This flower was one of several I chose to plant at my daughter’s

gravesite 25 years ago.

To me it symbolized a connection that lasts thru time, true and

undying love for a daughter whose life was taken way too soon.

Time passed; however, the ache of losing her still remains.

A parent’s nightmare!!

Germans coined the name of this flower and there’s a few myths

floating the hemisphere addressing its floral beauty.

One lovers’ myth, although quite sad, warmed my heart.

It read of two lovers walking the Danube River, spotting the bright

blue blossoms, the man’s desire to fetch some of these delicate

petite blue flowers with petals resembling the shape of a mouse’s ear

(cute tidbit of info) for the lady when suddenly swept up by the river.

As he was floating away at a distance he spoke the words to her

to ‘not forget him’.


If someone asked me why I was writing this post the honest answer

would be, “I have no idea“.

Today isn’t one of those special days, the more painful ones

experienced by a Mother who has lost a child.

Thinking to myself perhaps the answer lies in an event that transpired

earlier today.

This morn’s social media journey was different as I chose to bypass

articles on my homepage’s slideshow.

Rather I headed over here to WordPress and read some truly

inspirational posts – a great start to a sunny, blustery day.

Before I shut down I accessed Facebook to tend to the garden I created

11 years and 5 months ago in memory of my daughter known to some

as TuffiMcGuffi.

In recent weeks the Fairyland app had been under maintenance.

Today it wasn’t listed on the sidebar and I couldn’t find a way to

access it.


Another creation taken from me without warning.

Needless to say although I shut the computer off and figured I’d wait

awhile to check back, my mood changed dramatically.

Sunflower – Bright Yellow

Symbol of adoration and friendship 
Ultimate reward eatable seeds snack
Nutrient-rich soil concrete requirement
Flower heads resemblance flowers daisies
Long tap roots one to three feet depth
Overfertilization cause stem breakage
Water infrequently and deeply recommend
Excellent cut flower for decorative usage
Range height four (4) to twelve (12) feet

Sunflower – Sun + Flower

The Sunflower has a longer lifespan.

Therefore flower witnesses more phases of life and gains wisdom.

Its’ willingness to stick it out during times of difficulty symbolizes longevity.

Vibrant colors yellow and orange emit energy – to sun it directly correlates.

Starting today decision made meandering blogs posts – find own pathway.

For months participated in prompts, always nice to others left pleasant comments.

Recent days I’ve become a bit irked with lack of host’s reply since long time participant.

If offended  better to  acknowledge rather than distance self, ignore ‘n create dismay.

Turning cheek – not looking back – zigzagging path – surround self

sunny environment.

weeds or flowers - choice





Writing Prompt Day 21 – She was the Sun

Dahlia pink
Full bloom
She bride - he groom

Green thumbs
Tenderers plants
Mass border 'n raised beds 
Cultivators chasers insects ants 

Country residents
Summer recreation treat
Variety skills learn
Growers veggies 'n flowers colorful sweet

She was the sun
Soft warm 'n brilliant
Sudden loss now bereaved
Mascara tears stain face rare comment

Gone fore'er days
Garden seeds seedlings homegrown
Present future unsettled
Sun was the sun questions answer monotone.

© 2019 June Quintin
July 2019 Writing Prompts

Heather Pink – Writing Prompt No: 11

February day 
Labor room memories

Surprise package's birthday
Her unique suspense strategy

Both cheeks rosy pink
Paternal fact blood dislike possible sync

Cute blonde blue-eyed bundle's chosen name
Years later discover sun-loving plant share same 

Bell-shaped flowers grow 
Adorn evergreen shrubs beauty show

Two separate entities introduced via life
Both independently precious moments give combat strife.

© 2019 June Quintin
July 2019 Writing Prompts