Sunday Whirl Wordle No: 581

Today’s words:  walls, world, numb, touch, spilt, longing, own, burning, flame, gap, light, ashes

welcome to my world
prison sheetrock walls
skunk aroma penetrates
burning candle masks
cannabis smoke ups
soon flame turns to ashes
time another wax light
betwixt residences
own and rent increases
longing for turned numb
fragments touch life

Social Media Creep

profile page stalker
social media unseen
grapevine creepazoid
introvert minimal friends
page admin observation

In the process of revamping my Word Press site, reluctantly I
reconnected it to my writing page over at Facebook.

Why the hesitation . . .

Approximately a year ago I deactivated the page with good reason
besides constant requests to purchase promo ads.

I’d found a creeper, a stalker who left some bizarre comments here on
my Word Press posts.

Thank the heavens for activation of privacy setting ‘approval needed’
on comments.

I’ve stated before how jealousy is a disease and what better way to
ruin another’s hard work than post some off-the-wall comments in
hopes the blogger’s followers would read them and form opinions.

A couple days into the reconnection I accessed the FB writing site.

A quick scroll and a discovery = someone read numerous current
posts yet failed to hit the like button nor leave a single comment.

In retrospect (stated before) jealousy is a disease and believe me
when I say, “You don’t want to be me.”

First thought ‘overthinking’ followed by second thought from years
of wisdom ‘possible reoccurrence’ in progress by same individual.

One letter per week ~ J

Place:  jungle gym

Emotion: jubilation

Adjective: jovial

Verb: jam-packed

My animal: jay

From my apartment balcony I watched the ‘jay‘ over at the park’s ‘jungle-gym‘ as it
‘jam-packed‘ its beak with acorns.

Colored blue (North American) he and his mate both appeared quite ‘jovial’ pulling
acorns off tree branches.

Yet to witness was their dance of ‘jubilation‘ around the stockpile built with
upwards three thousand small acorns before proceeding to their next chore,
to bury them one by one in different places close to their hoard.

Sunday’s Writing Prompt “Animal Kingdom”

Member dysfunctional household
Friend’s suggestion pet love ‘n hold

Sunday drive friend’s uncle’s farm found
Tri-color age eight weeks ready adoption

Patches puffy hair orange, white and black
Unaware parents catch daughter some slack

Thankful allowed to keep female pet
Youngster no idea ahead what expect

Name ‘Toastie’  reflection breed colors
After day school arrive home discover

Playful, bored ‘n curious utilize claws
Torn strips of wallpaper adorn floor

An antique remembers much ’bout ’60s
Selective memory dates back to the ’50s

Unknown period child allow keep household pet
Passage time visual memories only – details forget

Sunday’s Writing Prompt “Animal Kingdom”