Writing Prompt Day 22 – Sent from My iPhone

Type Type Type
Furious 'n upset
Angry message sent
Follow be instant regret

Unable erase once hit send
Void curse words mere state "we're over"
Sadness felt days months later
Relationship terminated no chance recover

Joyful months together potential success story
Sudden entrance picture troubled adult children 
Disappointment morning plans hours later broken
Desire freedom demands your kids your problems 

Imperative individual sit alone with thoughts
Out-of-ordinary fuming text alleviate future pain
Reality never easy whenever deal concerns of heart  
One-sided love romance genuine woman lose no gains. 

ยฉ 2019 June Quintin

July 2019 Writing Prompts


Idle Naught – Absorbed in Thought

Sixteen (16) lines
Personal allotment poetry rhyme
Daily attempt prevent
Technology app preempt

Twitter flitter
Emoji face definition
Tears of joys versus sadness bitter
Useful thought writer employ ambition

Consideration agenda prime access 
Reads versus write prior post submission
Cute goldfish tale nostalgic memories alight
Second choice comparison seniors' life realization

World of today filled with acronyms, emojis 'n apps
Await older folk technology mishaps
Proceed please gobs knowledge encouragement 
You 'can' do this - challenge transformation naps.