Motivational Monday - tired of feeling blue
Sat by window thought what different I should do
Prayed to Lord provide a clue
Suddenly pretty bird on windowsill playing peek-a-boo

Fool me once
Fool me twice
Three times consider internet far from nice
Seek solution others 'bout writer-in-funk advice 

Sharpened few pencils
Gathered up new pink'n white dotted covered notebook
Off to historic library myself I took
Hopeful find answers from librarian's outlook

Although believer of 'never' too old
Technology hacks prevention goal take hold
Purchase selection dummie book help thyself
Few pages within useful when book opened up

Profiled 'shy' choose decision questions those admire
Disappointment met with somewhat vague replies
Already knew majority answers prior to info requests
Discovery info desire met extraction offer cash quest

Grown tired of lame internet games
Better ways to spend quality time
Necessary naught gain fame acclaim
Back to reference good old encyclopedias reclaim

Post today's thoughts before 12:00 p.m.lunch
Onboard newest idea grow closer hunch
Remove favorite sewing machine cover
Monday's official production makeover.