Sunday’s Writing Prompt “Animal Kingdom”

Member dysfunctional household
Friend’s suggestion pet love ‘n hold

Sunday drive friend’s uncle’s farm found
Tri-color age eight weeks ready adoption

Patches puffy hair orange, white and black
Unaware parents catch daughter some slack

Thankful allowed to keep female pet
Youngster no idea ahead what expect

Name ‘Toastie’  reflection breed colors
After day school arrive home discover

Playful, bored ‘n curious utilize claws
Torn strips of wallpaper adorn floor

An antique remembers much ’bout ’60s
Selective memory dates back to the ’50s

Unknown period child allow keep household pet
Passage time visual memories only – details forget

Sunday’s Writing Prompt “Animal Kingdom”






Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 7 March 2020

Today’s words: mock, shock, stock, lock, block, hock

Five minute drive to purchase a ham hock
Shopper unaware auto problem in for a shock
Return discover key unable open car door lock
Phone mechanic shop located around the block
Tumbler problem replacement part out-of-stock
Ignore dashboard’s maintenance warning light result self-mock

Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 7 March 2020


The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #425


Designer-style clothing store’s shy owner follow

Conversation betwixt fashionistas bit cut-and-dry

Fearful spoken words salt old wounds she forge 

Chitchat light ’bout dresses finger points selections

And then it happened – an argumentative collide

Loud remark ‘seen the sequin dress first’ therefore tis mine

Territorial cats fight underway

Dress designer’s quick reaction free ladies from themselves

Reveal certain find another same or similar shop’s back room

Owner’s burst laughter turned tears of joy cautious dress remain dry.







Daily Word Prompt – Wish

Place author after name
My age wish classified insane

People be more helpful
Not look down those experience life troubles

Daylight included more hours
Reading enjoyment dim light horror

Capable of relaxation
Nice if troubles take own vacation

And wish again
Find a nice gentleman

Upside down life arrange
Right side up tired constant change

Peace and happiness
Worldwide population bless.

© 2019 June Quintin


Television extreme boring
Opted game fish prior snoring

Pages click, click, swish
Potentials' profiles embellished

Nearing end tiresome process
Page thirty-six proximity access

Short drive postal code zip
Potential reality rare exists

Thought short message intro type
Follow-up characters delete wiped

Conclusion decisive viable
Catfish optimal versus date reliable.

© 2018 June Quintin

The Contemptible Fella

Rearview mirror resemblance vulture
Upshot origin badass behavioral culture

Parallelism buzzard high perch tree out of sight
Male sits facing computer screen awaiting exploit

Combination old pics and text bundled pack lies
Misrepresentations self seek vulnerable preys, sigh

Pretext long term relationship hopeful attracts
Genuine women, money plus multitude self-satisfacts 

Clever conception plus facetious expressions 
Relax scorned women conceal deep-seated aggressions

Inevitable future bait and switch reciprocate
Drama free serendipity twist of fate anticipate.

© 2018 June Quintin