Writing Prompt – Jellyfish Jolts

Awaken lightning bolts
Stricken victim electric jolts

Jellyfish worldwide
Lack brain bones heart
Tentacles self defense swimmer stung bolts

Painful experiences stored memories unleash
In awe reasons why Mother nature provides
Danger zones hidden in air 'n beneath sea all sides

Quirks of fate
Domestic life forever found
Amidst heaps good stuff sudden violent events possible gruesome.


August Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt – Treading Lightly

Shy soft spoken
Tranquility she exudes
Tiptoe thou necessary proceed with caution

Volatileness transitory
Broken-heartedness stone encasement 
Powerful words grandiose opportunities

Serial monogamous subscription people pleaser 
Situational constant aggravation taken by storm
Older woman transform cantankerous non-believer

Who where what when where total questions five
Amid potential partner's conversational content
Answers correct relationship status future decide.

∼ JAQ 
August Writing Prompts 


Writing Prompt Day 31 – Strawberry Freezies

Summer day
Outdoor temps scorching hot
Lawn chairs important seek shady spot

Hostess prep
Strawberry Freezies pastel pink
Smooth tasty refreshing ice cold drinks

Friends arrive
Relaxation time
Table setting exotic isles

Ladies sip drinks take turns talk
Bout places ne'er seen clock tick tocks
Time lapse
Afternoon social winding down
Guests freezie recipe ask of hostess smiles no frowns.

© 2019 June Quintin
July 2019 Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt Day 29 – Big Ol Bags of Bubbles

Tie the knot
Ceremonial occasion

Vows exchange
Mr. and Mrs. proclamation

Bride 'n groom
Champagne toast
Sparkling wine celebration 

Delicious food 'n drink 
Afternoon evening jubilation

Requests glasses refill
Experienced servers proceed open 
Chilled Champagne bottles caution

Bubbly liquid effects
Chosen sigh versus the mighty cork pop
Champagne shower prevent soaked bag towels observation.

© 2019 June Quintin 

July 2019 Writing Prompts