Heather Pink – Writing Prompt No: 11

February day 
Labor room memories

Surprise package's birthday
Her unique suspense strategy

Both cheeks rosy pink
Paternal fact blood dislike possible sync

Cute blonde blue-eyed bundle's chosen name
Years later discover sun-loving plant share same 

Bell-shaped flowers grow 
Adorn evergreen shrubs beauty show

Two separate entities introduced via life
Both independently precious moments give combat strife.

© 2019 June Quintin
July 2019 Writing Prompts



In Remembrance

Hello daughter
Heaven resident

Birthday fifty-two
Cemetery present

Early-on Lord chose you be with him
Leaving behind two beautiful children

Time and again ponder 'why' reason
Doubt overcome create faith treason

Cardinals and butterflies stare
Signs sweet daughter presence near

Sunny August summer evening you born
Adorable baby-blue eyes blond hair adorn

Motherhood kick off dream wonderful true
Fate face remainder life sweet memories of you.

© 2018 June Quintin