Virtual Friends ūüėě

Throughout the day while doing my chores and errands
I thought about this morning’s discovery on my WP app.

Previous to the discovery I was replying to comments from
my notification section.

I accessed a post written and published yesterday via a
different path and found the text one huge square void
of paragraphs, sentence following sentence.

This of course was a bit disturbing to me, so I checked
other pathways to the post and how it appeared when
transferred elsewhere.

Fine in the Reader, a little different on actual site but
not too bothersome so I continued with the seek ‘n find
search leaving the app on the cell phone for last.

All was fine there, and I could breathe a sigh of relief. ūüėä

I don’t use the phone that much to read posts, etc. and
today I decided to peer around and familiarize myself
more with the app.

I came across a section ‘a followers list’ with each person
who follows me listed and the date in number of days,
months ending with the year they hopped onboard this
gal’s blogging followers’ ship.

I failed to see a friend’s name on this list, a blogger
whose prompts I’ve participated in on a frequent basis.
I double-checked and ‘no’ the name was nowhere to be

What a disappointment for me. I don’t know what to think
or if I should question said individual.

To hide behind a masque is something I expect on social
media apps, not on a blogging site.

As I end this post, I shall leave you with a quote I heard
from an Instagram reel:

“Unfortunately, some people will learn to appreciate you
by losing you. Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.

If people treat you like an option, leave them like a choice.
You are worth being loved and valued.”

I made the decision to refrain from prompt challenges in
the future and concentrate on my own project(s).

There were numerous bloggers on the list whom I don’t
follow at this time and I shall make time to check out
those blogs to see what we may have in common.

I have no idea if this is some crazy error or a reality
check on here for me.

JusJoJan ~ Jan. 24th

Today’s prompt: unbelievable

Life is constantly full of surprises.

Yesterday morn I decided to fancy my toast.

The resemblance to a ‘Toad in the Hole’ was

an easy option – breakfast for one.

  1. with a spoon you make an indentation in the 
    center of a slice of bread
  2. place in toaster (of course)
  3. spread butter around all edges of toast – not the middle
  4. place jelly in the center

Then the ‘unbelievable’ happened – an OMG moment.

The entire bottle of a well-known brand of grape jelly 

preserves unbeknown to me had turned to liquid. 

That was the end of the idea that resembles ‘Toad in

the Hole’ recipe.¬†

Toast with butter is what I had to settle for ~ no Sunday morn treat.

Why Am I Here?? I Ask Myself

Today’s submission highlights another numerical square of October’s calendar page. (check)

Recently I received a notification, an anniversary celebration 4 (four) years blogging.

Sadly the followers count appears to place me in the ‘not so popular’ rank / category.

I’ve done my best while dealing with a vast amount of negative circumstances – most

which I chose not to share – as personal info I consider to be private.

I believe we all like to feel we belong somewhere in this vast world only right

now I’m numb.

Every time I join a group the majority of others have a significant other on whom they

can rely.

Since I’m human I can’t help but wonder ’bout all those ‘whys’ with no valid answers.

I feel the need to rethink this goal a bit and decide either to pursue / continue or

quit / give up.

To those bloggers who interact with me and leave nice comments I say ‘Thank you’.

Okay I guess my thoughts are now headed for Blogosphere.

I face the decision to return tomorrow or leave the world of writing over here.

Decision – Speak Up or Remain Silent

I like to think of myself as a member of the forever learning process reading club thru

personal choice book selections, magazines, newspapers and bloggers’ posts.

Those bloggers with whom I interact daily or weekly know the true definition

of friendship.

When two people (even virtual ones) put in similar amounts of effort a friendship will

begin to flourish. 

“To have a friend one must be a friend, a sincere one.”

This week I searched for ‘The Monday Peeve’ to no avail.

Either the prompt page wasn’t offered or I missed it thanks to my laptop’s¬†

newfound habit of screen broad-jumping in reverse.

Thus no Peevery post from me – maybe next week.

Over the weekend I’d read a post which made my blood boil.¬†

I couldn’t fathom how the writer chose the analogy – comparison of apples to ¬†

oranges was my initial thought.

People read the post and commented positively yet IMO to compare a serious 

worldwide health issue to a college exam didn’t sit well with me.

Yepp, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I won’t always understand nor agree

with them.

