A-To-Z Challenge – Letter ‘B’

Today’s topic: books (instructional)

The need for a self-esteem boost and the desire to rekindle flames for
the tactile craft ‘crochet’, led me on a search for all required materials.

I was flabbergasted to discover that my hard-to-find instructional
booklets purchased decades ago were nonexistent in the apartment.

After some frantic moments and a few choice words I figured due to
my recent process of minimalism twas possible in my haste I likely
discarded them.


Time to turn a ‘negative’ into a ‘positive’ I headed over to Amazon
hoping I’d find one or two replacements.

My first choice was sent to my Kindle reader. It was short in length
and swipe after swipe turned up pages of info = a review for me.

This minor disappointment sent me back to seek out one or two
paperbacks. I like to highlight important info and ear-mark pages
for future reference.

Thankful now I own two new instructional books with step-by-step
instructions and illustrations.

The first of the two is a great guide to learn the ‘art of crochet’ in
a shortened length of time while the second contains two hundred
stitches for me to attempt to master.

Thankful now I own two new instructional books with step-by-
step instructions and illustrations.

The second of the two is a stitch dictionary with 200 stitches
inclusive – a new quest to learn – an attempt at the beauty
of the unknown.

For fun I did a search for the Simplicity pattern from the 60s,
the one I used to self-teach myself the art of crochet.

I found the vintage pattern available for sale online. 
Still with me are the memories of the grannie-square
poncho (colors pink, lilac and white) with its matching
hat sporting flower. 

Truthful Tuesday – September 15th 2020

Today’s questions: Do you have a favorite author? If so, who and why? If not, why not?

Throughout life I’ve had a few favorites – authors I’ve read more than one of their books.

Presently I am somewhat of a smorgasbord reader – pick and choose type by actual

topical interest.

The past few years I’ve donated many of the books I read to two different area local

senior centers.

I rarely read a book twice unless it’s a textbook with highlighted portions beneficial

to my hobbies or writing.

My preference in genres has been mostly non-fiction as I try to live within the

world of reality.

An actual book in hand is how I like to read versus the tablet with its’ constant

flip of pages from accidental finger touches.

I refer to myself as old-school in so many categories – learn the changes since tis

imperative only dislike them immensely.

Adventures, Bible, children’s books (read many to my own children), crime stories,

educational, medical, mysteries, psychological, romance, self-help books

and manuals plus required textbooks pretty much sums up my

reading experience during my tenure of life.


Beautiful Haven of Books

Hometown library – a beauty
Days pass – visitors miss thee

The small women’s book club
Meeting of the friends’ circle

Kindle readers ‘n tablets okay
Prefer select reads old-fashion way

Search catalog – locate desired aisle section
Left to right eyes seek n’find numerical selection

Be e’er so happy life normalcy return
Distance two blocks walk find fun reads ‘n learn

Author - Book - Edits - Purchase (2)

UFOs – Unfinished Objects

New month
31 days ahead

Weather my locale
Hazy hot ‘n  humid

Thoughts flowing
Pile UFOs growing

Month May join book discussion group
June July selections fine – August eyes droop

Authentic mystery 550 pages read
Mathematical play engages proceed

Decision pinwheel quilt take precedent
Allotment time imperative circumvent

Chuckle! Old me ne’er schedule stratagem
New me think skip read ‘n meeting good plan. 

© 2019 June Quintin








An Avid Bookworm – Poem

Times referred to as nerds
Majority educated voices heard

Years recent active senior retiree
Hobbies writing ‘n  reading devotee

Lifetime dedicated consistent learner
Creative seamstress finance bookkeeper

Often alone thanks to empty nest syndrome
Fondness reading page turner substitute chum.

© 2019 June Quintin









She Reads – A Fun Prerequisite

Days of yore
Books brimful suspense
Young woman's preference 

College texts
Self-help reads
Follow steps survival needs

Genre books purchase
Ear-mark 'n highlight
Devour pages prior twilight 

Retiree dabbled journalism
Recent times member blogosphere
Desire learn constant persevere

Official member library book club 
Book per month read open discussion
Hullabaloo four days comprehension

Three hundred four pages 
Divided by four equals seventy-six
Extraordinary promptitude time ticks. 

© 2019 June Quintin



Scenic country drive destination writers' favorite local mall bookstore
Arrival find surprising succinct message sign hanging front closed doors
Unable gain access search shelves for discounts thanks to posted deadline
Quick think pulse surge rush thru mall's main aisle shop sip glass red wine. 

© 2018 June Quintin