New Year – New Me

To those who followed me faithfully I’d like to wish:

Happy New Year 2022!”

During my hiatus I’ve been working on other projects

and learning all about self-love.

Imagine – a bit unbelievable and bit late in game called life.

If you’ve ever taken the time to be 100 percent honest with

yourself, you might be extremely surprised at the outcome.

Today (at least for now) I feel I’m in a much better place

emotionally with fresh new ideas for the year ahead 2022.

For the month of January, I’ve decided to participate

in a new process.

Each day will find me dedicated to completion of ‘one’

additional task.

In 2021 life, (me, myself and I) overwhelmed me and

slowly I was sinking like a ship, drowning in depression.

“Why doesn’t anyone offer to help senior citizens?”

If felt like nobody truly cared anymore. This was reality

not what some would refer to as self-pity especially

since I’d continued to tackle other responsibilities.

A bit bewildered I faced the fact: ‘It was time for change.”

The choice was totally mine.

I paid out-of-pocket for some professional cleaning


On the first morning the woman delegated to help me

brought along her mother (additional help) since she’d

taken her Mom to an appointment earlier.

It seems I was fortunate to have two ladies assist me

and only charged hourly price for one.

A wakeup call that day when the older woman possed

a question to me.

The immediate look of shock on my face resulted in

her quick apology.

It’s certain I asked myself the same prior to being

asked same by a total stranger.

The question has stuck in my mind like an intrusive thought.

Difference is the remembrance triggers me to act with positivity.

So today I’m returning to Blogosphere in hopes to fill up

ALL the days in my January calendar.

Self-help Book

Kindle reader
Insomniac’s brain feeder

Book selection
People-pleaser’s reflection

Mechanisms brain
Process necessary retrain

Personality tests
Truthful answers best

Suggestions follow
Tides daily ebb ‘n flow

Desire learn ‘n accomplish
Persona mindfulness obvious

Designate time write Shadow Journal
Schedule fresh-air walk curb feelings internal

Senior citizen old still young at heart
Assertiveness good method ne’er too late start

Feeling Lost ~ Losing Battle

Wishful thinkin’
Write story – label fiction

Triggers everywhere
Branches social media

Who better become author
Tale atrocities earth mother

So tired of feeling victim                             
Resident emotional prison
caged - lost
Professionals questioned
Skirted answers – circumvention

Irked – abrupt stop therapy
Search ‘n find – felt the need

True facts plus lots research
Prior start endeavor seek solace God’s house – church.






Writing Prompt – Skulls and Shackles

Irksome uninvitees
Pesky fruit flies 
Wish share morn cup tea

Curse handcuffs of emotions
Tackle additional problem
Hopeful discover correct stratagem

Rid apartment fruit flies extreme fast 
Remedies combo vinegar quick fixes best 
Desire not be amid colony pests solo outcast

Skulled feelings exasperation
Struggle continue keep sterling reputation
Attempts overcome shackles anxiety 'n depression

August Writing Prompts 

Mishmash Emotional Clutter

Yesterday's ice cream social
Women unafraid topics vocal

Single status times hectic
Blogging proven therapeutic

Overcrowded emotional lacks space
Blankness facial appearance trace

Numbness other people's problems
Awareness incapable solve any demme

Strong versatile woman torn apart
Amazement allotment suffer broken heart

Recent question male stranger posed be
Ever thought search romance age seventy

Unheard words decades years previous
Familiar empath's world thanks deviousness

Eclectics usage creepie-peepies stratagem
Screw-up ne'er encounter partners genuine

Changed forever via situational history
Please: Say what you mean - mean what you say!

© 2018 June Quintin

Let’s Begin Process Shredding Stress

Clockwise forward life turns
Constant intrusive thoughts churn

Continuous plague torture clutter
Transcend mind free forever suffer

Projection database collection memory
Choose positivity over distress negativity

Remove stone blocks 'n rewind ticking clock
Curb fueling nonessentials painful unlocks

Discovery new technique internet post
Few days practice hopeful master most

Aging years memories good 'n bad luck
Nights alone age seventy-one true suck

Final good-bye grudges no heart-space store
Proceed success manage close specific doors.

© 2018 June Quintin

Sudden Death

Totally unprepared
Lifetime void ahead

Unforeseen unfold
Sadness twofold

Immeasurable grief
Deprivation sleep

Documents time-stamped
Freedom transparent

Precarious solution
Bogus affirmation

Thoughtful wise
Choices criticize

Counteract emotional pain
Self-help lists ascertain

Benevolent smiles
Preparations worthwhile

Positivity emphasis
Current life's focus

Curveballs thrown attention
Access personal list collection

Love transplant
Selfless apparent

Spring flowers blossom
Thankful beauty awesome.

© 2018 June Quintin

Comfort Food

Lookin' forward weekend date night
Couple's suggestion gigantic pizza delight

Numerous delicious topping temptations found
Measurement fav' food pizza 32 inches round

Emotional mind momentarily slightly corrupt
Choices certain cause diners' waistlines swell up

Caloric deception. Sigh!

Worst case scenario moderation slices ignore
Stomach upset follow face acid reflux abhor

Remembrance younger days pizza 'n beer
Double dates full endless laughter 'n cheer

Never magical suggestion lose snail metabolism 
Steadfast replace exercise 'n healthy food regimen

Acceptance palatable pizza refrain overeat
Fav' comfort food date night's occasional treat.

© 2018 June Quintin