intro to Computer teacher,
a question the majority students answered correctly on mid-term exam.

Its’ definition: ‘what you see is what you get’.

My entire lifetime, seventy-five years thus far, I maintained a genuine
persona of kindness to most folk.

Sadly, I learned never to expect the same in return ~ be it friends or family.

One of my 2023 resolutions was not to allow anyone to disrespect me thus 
on all social platforms I’ve decided to keep that promise to myself.

Enough said . . .

Fibbing Friday ~ Jan 6th

Q. Aurora Borealis is also known as
A. A group of energetic dancers

Q. Who was Farouk Balsara
A. A talented comedian

Q. Chasing Cars is by which group
A. Catch Me if You Can

Q. What is Detritus
A. A cobblestone street in the city

Q. Eggplant is also known as
A. An elongated distorted pepper

Q. Who is Filbert Fox
A. A long lost relative of oleomargarine

Q. Gentoo is a what
A. An extra, extra-large Band-Aid

Q, Rutabaga is also called what
A. Fashionable dancing street celery

Q. What is IPlayer
A. A wide receiver in football

Q. Jambo is a greeting in which language
A. Pig Latin


Trigger Word ~ Mother

mother, child’s parent
female blessed, bundle joy
fortunate unless
behaviorisms blur
desire nurture, neglect

Earlier I came across what appeared to be a truly nice post > mother’s admiration >
words of love, encouragement and support spoken to her child.
It triggered a plethora of emotions within me; overwhelmed a river of tears flowed.
Tis possible the wall of numbness toppled finally as I’m past tired from a week quite
ill with no assistance > still not feeling 100 percent.
I couldn’t bring myself to read the article > maybe later > another time > different day.
Throughout my childhood I never heard kind, loving words no matter the length I went
to please either parent.
It didn’t affect how I treated my own children rather I gave to them unconditional love.
Deceit, divorce and death left me a semi-emotional mess, trusting very few individuals.
Until I began my personal journey of self-awareness, I had no idea neglect was a form
of abuse from which children even in adulthood never truly recover.

Three Things Challenge ~ M158

This week’s theme:  flowers
Today’s words: presentation – decoration – church

Flowers, nature’s beauty, be appreciated by the living
Lovely blooms garden-grown ‘n bouquets hand-picked
Decoration for one’s table of choice, colorful combos
Inhale their delightful aroma, view each presentation 
Church altars usually adorned expensive arrangements 
Masses celebration baptism, weddings, first communions


SoCS ~ November 12th

Today’s prompt: starts with or contains ‘cel’ . . .

When someone asks you about your hobbies, what’s the correct response?
Does one list them in alphabetical order or rather preference of enjoyment?
Should a person include a list of all the hobbies participated throughout their lifetime?
Would it be better to choose three crafts from the present time you have WIPs?
It can be a quandary if the person is fairly private in life with no desire to brag about
all their accomplishments.
I find myself amid others in the above category of been there done that with no future
intentions to every attempt certain crafts again.
For me tis easier to devise a short list of basics with subcategories.
1. Blogging and creating poems (syllabic and rhyme)
2. Crocheting (trying out new stitches on YouTube channels) yet to find the correct one.
3. Reading books on topics geared to my miscellaneous interests >> often one choice
has little in common with another.

One woman in a group I joined contributes excellent articles from which I’m gaining
Earlier this week I wrote a post about the benefits of doing a crossword puzzle each
day and how the subconscious mind works to solve clues when one is busy during the
day completing other tasks.
This morn was day #4 and after finishing the majority of the puzzle I reverted back
to the previous ones and quite surprised what I’d read in the article actually had
merit of truth.

Another submission by the same group member contained a list of 50 tips on
how to improve one’s life and ward off negativity.

Unable to print it out I took notes miscellaneous topics >> some relate to another
while some are totally different in nature. 

I think I have my work cut out for me as I proceed to move forward to lead
happier days during the last chapter of life.  


Why Didn’t I Get It Right??

gallon water day
beneficial one 
health wise
counted bottles eight
goal complete erroneous
1-2-8 ounces gallon

Yesterday I thought this was a good idea
Small 8-ounce bottles H2o lined up for day
I didn’t include water used for cups of tea
Rather figured better to count plain water
I thought this goal seemed a bit too easy
Surprise to learn I’d met my goal halfway
As one gallon of water contains 128 ounces
How could I have forgotten the calculations
Quite a light bulb moment for me this morn
I guess I’ll have to settle for one half the goal.

TMP #54

So many irritants these days tis difficult to choose one.

I’m going to address ‘spamming‘, when either a new-to-
app creator or fan places likes on all videos of another
without leaving comment(s).

This is found to be quite an insult as no way can someone
actually view the videos ranging in numbers from double
digits to thousands in such minimal time.

The spammer may think he or she will win an automatic
follow back.

Truth is top creators have earned the right to be particular
with whom they wish to interact. Countless times they’ve
read the words “I’m your biggest fan”.

I know this how?

I’m an invitee by one of the top icons on a well-known app.
My granddaughter has been in the entertainment field since
age 5 months.

To me it’s common sense if you want someone’s friendship,
then you have to be an actual friend to them. On the app
a follow back is granted for constant interaction and support.

All those spam likes do is satiate a creator’s notifications list.
In order for the likes to be counted as actual views the video
has to be seen in its’ entirety.

Prior to updates important messages were often missed, a
known fact.

Fortunately I don’t share the numerical amount on my page;
however, I can sympathize with those who’ve offered up their

The first time I experienced spamming in our writing
community ‘Blogosphere’ I was taken back – shocked.
I doubted the individual actually read all those posts.  

Spamming satiates one’s notifications so please excuse
if I failed to get back to you prior to the disappearance
of your notifications.



Social Network

Description friend – frenemy personality
Reference icons cell phone screen display

Apps social media sites full to capacity
User celebrity status versus wan-na-bee

Individual scribblers prefer access popular
Nerdish building blocks makings of scholar

Word Hippo – Thesaurus – Grammarly freebies
Forever grateful usances fer writers’ community