Santa’s Ho Ho Ho!

Awaken view fallen snow
Seasonal luminaries glow

Vivid imagination
Unforeseen precipitation

Reassurance call gal festive mode
Snowfall fail dampen spirit current abode

Appearance 'Ho Ho Ho' everywhere
Christmas cards, gifts, songs 'n trees

Snowfall addition beautiful Christmas theme
Children's anticipation Santa's visit routine

Amidst seasonal décor 'n happiness e'er cheerful
Spoken words silence 'bout task winter snow removal.

© 2017 June Quintin

Advent Season

First day Christian Liturgical year
Advent countdown calendars households appear

Traditional calendar theme once found
Manger scene and Saint Nicholas bound

Today's calendars 'wow' multitude themes
Successful purchase thereof smiles agleam

Christmas beauty capture via vintage scene
Countryside selection facial expression serene

Angels 'n stars above
Tree trunk hole rest peace doves

Footprints in fallen snow
Children's hearts all aglow

Daily open numbered flap-covered windows
Hidden half-inch milk chocolate squares show 

Holiday season's colorful shining bright lights
L'il bit 'bout Advent calendar per se today write.

© 2017 June Quintin

Smile – Tis Holiday Season

Morning shopping department store
Conversation overheard
Woman's complaint holiday season
No longer fun anymore totally understood

Festive times family celebrations spiritual
Thru years rapidly changed too commercial
Remembrance days filled wrapped presents
Ad display gift certificates season understatement

Now upfront store's pharmacy checkout counter
Clerk apologetic problem lack of dollar bills cash
Near whispered comment quarters acceptable 'n fine
Awareness new-hired cashiers season stressful time

High percentage seniors pleasant demeanor embrace
Amidst technology's e'er constant fast change pace
Attitude transform frown to smile free idea in place
Readiness spirit joyful holiday season undertake.

© 2017 June Quintin