JusJoJan2023 ~ Day 23

today’s prompt:  ‘paintbrush’

Until my father took ill, each day he’d walk a short distance from home to
his employer’s storage supplies shop.
The small building contained tools of his trade (several different size ladders,
staging, a color assortment of exterior paints plus numerous compatible
material of the paintbrush).
I remember sitting on the staging next to him when he was painting the
exterior finish of our residence.
Although I never shared my thoughts about his occupation I remember
thinking this job for certain is tedious.
To me the location, the size of a home and the client’s choice of paint color
defined my dad’s job, a boring eight hours Monday thru Friday.
I’d consider working outdoors in the fresh air to be a positive only during
inclement weather unless there was the opportunity to work indoors a
definite negative occurred resulting in a much smaller weekly paycheck,
(no work = no earnings).


JusJoJan ~ Jan. 27th

Today’s keyword: ‘understanding’

This world would be so much better if humans told the truth.

Personally, I hold those in high regard who don’t speak with

forked tongue.

Proficiency in communication void of deception equates to

foremost understanding.

Touch of humor ~ brief, to the point, understood

  1. This morning my daughter texted me from
    Target where she was shopping in preparation for
    this weekend’s snowstorm.
    “Do you need anything, Mom?”
    I replied, “Thanks, I’m all set; however, I could use a
    man, to shovel the snow.”
    Her response: “Hmm (think emoji) I don’t think Target
    sells them.” (LOL emoji)


Writing Prompt – Jellyfish Jolts

Awaken lightning bolts
Stricken victim electric jolts

Jellyfish worldwide
Lack brain bones heart
Tentacles self defense swimmer stung bolts

Painful experiences stored memories unleash
In awe reasons why Mother nature provides
Danger zones hidden in air 'n beneath sea all sides

Quirks of fate
Domestic life forever found
Amidst heaps good stuff sudden violent events possible gruesome.


August Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt – Treading Lightly

Shy soft spoken
Tranquility she exudes
Tiptoe thou necessary proceed with caution

Volatileness transitory
Broken-heartedness stone encasement 
Powerful words grandiose opportunities

Serial monogamous subscription people pleaser 
Situational constant aggravation taken by storm
Older woman transform cantankerous non-believer

Who where what when where total questions five
Amid potential partner's conversational content
Answers correct relationship status future decide.

∼ JAQ 
August Writing Prompts