Typical Afternoon

Tis hot and humid outdoors 90 plus degrees
Sad I sweat windows down can't afford fix A/C

Transfer dollars bank to bank require usage ATM
Bank lobby men 'end of life' converse morbid Amen

Survival overheard gruesome details kept lunch down
Afternoon agenda shop closest supermarket hometown 

Slowly walk pushing basket up and down crowded aisles
Realization community frowners missing beautiful smiles

Six self-checkout machines non-stop spurt directions
Quick irritant customers chastise speak loud objections

Groceries onboard vehicle low mileage popular model SUV
Drive home low on gas unknown whereabouts station attendee

Grocery purchases unpacked safe cupboards some fridge stored 
Quiet time access PC mailroom partake personal beverage reward  

Surprise! Surprise! Excessive amount mail awaits thou view
Leave bulk of laughable contents another day posts in review. 

Fun choice write 'bout laughable afternoon excursion
Experimental follower count reader like versus aversion

Struggle feel abundance rejection writers certain face 
Older folk sad apparent limitation amidst beloved human race.

© 2018 June Quintin


Amidst branches petite turtle rests on log
Alone 'n far away from world of electronic devices
Changeover day's plans reverse occasional brain fog
Experience world reptile inner calmness surprises

Last night's dream sequence
Images, thoughts 'n feelings intense
Total recall remembrance once awaken
Loved one's shocking messages verbatim

WYSIWYG - computer teacher exam question
Answer 'correct' what you see is what you get
False pretense friendships huge threat
Those forever true friends never forget

Experience unknown difference alone feeling
Versus condone being alone actual
Neither sad nor boring void ringtones
Enjoyment pure solitude 'yes'  quite factual.

© 2017 June Quintin