Sunday’s Writing Prompt “Animal Kingdom”

Member dysfunctional household
Friend’s suggestion pet love ‘n hold

Sunday drive friend’s uncle’s farm found
Tri-color age eight weeks ready adoption

Patches puffy hair orange, white and black
Unaware parents catch daughter some slack

Thankful allowed to keep female pet
Youngster no idea ahead what expect

Name ‘Toastie’  reflection breed colors
After day school arrive home discover

Playful, bored ‘n curious utilize claws
Torn strips of wallpaper adorn floor

An antique remembers much ’bout ’60s
Selective memory dates back to the ’50s

Unknown period child allow keep household pet
Passage time visual memories only – details forget

Sunday’s Writing Prompt “Animal Kingdom”






Shadow of Sadness

Whene'er thinkin' reverse
Moments wish scream 'n curse

Emotional prison lacks bars
Til death remain multitude scars

Behind sweet smile self-contained
Damaged goods be placed before name

Likelihood unknown damage malfunction
Childhood memories chock full dysfunction

Forgiveness free years ago decision 
Alcoholism kept you in ye own prison.

© 2019 June Quintin

Christmas Tradition

The Elf on the Shelf
Popular Christmas tradition
Underway Thanksgiving
Christmas Day continuance

Santa's l'il reporter
Blue-eyed pixie scout
Watchful eyes o'er children's
Behavior good 'n bad no doubt

Elf's report 'n travel magic appears
Once named and by children loved
Each night household members fast asleep
Scout flies to 'n from North Pole void a peep

Upon return he hides different location
Hide 'n seek family game partake once all awaken
Santa's elf scout countdown official start remain
Christmas' North Pole depart 'n stay til next season.  

© 2017 June Quintin