Mid-life Change

Marriage interlock
Divorce broken-heart

Teardrops shed
Heartfelt bled

Desire tranquility
Distasteful reality

Miss Analytical
Attitude cynical

Heart healed
Memories sealed

Reasonable timespan
Dating expectations

Rehearse anew
Refrain misconstrue

Disappointment deja-vu
Misrepresentation fiasco

Pas de deux true
Formidable out-of-view.

© 2018 June Quintin

Paradisiacal Fabric Affair

Teenager slow
Beginner sew

Young woman
Machine modern

Children's clothes
Combinations juxtapose

Adult fashions
Pattern passion

Costumes design
Challenge timeline

Continuous educate
Knowledge relate

Classes take
Seamstress make

Scrap heap
Quilter keep

Dream shop owner
Unsuccessful groaner

Wise decision substitute
Begin anew pursuit

Generic type
Online hype 

Dancewear flair
Panache entertainer

Sales one-of-kinds 
Wearisome deadlines 

Decision close door
Boxed remnants store

Thought scraps sell
Online store sale finale. 

© 2018 June Quintin

word prompt: word prompt 


All Fizzled – Did We!

Prayers to Christ
Protection lowlifes

Failures disappoint
Blues turning point

Barbecue sizzles
Predominant goal fizzles

Prayer requests
Favorable conquests

Reorganization return
Relentless optimism

Oversights defeated
Aftermath greeted

Darkness forthwith turns
Scented candles burn

Faith in Christ remain
Thoughts 'fizzle' abstain.

© 2018 June Quintin

writing prompt: writing prompt

Callipygian Curves

Diligent search new vocabulary word
Laughter follow surround walls heard

Ponder thoughts whate'er fragile older gal
Possible write 'bout synonymous Barbie doll

Earlier years prior senior category age
Description self no problem fill entire page

Remembrance period follow first child's birth
Perfect inch measurements sewing patterns girth

Stored memories dating back personal teenage years
Safety pins necessary not lose skirts 'n slacks wear

Thanks hula-hoop fun plus dance craze 'The Twist'
Keepers waistline thin majority clothing perfect fit

'60s relate fine prompt 'Callipygian curves'Callipygian Curves define
Memory lane humorous fun preferable o'er regrets whine.

© 2018 June Quintin

Greatest Loss

Witchy warts
Friend cohorts

Group name
Deceased game

Children pass
All flabbergast

Promises made
Failure shades

Wonder words
Reality absurd 

Observe skin
Ask question

Leper spots
Thankful not

Walk shoes
Similar few

Refrain some
Fear outcome

Speak thou
Petrified how

Unknown call
Doubtful befall

Comparable chance
Conversation acquaintance

Unseen marks
Tearful sparks

Clothes cover
Zilch discover

Once, twice
Stifling price

Inconceivable learn
Betrayal turn

Children lose
Warts pursue

God's test
Faithful rest.

© 2018 June Quintin

Topic Hip-hop

Mornin' awake
Specifics partake

Good intentions
Nature's blessings

Prompts possible fun 
Anxiety fraught begun

Connect post another
Directions follow tougher

Thoughts head corrupt
Write process start 'n stop

Life's dress rehearsal
Preparation role reversal

Birth ultimate happiness
Death overwhelming sadness

Days similarities refrain
Memories constant remain

Continue daily rhyming poem
Discover in-between unknown

Practice trial'n err connection
Pass go hopeful right direction.

© 2018 June Quintin 


Colorful ‘n Hilarious Bargain

Guilty pleasure
Comical treasure

Change purse eye
Poop emojis LOL cry

Fashionable timesaver
Organizational behavior

Purchase payment cash
Loose change place crash

Previous locate spare coins
Bottom handbag sections join

Denominations pennies thru quarters
Problem resolver quick monetary clutter

Amazement precious time humans sacrifice
Senseless search items continuance exercise.

© 2018 June Quintin 

Old Empty Chair

I look
I view
I stare
An old empty chair

Remember solitaire
Once living room spare
Piles clean laundry there
Placed on old empty chair

Loaded on moving truck
Fit small apartment luck
Few chosen friends' derrieres
Allowed sit on old empty chair

Chair cushion unoccupied bare
Perplexed 'til adorn barren square
Folded hand-sewn quilt fashion flair
Accomplish beautification old empty chair

Birthday surprise stuffed chocolate brown bear
Arrange comfort pinpoint seat gifted somewhere
Newcomer Brumbrum's watchful eyes cold stares
Couple unaware observer sitting in old empty chair 

Bear adorned cute graphic-designed onesie
Daily chats listens buddie participant funsies
Happiness turn sadness relationship turmoil flare
Brumbrum's residence uncertain now old empty chair

Countless days 'n nights slowly pass by
Reconciliation n'er occasional tear-filled eyes
Remembrance ultimate breakup utmost rough 
Decision bear removal old empty chair tough

Place bestie bear inside huge box one morn
Drove community center amidst feelings forlorn
Offered up Brumbrum indoor yard sale a scare
Quick grab 'n snatch purchase again old empty chair 

Saturday shopping spree whim take-care
Grim search replace adorable dark brown bear
Surprise find blinds open sunshine glare
Minnie Mouse new occupant old empty chair.

© 2018 June Quintin


Weekly Mundane Chore

Ready wash 'n dry clothes time
Total surprise senior citizen find

Sign taped closed laundry room door
Machines temporarily out of order

Necessary supply personal clothes rather low
Questionable wait fix versus laundromat although

Freedom several decades ago utilize second option
Ahead unknown adventure await older woman certain

Quantity gathered necessities place in car drove
Minutes away self 'n very own sack dirty clothes

Laundromat full regular size to enormous machines
Discover pre-filled cards replace former quarter queen

Constant daily unexpected changes world require learn
Rules in place love challenge senior citizen's concern

Laundry time inconvenience reference suspense
Turnaround actual favorable sequential experience 

Cost factor bit more expense true furthermore okay
Timespan cut in half savior precious hours wash day.

© 2018 June Quintin

Changing Times

Procrastination departure warmth bask
Today Motivational Monday's visit task

Writer's garb inclusive wintry chapeau
Research examples 'n usage portmanteaus

Unpredictable April snowfall trudge
Follows ingestion lunch 'n treat fudge

Local library two short blocks distance
Senior's thought pattern filled resistance

Usual enjoyable poetic feminine write
Bothersome awaken stronghold scary fright

The occasional outdoor offensive skunk odor
Norm constant find everywhere live 'n go aroma

Sad Cannabis pass legalization rights non-smokers 
Preference over cigarettes nicer utilize vaporizers

Second large candle purchase necessity past week
Changeover Mandarin Coconut aromatic fragrance sweet

Today's world minority follow suggestive guidelines
Daily media foremost majority rule-breakers headlines. 

© 2018 June Quintin