The Cloud

Atop the mountain view
Most worrisome cloud e’er knew

Golden years sad constant blacken
Plague negative sources ’bout happen

Majority folks petrified country dread
Cloud huge looms day-after-day overhead

Supermarket shelves items hard shoppers find
Thanks greedy humans playing card unkind

Schooling options hybrid versus remote online
Job loss everywhere large unemployment lines

Chaos, civil unrest amid considered life new norm
Masks requirement mandatory – optional gloves worn

Social distancing limit interaction family and friends
Weeks turn months – questionable period curse e’er end

Positive smiles worn hidden constant concerns fear
Await cell phone notification alert country fine – all clear

Albatross ~ Love ~ Abhorrence

What would you do?

It’s a known fact humans respond and react to circumstances often in pompous manners. How does a partner handle deceit?

  1. Counseling to figure out the ‘whys’ of the illicit behavior is a good first step in the process of salvaging a relationship.
  2. If both parties can communicate their innermost and brutally honest thoughts then there’s hope for the future, a reconciliation.  
  3. Forgiveness plays a most important role for both; however, the recipient who took the blunt force of the betrayal often finds it difficult to trust and forget.
  4. Spiritual healing works its’ magic to newfound happiness. Finalization of body-mind-soul combination helps rebuild a loving synchronous coexistence.

Outward appearances . . . ahead follows the nobody knows . . . the blasphemous secrets.

Deceit again!

A tangled web woven bestowed upon the innocent party now becomes a cross for individual to bear from point of revelation likely ’til death. 

He committed no crime yet tis he who suffers in silence. Long ago he tired of failed attempts with regard to solving the hardest jigsaw puzzle imaginable.

  1. Why did the most troublesome questions he posed to counselors go unanswered?
  2. Why were only hypothetical situations offered up by those professionals?
  3. Would their responses suffice?
  4. Would his life ever return to normal?
  5. Questions, questions and more questions ahead.

Viewers, stay tuned for the next chapter of what some might refer to as a soap opera.

© 2018 June Quintin









Whimsical Summer Day

Fresh breeze
Pollen sneeze

Temperature hot
A/C inevitable start

Cell phone volume low
Scroll screen show

App notification dings
Missed incoming calls ring

Reasons day's progress slow
Unknown soon tension grow

Morning phase self-doubt
Creative topic whereabouts

Suffer case writer's block
Prior relinquish 'n depart

Share millennial craze
Emojis current new age

Smiley's fabric lightweight
Mixed sizes yo-yos sewer create 

A Snapchat for fun
Visual communication

Future groovy post-notes
Hopeful funkie host promote.

© 2018 June Quintin


Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart – an eye opener for online daters looking for an exclusive long-term relationship.

Although far from impossible to interact with a potential new partner who shares similar interests on a dating site, it’s quite time-consuming to complete the discovery process.

Me, I’m a bit of a wallflower, shy and reserved. I refuse to apologize for being myself. You either like me or move on. If I don’t find you of interest, I politely wish you well on your journey.

A huge dissatisfaction I experienced with online dating was dishonesty by misrepresentation. I basically was in search of an age-appropriate male who resided fairly local and enjoyed the simple joys of life.

I wasn’t impressed by a show of motorcycles, boats or other material items acquired previously. Neither was I in search of a home nor bank account.

To any man who had children onboard I vowed to be no more than a friend to his kids and not step across the line to discipline them. I knew my place.

New beginnings can be quite awkward and one should never underestimate the importance of communication.

A person can learn so much positive and negative about another merely via a few messages or phone conversations.

Unfortunately for me two potential candidates for a written success story of a future together down the road turned sour.

I did quite a bit of soul searching only to find lo and behold I was neither the culprit nor deal-breaker.  I suppose this positive realization should’ve brought me comfort and peace of mind. Thinking back it left me for a brief period in quite a bewildered state. This passed with time.

Refusing to become discouraged, I chose to take a hiatus, master the art of letting go of chasing dreams via Internet and focus on new creations.

One of this morning’s posts in my newsfeed revealed a beautiful Lotus flower. I couldn’t resist doing a little research on it. It’s most important meaning was its’ representation of ‘rebirth’.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” – a quote from Buddha







21st Century Challenge

To date I managed to attain all goals set for myself during my tenure of life. My resume would read ‘three’ pages in length not counting the references.

I’ve faced the death of two children, divorce after a long-term marriage combined with a ton of deceit. So what could be so challenging in this century – a brand new man is the answer. I’d hoped to spend the last short chapter of life’s journey sharing common interests with him void of a real commitment.

No, I’m not marriage material. I don’t wish to go down that road ever again. I merely wanted an exclusive relationship, mutual respect and of course love mixed into the equation.

I ponder the thought: ‘Is a relationship this easy so complicated for a man.’

Four months into bliss ends due to lack of one word ‘communication’. Unbelievable!

I chose to focus on his positives and dealt with his negatives and never gave up hope for us. Research, enlightenment and non-aggression all in play here yet he bails via a text.

Trying to make sense of such behavioral pattern I reflect back on time together and time apart. We liked each other. No question nor qualms there. We enjoyed each other’s company and we gave each other space for our own personal friends, families and hobbies.

So it’s over or crossing back to friends which is rather difficult. In my mind I think: ‘If I were a man I’d have been thankful to have found a near-perfect match and tried to keep her in my life especially since she was so understanding and not making a multitude of demands.’





Miscommunication Freeze

A text versus an actual phone call resulted in heartbreak. My reply with various not-so-nice words a man would rather not hear either hurt you or freed you up to not face the task of collateral damage yourself.  We’re over!

Ours was a rollercoaster romance – even I ran hot and cold on you. There were valid reasons that most woman would flee from at first site – only your good traits were my focus.

One hundred percent is what I offered up only to be shut out when those desperate incoming phone calls for cash blew up your cell phone accompanied by numerous frantic e-messages on social network.

You chose to punish me, the gal who was there for you in areas your own family members failed you. You didn’t want to have a conversation. You didn’t want to share. Instead you’d rather sit home, become unkempt and smoke weed.

I was supposed to be understanding always. Honestly I’ll never know the mechanisms of thinking of the male mind.

You never really tore me down via altercation rather you let my heart drop to the floor. Yes, I was one pissed off woman with good reason. Lack of communication.

A few days pass and you decide you want to be just friends – OUCH!  No re-dos? I didn’t think one could cross back over the line from lover to friends especially when a breakup is fresh and I still have feelings for you.

Okay, I thought I’d give it a try in hopes you’d have a change of heart. Hmmm…one hopeless romantic. I erred.

Two weeks pass and realization is tis pointless to waste another iota of my precious time on you. The severance of ties completely is what I need to heal.

In honesty if you had cared you’d have made an effort to fix us. It’s evident now my gut feeling all along was right on – you are a player who taught me a good lesson – one not to be repeated in the future.

Next time, I’ll pay much closer to mixed signals.