Self-help Book

Kindle reader
Insomniac’s brain feeder

Book selection
People-pleaser’s reflection

Mechanisms brain
Process necessary retrain

Personality tests
Truthful answers best

Suggestions follow
Tides daily ebb ‘n flow

Desire learn ‘n accomplish
Persona mindfulness obvious

Designate time write Shadow Journal
Schedule fresh-air walk curb feelings internal

Senior citizen old still young at heart
Assertiveness good method ne’er too late start

Newfound Love ~ Zumba

Z ealous senior citizens
U nite bi-weekly participate
M ulti-levels innovative
B eginners thru intermediates
A erobic combo dance movements

C lassic Latin American music 
L overs exercise innovative
A ctive energetic workout upbeat
S alsa, samba, mambo, hip-hop mix
S elf-confidence, self-love bonus gain.

© 2018 June Quintin

Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail

Think ahead daily point allowance
Breakfast, lunch 'n dinner subtract
Remember track snack importance
Official member self-discipline contract

Healthier me requirements official
Weight loss reasons not superficial
All BLTs - bites, licks 'n tastes count
Watchful eye end of day recall actual amounts

Pounds loss 'yeah' great start
Healthy recipes cooked multipart
Daily exercise persistence
Happier gal now co-existence

Weather change
Lower back pain
Neither beneficial
Ouch! Scale number reversal

Reassess tracking journal statistics
Gym and rec center walk 'n talk socialistic
Devise new method weight loss characteristics
Milestone efforts reassurance follow logistics.

© 2017 June Quintin

Walking Favorite Exercise

It's Sunday, it's fun-day, it's 80 degrees
A smile placed on my face and sunshine I embrace 
My unisex choice of aerobics charges no fees
Comfortable sneakers and water bottle in place
Music turned on soon I'll pick up the pace
Daily walking routine officially in progress 
Zigzag pattern thru historic district streets
Turn east, turn west, turn north and south
Soon to access portion of flat-surfaced bike path
Where often bikers wearing protective head gear 
Shout out warning signals as they pass near 
Missing today roller skaters with fashionable helmets
And dog walkers carrying plastic poop bags 
In midst of my interval walking activity
Intersections appear thus require me to stop
Yes, I obey all traffic signs and directions 
Continue down the path and back thru the streets
Ultimate boredom left behind I did defeat
Replaced with healthy benefits known to mankind
The flowers, green grass, sunshine and fresh air
Great outdoors I liken to heaven around somewhere
Back home sweating beads a shower awaits me
Oh, did I mention my age 'seventy'?



Pretty ‘n Pinks

This afternoon I opted to forgo the gym’s treadmill and stationary bike aerobic routine to achieve caloric burn. Rather I embarked on a nature walk through the historic district of my hometown while battling the heat.

Faced with unknown discovery ahead of summer road construction everywhere I quickly was forced to switch to an alternate route.

Keeping with positive thoughts and surrounded by nature I searched for the breathtaking floral pinks on the side streets only nowhere to be found were those magnificent 6 inch beauties stored in memory.

Mother Nature was teaching me a lesson about procrastination. I asked myself why I previously hadn’t conducted an internet search on these Pretty ‘n Pinks and their claim to floral fame.

I was unprepared for dissatisfaction thanks to this afternoon’s unproductive search viewing gardens galore.

Back home I brought up a few floral sites and voila the name of this true beauty was revealed, Hibiscus rosinensis.

Lesson learned: “Thou shall not procrastinate.”

Back on Track

During my younger years I ate healthy and exercised on a regular basis. I was fortunate to remain within my height to weight ratio.

Lots of events transpired in my life throughout the following decades leaving me with a bit of a gray cloud hovering overhead.

I admit it’s extremely difficult to remain positive ‘all the time’ when being knocked down.

The words ‘timeout please’ became part of daily prayer. I learned how hard life can be; it’s not always the rosy picture painted for us during youth.

Fast forward to Ms. Roly Poly carrying two good-sized turkeys onboard. Yes, that’s me I’m making reference to in a joking manner.

What to do? I wasn’t happy with this newfound me whatsoever and I was aware that it was only ‘I’ who could make changes.

Time to get with an exercise program and make better food choices especially for health reasons. I embarked on the new journey of bookkeeping points and posting daily pics of my meals on social media.

Sticking to the regimen wasn’t exactly easy on a daily basis. Once the transformation began the drive to succeed and reach goals set for myself seemed attainable.

I didn’t expect the saboteur. The boyfriend who friend zoned me during Memorial Day weekend and sent me into an abyss of despair. I sank into a funk.

Suddenly I could care less about healthy eating and the daily walks. To sabotage months of progress was both disheartening and unbelievable to me.

At night I would comfort myself with my favorite flavor of ice cream ‘waffle cone’. The half cup turned into half a bowl.

What was I thinking? Certainly large amounts of frozen food containing sweetened and flavored cream couldn’t mend the shattered pieces of my broken heart. I knew what I was doing and somehow I didn’t seem to care.

For months I had measured out portions and ate healthy foods. I’d walked through the historic district of my hometown zigzagging a path through the streets for a period of 30 to 40 minutes on all but inclement weather days. I felt great!

What happened? I kept telling myself soon I’d be held accountable if I didn’t change this newfound mind frame. Thankfully with time the cloud overhead departed as the loss of a loving relationship slowly came to a closure.

The past with the saboteur now holds little significance. Today I weighed in only two pounds more than expected at my doctor’s appointment. Instead of registering a 10 pound loss on my chart the nurse placed the number ‘8’.  I didn’t reach the increment goal set for myself several months ago and that’s okay.

I’m still 41 pounds lighter than when I started my weight loss journey and that’s a plus in the world of shedding pounds.