I refrained from commenting since not a student debating in Ethics class.  I did

wish there was a dislike button to click though. 

I digress.

Today, TGIF,  I met with a bit of  disappointment. I wanted to participate in a fun

weekly prompt only to do so would require research in order to stretch the truth.

Moving on . . .

Next on the agenda of complaints was  a well-written post on an important topic

in today’s society.

The content left me dumbfounded – an out-of-sorts study fizzled to near failure.

I suppose there was ‘something’ to learn or gain from this what I consider an

exercise in poor taste.

The thought crossed my mind as to who pays for these studies?

Answer: likely the taxpayers.

Last to address was an actual question to self if better to bypass or disagree.

I chose to bypass.

There used to be a statement dating back to Medieval times  Рa bit like a question 

written within marriage vows which in more recent times has been eliminated

unless a couple requests the preacher place it therein.

“Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

I digress.

A Proverbial saying: “Speech is silver. Silence is golden.”













The Monday Peeve No: 13

Virtual Friends

The majority of time on here I enjoy writing poetry, reading others’ blog posts and leaving comments.

To my surprise an unexpected hiatus for near a month gained me a few new followers while a total lack of any correspondence from those I took the time to read their posts and interact via leaving nice comments. 

This is a great source of disappointment for me in a blogger’s world to have applied myself wholeheartedly and followed guidelines.

I’m uncertain of how from this point I shall proceed since my other hobbies upon completion left me with a beautiful view of creativity.¬†

Sad, I don’t feel the same now as before since virtual camaraderie is far different from face-to-face friendships.


The Monday Peeve No: 13

Writing Prompt ~ Bold and Billowy

A blog
A place to vent
A rchived or current events

G ray cloud 
G rows overhead
G oodness knows what lies ahead

A ll e'er desire
A cknowledgement job well done
A chievement awards show wall hung

I nfuriated thanks humanity
I nappropriate topics show high reads score 
I ncredible informative articles appear often ignored

N ouns descriptive adjectives mind form
N e'er indulge drama anywhere social media
N or divulge private info networks digital literacy. 


Sour Drop Dreams

Lie awake
Sauna bake

Dream request
Bitterness less

Thoughts unfold
Stories mold

Warehouse candy
Expedition dandy

Jolly rancher
Country dancer

Known fact
Opposites attract

Sweetness devour
Togetherness hour

Fishing expedition
Inventory additions

Another marriage
Justice miscarriage

Karma awaits
Sourness abates

Dreams stolen
Happiness broken

Sweet tooth
Absence vermouth

Fudge recipe
Upset yummies

Drops extreme
Weird dreams

Paradoxical sleep
Storylike keeps

Dreams surreal
Wishful seal

Thou awaken
Knowledge mistaken

Confection hour
Audience vower

Disallow overpower
Dreams' superpower.

© 2018 June Quintin



Chock-a-block Bust

Selected pic
Rotated 'n cropped
Sudden head jam hit
Filled to capacity foundation 'favorites'

Descriptive writing vivid pic creation
Comparison painting with words
Art skill uncertain master formulation
Dryer timer dings concentration blurred

Return computer station observation 
Research topics list sudden aggravation
Notes appearance nowhere lost 'n found absurd
Possible end Monday motivation narration

Writing accomplished best void distractions
Save 'all' favorites prior necessary stoppage
Salvation blood boil twenty minutes meditation
Mind 'n body now in sync writing time progress

Yes, disappointed intended post publication fail
Multi-task for young good preference lesson learn  
Opportunity comprise brand new 'fav' list prevail
Relax! Thankful no deadline employment concerns.

© 2017 June Quintin


Unexpected Frustration

Tad cold this TGIF morn
Definite need gal decide
Remain indoors where warm
Or venture outdoors since no storm

Several months each Friday 10:00 a.m.
Approximate twenty-five lovely ladies attend
Friendship group surrounding towns 
Fun-packed informational meeting friends newfound

Call ahead double-check schedule today
Cancellation til 2018 in place dismay
Sudden gray cloud overhead frustration
Call a friend change plans lunch'n shop occasion

Next two months certain miss lovely gals smiles
Along with interaction 'n intellectual conversation
Determined curb disappointment in charge boss 
Friday's plan deviation potential gain not loss.