Paradisiacal Fabric Affair

Teenager slow
Beginner sew

Young woman
Machine modern

Children's clothes
Combinations juxtapose

Adult fashions
Pattern passion

Costumes design
Challenge timeline

Continuous educate
Knowledge relate

Classes take
Seamstress make

Scrap heap
Quilter keep

Dream shop owner
Unsuccessful groaner

Wise decision substitute
Begin anew pursuit

Generic type
Online hype 

Dancewear flair
Panache entertainer

Sales one-of-kinds 
Wearisome deadlines 

Decision close door
Boxed remnants store

Thought scraps sell
Online store sale finale. 

© 2018 June Quintin

word prompt: word prompt 


All Fizzled – Did We!

Prayers to Christ
Protection lowlifes

Failures disappoint
Blues turning point

Barbecue sizzles
Predominant goal fizzles

Prayer requests
Favorable conquests

Reorganization return
Relentless optimism

Oversights defeated
Aftermath greeted

Darkness forthwith turns
Scented candles burn

Faith in Christ remain
Thoughts 'fizzle' abstain.

© 2018 June Quintin

writing prompt: writing prompt

Cottonball Caricatures

Contrary boondoggle
Creative writing useful

Ladies' morning meeting fest
Topic discussions slight grotesque

Boast not 'bout own everyday life
Depart paperwork shopping ahead strife

Thoughts come'n go daily prompt write
Remain calm eventual conquer words blight

Popcorn kernels extreme hot pop
Enlarge transform figurative distorts

Pastas select boil surprises
Selection normal increase sizes

Bakery bread dough daily rises
Customers wait in line yum prizes

Found personal life happier be
Write combat depression and anxiety

Surprise find attain premium success
Organic followers count goal God Bless!

Picture search female head cottonball round
Available only require payment dollars found

Frugal gal wish not disappoint self'n newbies
Address conquer problem usage alphabetic series. 

© 2018 June Quintin

writing prompt: writing prompt:

An Old Scar

Day six half-past noon
Haphazardly write post soon

Prompt 'malicious metaphors'
Research process validity store

Uncertain literary device 
Continuance prompt challenge advise

Years university assignments write
Endurance late hours numerous nights

Studying math long-distance friend
Fish trapped in bowl wish hold my hand

Malicious description bitterness harsh  
Decision wise refrain persona rancorous

Truly special once now consider an old scar 
Awaken beautiful sunshine care less metaphor.

© 2018 June Quintin

writing prompt: malicious metaphors
writing prompt: malicious metaphors


Sour Drop Dreams

Lie awake
Sauna bake

Dream request
Bitterness less

Thoughts unfold
Stories mold

Warehouse candy
Expedition dandy

Jolly rancher
Country dancer

Known fact
Opposites attract

Sweetness devour
Togetherness hour

Fishing expedition
Inventory additions

Another marriage
Justice miscarriage

Karma awaits
Sourness abates

Dreams stolen
Happiness broken

Sweet tooth
Absence vermouth

Fudge recipe
Upset yummies

Drops extreme
Weird dreams

Paradoxical sleep
Storylike keeps

Dreams surreal
Wishful seal

Thou awaken
Knowledge mistaken

Confection hour
Audience vower

Disallow overpower
Dreams' superpower.

© 2018 June Quintin