Face morphing ~ Coffee Please


Hello . . .
Trial and error – sooo fun (LOL)
I shall return following breakfast.
Think ‘trial (OK) ~ transfer ‘error’

Explanation ~ determination ~ key

Cell phone app fun much
Video creator, fan
Enjoyment hobbie
Supporter family, friends
Amazing experience

Via invitation I joined the app five years ago.
Fan to creator, another invite ~ should I bother?
Yesterday I listened words ‘you can do it’ vocal insta-message.

Do I wish to livestream? Uncertain.

Already have more things to do and not enough time to do them.

Explanation video ‘face morphing‘:

I transferred a picture of a bit younger me to a different app.
Then the transformation – future – present – past (similar to
conjugation of a verb in reverse tenses).

This morn was chock full of shock sensations 1-2-3.

First, I see the strong resemblance of younger self to my
talented’ youngest granddaughter.

Second, I opted to transfer the face morph video here
and it landed in the title bar. Oops!

Third, the apartment complex’s fire alarm sounded
at 8:30 a.m.

The old me, prior to current self-love journey, would
have become irritated; new me, endured and laughed.


Late Life Learning Lessons

Do I stay or do I go?

The question ask – once – twice -thrice

Smile worn –  a detective mask 

A scout in search of viable answers

Unfortunately pen ran out of ink 

Throes levels depression sink

Desires imperative manifest 

Senior Centers gather social places

Manifest Your Desires

In response to:

#3TC – mask – scout – pen

Late Life Learning Lessons

#RDP – go

Late Life Learning Lessons

#FOWC – social

Late Life Learning Lessons




An Unprecedented Update

December 2018 last month calendar year
Quit blogging daily posts a hobby held dear

Started blogging purpose reasons therapeutic
Managed earn organic follows nice friends optic

Attempted great November novel challenge
Tabled it 'bout word count one third hinge

Realization romantic fantasy not easy write
Idea memories incorporate own experiences fright

End result for me no longer wish e'er remember thee
Reasons why the genuine decent woman lost spirituality

Mid-way thru plain stopped unbelievable quit mid-air
Rare occurrence life's professionalism lost somewhere

Questioned myself 'Who I Am' and 'Who I Wish Now Be'
Surprising optimistic answer headed for new territory

Deactivated portions social media valid personal reasons
Transformation underscore new ideas sprung holiday season

Location thousands bloggers daily read 'n write
Number similar posts written - a blogger's delight

No more waking up to find strangers' friend requests
Debates, sympathy ploys nor look how happy am I boasts

Decision last chapter life ahead utilize time left
Participation world reality - world I've known best

Intentions continue blog here - new year - new genre
Unless you be a member no longer hear - no longer share

Why? When this cruel world beat me up once too much
You who cared less turned around stayed out of touch

My small circle friends ne'er desert another in need
Rather beautiful friendships based sunshine - sweet tea

I'll miss morns tending daughter's memoriam garden app
Decade ago set up now frozen void flowers, critters 'n laughs

One flickering candle burns frozen in time remainder unless
Change of heart 'n mind temptation wins over decision process

Keeping with pro quo as most genuine decent people do
I say, "Farewell and God Bless" without further adieu!

© 2018 June Quintin

Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail

Think ahead daily point allowance
Breakfast, lunch 'n dinner subtract
Remember track snack importance
Official member self-discipline contract

Healthier me requirements official
Weight loss reasons not superficial
All BLTs - bites, licks 'n tastes count
Watchful eye end of day recall actual amounts

Pounds loss 'yeah' great start
Healthy recipes cooked multipart
Daily exercise persistence
Happier gal now co-existence

Weather change
Lower back pain
Neither beneficial
Ouch! Scale number reversal

Reassess tracking journal statistics
Gym and rec center walk 'n talk socialistic
Devise new method weight loss characteristics
Milestone efforts reassurance follow logistics.

© 2017 June Quintin

Minute Rose Scrutiny

Mornin' browse computer's picturesque folders
Awesome find giant clamshell rose holder
Off to begin quick internet search topic
Surprise discover roses even grown in tropics

Perfect placement fourteen (14) salmon pink roses
Central portion wide-open gigantic seashell
Beautiful decoration amidst endless greenery
Scenic view mythological tale perhaps tell

Expression innermost thoughts
Rose color specific
Number of stems convey messages
Resource guide centuries old terrific

Fourteen roses, one excess baker's dozen
Wandering questionable thought significance
Language of flowers relate mini-stories galore
Answer found to curious question stated 'Be Proud'

Another inquisitive thought follows void delay
Resource chart fail interpretation message exact
Roses norm established tradition heartfelt feelings
Analysis result 'Be Proud' multitudinous facts. 

Honoring a Request

Fun surprises, welcome requests
Fear of unknown overcome pass test
Idea presented certain seem easy
Sew several sizes dance shorts stomach queasy

Behind me years sewing experience
Rarely alone tackled fabric selection foreign
Combo percentage polyester 'n spandex silence
Welcome today's world sew stretch fabric reign 

Months ahead production colorful stretchie
Sparkling dance shorts quite the eye-catchie
Incoming special orders taken waiting on hold
Pair after pair different sizes craft fairs sold

Turn on laptop - click on favorite purchase site
Time selection stretch fabric 2 or 4-way type 
Few days later order delivered right to door
Grateful seamstress impossible ask convenience more

Finally tired of considered mundane daily routine
Shut down production - sewed last seam
Learned stretch fabric work quite easy-peasy
Leftover assortment remnants internet sale easy

For now on vacation from this vocation
Await replenish fabric stash in time 
Ahead sewing at fairly new location
Fulfilled dream find be ultimate sublime. 


Life’s Injustices

Not conceited nor selfish
Never referenced self-righteous
Amidst company damsel in distress
Majority clueless her abyss of despair
Exploitation craze
Choice not succumb
Regardless of outcome
Retrospect production
Smarter, wiser, stronger individual
Honesty quite an expensive gift
Sudden wind shift, gray cloud drift
Refashioned mindset
Although try, always remain aware
Preference surround self those truly care
L'habit ne fait pas le moine
Translation - the clothes do not make the man
Different wording for beware ending
Best 'not' to judge a book by its' cover.

Wishful Thinking

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Old adage we play over and over in our head
Perfect diet begins a little eat this-not that
Realization before us several types of fat
Necessity guidelines now to follow
Become cautious of food you swallow
Play the weight loss game, stop watering the weeds
Begin planting flower beds for thinner you lies ahead
Measuring spoons and cups in pastel colors
Add to the equation sandwich sized plates 
Me thinks you've officially opened one dieting gate
Moderation and portion process determine winning fate
Foods once loved now on forbidden list
Mind frame change desire in place for twist
Healthier decisions successful partakes
Grab that nice red apple, pass on slice of gold cake
Refuse mediocre rather strive accomplish best
Important knowledge pass not fail each test
Beware fast food's corrupt culture surrounds 
Gather healthy information sources everywhere found
Follow your heart chase healthier you dream
Proceed determination weight loss transformation
Complaints aside conquer the quest gain benefits
Deprivation of unhealthy foods a present to self 
Happier too full of life rather than half loved you.