Three Things Challenge ~ M158

This week’s theme:  flowers
Today’s words: presentation – decoration – church

Flowers, nature’s beauty, be appreciated by the living
Lovely blooms garden-grown ‘n bouquets hand-picked
Decoration for one’s table of choice, colorful combos
Inhale their delightful aroma, view each presentation 
Church altars usually adorned expensive arrangements 
Masses celebration baptism, weddings, first communions 

Three Things Challenge ~ M34

This week’s theme is PERSONAL

Today’s words are: single – individual – alone

Living alone often is a challenge, especially for the senior citizen.
You are one individual responsible for nearly everything, a huge
to-do task.
IMO ‘single status’ is far from what people think it’s cracked up
to be.

Loneliness is associated with a number of health risks. 
Who knew?
A fact I recently read in several medical articles states that
loneliness is comparable to a person smoking 15 cigarettes
per day.

Three Things Challenge ~ M12

This week’s theme:  dogs
Today’s prompt words: breed – colour – litter

The cute chocolate brown colour Chihuahua, the runt of the litter
turned out to be quite the tyrant.

Small wonder the ‘price was right’ – darn dog came with fleas onboard.

Tiny in size, this breed known to be an owner’s protector, earned itself
a not-so-nice reputation due to biting all but two close contact persons.

Three Things Challenge #967

Today’s words:  dump – trash – regain

With no man to assist me, tis my job to take out the trash.
The dumpster (largest made for commercial usage) at the
apartment complex services two buildings.
Friday is the scheduled day one of the disposal firm’s garbage
trucks empties the gigantic bin.
By Wednesday of the following week, the container is already half to
near three quarters full.
Sometimes during hot weather months opening one of the two
sliding doors resulted in sudden stench – overcome by fumes.
Talk about necessary to regain one’s composure. 
The awful odor that permeated my nostrils made me gasp, gasp for
a breath of fresh air.